Dave Grohl Rescues Rare 1985 Recording

The Foo Fighters frontman has rescued a long-lost recording featuring current Alice in Chains singer William Duvall - listen to a sample here.

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Dave Grohl has dived in to rescue a long-lost recording of a one of the most influential underground bands on the 1980s.

BL'AST! were a Californian hardcore band whose rare debut album "The Power of Expression" made a big impact on all who heard it in 1985 when it was released, including everyone's favourite Foo Fighter.

Fast forward to 2012, where former BL'AST! guitarist Mike Neider discovered old, worn analog tape recordings that were never released in an abandoned locker. After asking around for help, record label Southern Lord called in Dave Grohl to see if his anlaog tape loving friends had the technology to carefully restore the old recordings.

Grohl, being a huge BL'AST! fanatic, saved the day by helping to digitise the rare album, which you can hear in part below.

Better yet, it turned out that the recording was from a brief period when current Alice in Chains singer William Duvall was in the band on second guitar. It's the first time that BL'AST! recordings from this era have been released.

Hear a sample of the album, titled "Blood," right here:

"Blood" will be released on September 3 via Southern Lord recordings.

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    Dave Grohl - Savior of good music that would have otherwise gone unreleased or worse.
    Fuck yeah! Dave, you are awesome. B'last is an amazing band. Highly underrated. THANK YOU!
    Not sure whether to be happy about hearing this or not. William Duvall is a really good guitarist but this is very hardcore/punk and I am not even sure the guitars were tuned before recording? Glad to hear his AIC stuff now