Dave Grohl Shuns 'Rock Is Dead' VMAs Comments: 'Speak for Yourself'

"Rock seems pretty alive to me," says Foo Fighters mainman.

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Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl wasn't too thrilled with the latest NY Daily News report from this year's VMAs ceremony, causing him to publicly react on Twitter.

The part of the report claiming "rock is dead" seemed to have the frontman stirred up the most. "Hey NY Daily News - speak for yourself," he reacted. "Rock seems pretty alive to me."

The given article noted that "rock, hard-core hip-hop and country have seemingly been phased out of the Video Music Awards, and the winners have become less diverse as well."

Apart from calling rockers an endangered species, the author underlined that not a single winner of this year's ceremony came "from the more segmented worlds of rock, hard-core hip-hop or country."

"It wasn't always this way," the article further reads. "In the VMAs' first decade, the '80s, we often had rockers triumphant, from Dire Straits ('Money for Nothing') to Peter Gabriel ('Sledgehammer') to INXS ('Need You Tonight')."

The report ended on a less optimistic note, saying that "today we're living a One Direction world - at least in MTV land. The teen idols stole the 'Song of Summer' prize from expected winners Daft Punk or Mr. Thicke, purely on the hyperactive voting abilities of their teen fan base.

"In theory, there's nothing wrong with that. Today, MTV reflects its audience's tastes, they don't shape it. But it's disappointing that, in a YouTube world filled with such amazing diversity, MTV would point us all in one direction," the author concluded.

Hey @NYDailyNews - speak for yourself Rock seems pretty alive to me http://t.co/MS55ratdL5

Foo Fighters (@foofighters) August 26, 2013

So on which side do you exactly stand here? Does rock "seem pretty alive" to you or was it killed by the likes of One Direction crowd? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Way Cool JR.
    I had to stop watching the VMA's years ago because it's just pure torture watching them anymore. It amazes me what people are entertained by these days.
    Really, it's more like MTV is dead. Rock is alive. The dead alwas envy the living. ;
    I couldn't agree more, aside from the Miley Cyrus thing (which was atrocious) everyone their just seems like they're trying to be different and weird and well they just come off as trying way too hard. I wouldn't really call it music awards.
    LOL, we get it already! You're not freakin' Hannah Montana anymore! Stahp!
    God, yes. It's like they all were like "Look at me! I'm so different! I'm so unique!" and people just worshipped that, like they used to praise Lady Gaga in a friggin' meat dress attention whoring.
    Why would I care if rock isn't as popular as it once was? there's still loads of good music out there, so why should it matter if that music isn't as appreciated as it once was? You've seen the crowd that are responsible for award shows like this, stupid kids who run around shouting "OMG YOLO", would you really want rock to be associated with that stupidity?
    Because it might make more newer bands give up since the only thing they are getting from trying to play music they like are bills they cant afford to pay for.
    In a sense, it's true. New rock bands can't get a huge following or become massively successful like in the early 90's, to give off one example. MTV markets music to 14 year olds and they're the ones dominating the internet, and the voting, and promoting shitty Disney acts. If hipsters didn't love indie so much, we wouldn't have so many new indie bands doing well either, I think. The rock bands that appeal to teenagers are scorned by rock fans to the point of kind of getting exiled from the genre. Older bands still have big followings, sell albums and all, so it's natural for a guy like Grohl to think rock is alive but I think people here in relatively uknown bands will agree how much harder it is to get any attention, especially without compromise.
    Just because a band is indie, doesn't mean all their fans are hipsters, doesn't mean they can't have huge followings, and definitely doesn't mean that they don't rock. Case in point: Arcade Fire.
    I said hipsters like indie, I didn't say nobody else does.
    hipsters like whatever is different, I'm more inclined to think hipsters hear to pretty unknown stuff, just because no one else hears it. got some hipster friends that only listen world music/country/whatever genre/artist doesn't play on the radio..
    It's a vicious circle. Most people don't care about what they listen to, so they follow the crowd. Or they do care, so in order to be with the majority, they listen to pop (this is mostly teens who do this). The larger the crowd of the pop genre, the more people get into it. People without taste and people that don't take time to select good music, or actually find some music by themselves are a majority as well. That's the people that's easy to manipulate. So, when big radio stations and television tells them what to listen to, they don't protest. Then there's the people that buy compulsively, fanatic teens, which are easy to impress. They'd take anything with bright colors and catchy tunes. If you look at it that way, makes sense why there's a lot of fans of one direction instead of the Foo Fighters. And yes,in conclusion, it's way harder for a rock band today to get attention.
    MTV has nothing to do with music. It is a company owned by a corporation that owns many other channels, one of which being Nickelodean. Their entire reason for existence is to create profit through advertising. 16-18 year old girls are one of the toughest markets for advertisers to reach through television. Therefore MTV sells advertisers on their ability to reach 16-18 girls by putting on the music they like. Hence you get Hannah Montana humping some dude on stage. The VMA's, or MTVs music rotation in general, have no reflection on the state of music in general.
    My wife wanted to watch it for a few minutes the other night and it took everything in me not to gag. Some guy called 2 chains came out, mixed with the rest of the manufactured garbage that was vomited all over that show was disgusting. I gave up on MTV 10 years ago and I'm happy to report I don't regret it!
    I would rather saw my own nads off with a kite string than watch the VMA's... but I'm glad that such shitty music exists because it allows me to fully understand what I don't like.
    It may be dead in the US, but in South America and Europe, even here in Asia, its alive and kicking.
    Metal G
    No doubt about that! I see all the metal music festivals that happen in the UK and they don't do them in the US. It's shit.
    Yeah man, Metallica just played China for the first time, They played Jakarta after 20 years (since the ban), they added Kuala Lampur and Singapore to the Asian leg. Last year Iron Maiden did SEA region for like the 5th time. The dates in South America have been increased for a lot of tours. If people move out of their cocoon, the rock world is pretty vibrant.
    And if anyone has any doubts, check out the documentary Global metal by Sam Dunn.
    well the VMA's can SMD! either bring the rockers back into the picture or have a RVMA's (Rock video music awards)
    Rock is not dead, I see plenty of fledgling rock bands and their fans are all dedicated. OK so they may not end up living it up in Bel-Air, If you only support established bands then the grass roots will die. Us rock fans should be out and about going to gigs for up and coming bands, before they become popular. If rock music dies it's the fault of the fans for not supporting local bands
    Rockers just dont care about awards anymore, to mainstream.
    Rex Inclitus
    They never did care, and I feel the same way. If the awards were given by your musical peers then it carry some merit.
    Rock is going back to where it, METAL, and PUNK came from UNDERGROUND welcome to the late 70's early 80's my friends. The music industry can't make any money and the only way it knows how to now is by promoting Disney *****s and homos because little kids can get their parents to buy it. Word to the wise FORCE your kids, nephews, and nieces to listen to PANTERA and LED ZEPPELIN whenever you are in their presence. There may still be hope for rock/metal if we all do our part and ram it in their ear holes at maximum DB.
    I actually watched it because my mother wanted to (boy that was a mistake). I'm just amazed at how people treat these as awards. They mean complete shit. MTW doesn't even show music, it shows shitty reality shows and is powered by my age demographic of idiots (14-22) of people who vote up this music. I'll have to stop myself though, to be honest this crap isn't music unless music has just become audible sound in sometime recent. Because all these people are just and foremost performers, people with absoulute no talent who can't even write a song without people making music for them too write on. And through the whole show the only people to acknowlege this fact was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, the only people to acknowlegde others they work with then the cliche fanbase and producer and family shit. It has more to do with everyone allowing the shitty music to flow in and us be trampled with how much power these one hit wonders are creating. I agree rock is still alive, but letting MTV be the judge (just a source that hangs on to anything popular/mainstream) is to be expected. (These is the station to air Smells like Teen Spirit every 10 mins for christ sakes)
    Its definately harder to ''make it'' without compromising.90s are over Dave.
    here's the thing- I don't think that musicians who see what they do as art, as opposed to entertainment, really care about the VMAs or Grammys, or Billboard awards, whatever. Rock acts who cared about awards or these accolades were eclipsed by the 90s alternative/Seattle thing. Motley Crue is just One Direction with distorted guitars. I'm just waiting for the next Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/Alice in Chains to phase out the current Motley Crue/Def Leppard/Poison/Journey.
    rock will come back to the mainstream again one day, hopefully when the pop fans realise what shit they are actually listening to. Just need a new band to come along and give the same impact as nirvana did with nevermind.
    Rock is dead on the singles charts - that much is obvious. I think it will be back one day though. These things come in circles. Though I do admit since it's beginning rock of some sort has been popular all the time. This is probably the first time that no sort of rock has been somewhat popular - that is a bit concerning.
    Its foolhearty to state that "Rock is dead".Because it simply is not the most popular genre it once was?Hahaaha,,and this coming from MTV's VMA awards of all sources,just what in the hell do they know about music anyway?Ill tell you ,,not a dam thing.Its just marketing and numbers to them,,thats it.
    Rock is dead. I get reminded of that every time I leave the house. There is always some gangsta fag's on the corner. I go to the mall and its all Shiny rims, and bro-stare downs. I wear my rock shirts to school and get strange looks. I don't care, pop culture is lame as f***. The VMA's have been full of shit forever. Real metal was never accepted. We have always been underground, Exodus, Slayer, DRI, they have never been about pretty princess pop cock suck. I want to shit on Jay-Z's face, and make a bloody mouthed beyonce give head to festered rotting cock meat. I harbor a lot of angst, pain from the years of watching true talent get sidelined. I'm glad there are still people that get it. We are a dying breed, real metal fans only look like a lot at a gathering. Out in the real world tho, its full of gangsta wanna b's, pop princesses, and sheep mentality types. The individual thinker travels alone. So. fuk em, I will keep my head up and continue on with the truth as my shield.
    i think rock is dyeing due to being phased out by record comps due to lack of fans. which = no money.lack of fans is possibly due to the stigma that non-rock and roll fans apply to rock fans, The bad boy image has scorned metal irreversibly, dooming it to be a laughing stock or fans just being a generality. but on the contrary it is a vast ecosystem of diverse music genres, there is pretty much a genera for everybody. if ppl would be willing to try new bands and throw out any preconceived notions of stereotypes associated with hard rock they would be surprised at its greatness. but i dont think this is possible, thus resulting in record comps not promoting rock (mainly hard rock bands) bands and with out major promotion most bands will be only underground. this is probably why mainstream rock is dyeing.
    It's sad that the only rock bands that get any kind of press these days are bands that have been together 20-30 years. There doesn't seem to be any hope for up and coming bands, or even smaller local bands that are sometimes better then the crap they put on the radio. Maybe if there was an outlet for these bands, there would be some new acts to get excited about. Rock isn't dead, it has just been hibernating.
    There is, Youtube. Man I have found so many gems on Youtube playing covers and originals than I did ten years ago browsing through record stores. The only problem is there is no concerted effort to promote them.
    I don't see what the fuss is all about. Didn't we just recently see QOTSA and Black Sabbath, even if just for a short while, top the charts? At least that's enough to reassure us that good rock music is still being made...
    Pretty silly statement. Rock music is far from dead, the existence of incredible popular festivals like download etc who have a lineup of almost exclusively rock and its sub genres already contradict this. Rock constantly changes and evolves which makes it a very unique genre and showing its more alive than ever, just because it's not winning at the VMA's etc doesn't mean its dead. I think at the most rock is just not considered "trendy" in most mainstream audiences which I prefer to be honest as I find most rock music to be promoting the idea of being an individual and not follow the pack in which most pop music tends to do.
    First of all why would anyone listen to the NY Daily News music critic. The guy knows dick about music. Second, not only is Rock not dead but the internet is going to make music cheaper, more widely available and more lucrative for the artist. Eventually all artists will create their own music in home studios and distribute it on the internet. Once we cut out the record labels the artist will be able to sell their music cheap and make more profit then they ever did working for Sony Music. Every niche will be filled and people will be able to make money doing it. The day is coming when you will be able to log on and download an entire album of Progressive Country Blues with a World Beat flavor for 2 bucks. And know that every dime is going to the artist.
    problem is that the talent has been looked over by the music execs and railroaded the rest of the artist and I use that term loosely into a regurgitated format. If they don't have talent try the shock trick, which I think we have all become bored with. Here is a new idea lets cast all the shock jocks aside and concentrate on the talent pool.
    The difference between Rock music (in the broad sense of the term, encompassing Rock in all it's forms) and Pop/Country/Hip-Hop is that there's just more selection when it comes to rock music. Rock has always had an underground scene, actually multiple sub-genres! In pop and country music, there's no underground at all. It's either you're a star or a nobody. There's basically nothing in between. Rock music isn't as mainstream as it used to be because there's just so many different flavors of rock music out there.
    MTV died along time ago. This channel was made to be a primary source of music. Hence, MUSIC television. WTF happened? Nowadays, you're lucky to catch a glimpse of a music video on that channel at all. Since the early 00's, reality television has been phasing it out (i.e. Real World being the 1st). Youtube realized the downfall of it years ago. That's why they cashed in on it. Myspace made an attempt at it, but failed. Everything is promotion based now. But that's the problem. It's not by other people like sponsers or a music channel. It's by the artist themselves. It's their job and their money on the line. They have to promote it on social networking sites, youtube, or however they can to get their name out there. So is Rock dead? Hell no! But are companies like MTV making it harder for a musician/band to survive/get their name out there amongst all the other generic pop/club music? Absolutely.
    Motley Crue and Journey had more talent in their little fingers than most bands around today or any of the grunge bands from the 90s.
    You are exaggerating it. But you ARE right, in a way. There were Grunge bands, that were obviously good at music, like Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains. And then there were not so good ones, like Nirvana(sorry, Nirvana fans, but it's a fact that Kurt was a mediocre musician at best). The bands of today generally seem to be worse, than bands of the old, but there are some gems worth of respect at least.
    the only thing mtv related that i watch is beavis and butthead and i bought the season 8 dvd so i didn't have to watch a bunch of idiots while waiting to watch a bunch of idiots
    Metal G
    I watch it just to see the crazy shit people wear and to catch things like Miley twerkin'. The only time I see videos even on MTV is after midnight. Any other time it is some stupid show they came up with. At one time there was actually a metal category.
    Twerk should not be a ****ing word. Why don't they just call it grinding like the rest of us? Kids these days have new slang for everything. It's so god damn annoying.
    Riot Fest, Lolla, Bonaroo, Pitchfork, Warped Tour, Gigantour, Uproar/Mayhem, etc, and I'm just talking about the United States. Dead? What kind of one dimensional, close-minded and ignorant bullshit is that? OH WAIT. Jim Farber needs to make a career. And what better way to do that than to pander.
    Rock isn't dying, there's just more 12 year olds with internet access and thus becoming the face of the music industry. It's the best time for rock simply because less are looking at making rock music as a "money grabber". Pop is better at being pop than rock is, so this is good
    I think you can say that "rock is dead" only if your idea of rock is this senseless award winning heavy marketed thing. It's clear the industry doesn't recognize good music, then smart people starts to look somewhere else for good music. Who gives if your favorite band is not rich, or hasn't a platinum disc? Just listen to music.
    I don't know... maybe it's due to rock bands not really bothering with music videos much anymore, maybe that's why there was no rock people at the VIDEO music awards...
    Whenever I see a post concerning MTV- I get really excited for the comments I'm about to read. Yes... Let the Hate flow through you.