Dave Grohl: 'There's a Reason Why Foo Fighters Don't Blast Out Nirvana Songs Every Night'

artist: Foo Fighters date: 03/13/2013 category: music news
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Dave Grohl: 'There's a Reason Why Foo Fighters Don't Blast Out Nirvana Songs Every Night'
Even before forming one of the biggest rock bands of today, the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl was already a member of possibly the biggest band of all time, Nirvana. Almost 20 years after Kurt Cobain's suicide and the group's end, Grohl still seems very well aware of the impact the grunge icons had on rock music. And it's not something he takes lightly. In a recent interview with TCHAD Quarterly, the frontman discussed the legacy of Nirvana and reasons for leaving it be. "There's a reason why you don't see Nirvana's songs in chewing-gum commercials. Krist and I do our best to try to keep that sort of thing from happening. The band stood for something; we took pride in our integrity and in our band. We understood the world that we were living in, having gone from the van to becoming what people understand as Nirvana now. But we really tried our best to keep our cool. So Krist and I still do." Apart from not giving the permission to use Nirvana tracks in the advertising industry, Grohl has also stressed out that he doesn't plan on using them with the Foo Fighters either. "There's a reason why the Foo Fighters don't blast out Nirvana songs every night - because we have a lot of respect for them. You know, that's hallowed ground. We have to be careful. We have to tread lightly. We have talked about it before, but the opportunity hasn't really come up, or it just hasn't felt right." As far as the current activities of the Foo Fighters go, the singer/guitarist has recently announced the beginning of work on the new album. Grohl is also keeping himself busy with his Sound City Players supergroup project, featuring the likes of Paul McCartney, Trent Reznor, John Fogerty and Stevie Nicks. The band's latest studio update features Grohl himself, Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor and Josh Homme of Queen Of The Stone Age jamming an 8-minute track called "Mantra". So it seems Mr. Grohl has proven himself as the cool guy in the world of rock once again. Tell us what you think of his latest statements in the comments section below.
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