Dave Grohl Rubbishes Foo Fighters Split Rumours

Dave Grohl gave Foo Fighter fans quite the scare Monday night, telling the audience that the performance would be "the last show for a long time."

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Dave Grohl gave Foo Fighter fans quite the scare Monday night, telling the audience at England's Reading Festival that the performance would be the last show of the tour and the last show for a long time. But not to worry the Foos still have a few shows lined up in the near future.

While hasty fans and reports misinterpreted Grohl's comments as news that the veteran band was splitting, that's simply not the case. And for those worried that they might have missed the Foos' final performance, there will be at least four shows in the next month.

First, Foo Fighters are scheduled to perform at a Rock the Vote event September 5 at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. The fundraiser also will include sets from Jack Johnson, Motion City Soundtrack and Asher Roth.

The Grammy-winning band also will play September 21 at the Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta, September 22 at the DeLuna Fest in Pensacola Beach, Fla., and September 29 at the Global Festival in New York's Central Park.

It's also worth noting that the banner atop the band's tour page on their website reads: We are coming for you, too. More shows being added here soon.

So not to worry, Foo fans, there undoubtedly will be more rocking to come - though after touring for more than a year, the boys probably deserve a break.

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    This is a pretty standard thing to say at the end of a tour...don't know why it always gets people going.
    Dave Grohl gave Foo Fighter gave Foo Fighter Foo Fighter
    The first sentence of this article... it says "Foo Fighter". Just missing a letter though... Not a big deal. Anyway, I'm glad to see Foo Fighters not breaking up, I expect to hear something from Wasting Light live soon.
    well he got the title right, so it could be a typo.
    "Foo Fighter Fans" sounds like it makes more sense than "Foo Fighters Fans". I think that's what was going through the writer's mind
    Foo Fighters always take a decent break after an album cycle anyway. And what with all of them having something else going on, I can see why he said it'll be a while.
    Well...at least they aren't breaking up. Granted im not the biggest Foo Fighters fan but they're still okay in my book.
    on the reading festival he was talking to england about england and playing there he annouced it on the foo fighters facebook page
    Your going to have to wait a while. QOTSA are finishing u pthier new album and then its 2 years of touring (after the album comes out in early 2013. so0o0o0... have fun waiting till 2015
    hotdogs585? Yeah I bet you like weiners and buns in your mouth you fag. Like your band (if you even have one) is better than Dave Grohl's "LAME BAND"