Dave Grohl Shares Opinion on Nirvana 'In Utero' Reissue

artist: Nirvana date: 08/21/2013 category: music news
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Dave Grohl Shares Opinion on Nirvana 'In Utero' Reissue
Dave Grohl has reflected on the new Nirvana "In Utero" 20th anniversary reissue, saying it's had a powerful effect on him. The drummer who went on to form the Foo Fighters told Xfm (via Blabbermouth): "I recognize myself back then and I remember what it was like to be in the band but it's hard to believe that that much time has gone by. A lot has happened in those 20 years, when I think about 'In Utero' and what the world was like, what my life was like back then, it's strange." He continued: "From the time that 'Nevermind' came out in September of 1991 to the time that Nirvana was over, it was really just a few years and a lot happened in those few years. I look back at this album and looking at the packaging and the old pictures and listening to songs that I haven't heard in 20 years, all of these rarities and demos, it's kind of a trip." "In Utero" was the final Nirvana album, though the band recorded some rare demos before frontman Kurt Cobain died, including "You Know You're Right" which later appeared on a self-titled "best of..." compilation. Grohl described the back story to the song: "Kurt [Cobain] wanted to go in and demo some stuff, so I said, 'Hey, why don't we do it at this studio down the street from my house.' And we went down there, and we had three days booked. Kurt came in the last day and we were like, 'Okay, what do you wanna do?' And Kurt said, 'Well, why don't we do that song we've been doing at soundcheck?' And so we rehearsed it, I think, once, and then recorded it. Kurt did three or four vocal takes, and that was it." The "In Utero" reissue will include over 70 new tracks across three discs, including a previously unheard instrumental called "Forgotten Tune," and will be released on September 24 on CD, vinyl and digital. What's your personal favorite track from "In Utero" and why?
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