Dave Grohl To Collaborate With Neil Young

Neil revealed little about their forthcoming collaboration, but it was enough to put fans of both artists in a spin.

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Neil Young has announced plans to collaborate with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

It was revealed during his live Twitter Q&A last week, but was overlooked amid comments that included a dig at U2 singer Bono, as previously reported.

"Have you ever thought of recording a song with Dave Grohl? I think you should," asked one fan. "Yes, I think we will," replied Neil.

He was asked a similar question about Jack White, but simply replied "I like Jack White," which suggests that the collaboration with Dave Grohl is relatively likely considering its firmer answer.

During the Q&A, Neil said he's a fan of Radiohead and has been listening to Bob Dylan's "Tempest" album in his car. When one fan asked why he was on a major label, he replied: "Why would I not be with a major label? I love my label. Music people live there."

He also admitted that he only joined Twitter to promote his new album "Psychedelic Pill".

If you could ask Neil Young anything, what would it be? Share your questions in the comments.

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    Yeah, Neil Young is collaborating with the Foo Fighters on his next album. It's kind of a concept one where all he does is spoken work and Dave and the guys back him instrumentally. I think they're calling it "Foofoo."
    Anyone else think that this doesn't sound like it's actually going to happen? If it was true, Dave would be plastering it all over the internet.
    UG's reporting really sucks. I wish I was in their office sharing their drugs.
    Dave already has ton of things to juggle- TCV,Sound City,FF and what not...
    Well this collaboration would probably be a few songs, so I think he could fit it in. I'm actually pretty curious how that would sound
    Well.. TCV can't go anywhere with Josh Homme currently recording with Queens of the Stone Age, and Foo Fighters are on Hiatus at the moment, so apart from Sound City, Dave Grohl needs to start some more music stuff.
    i don't eve think this deserve a whole article, based on just 4 damn words...and i have read many of the answers he gave to the fans, to just random stupid questions, and it mostly seems that his answers are just for getting those kids off his back...but well...this is just my opinion... just read the part about jack white... i wouldn't be surprised to see another article with the headline "NEIL YOUNG IS IN LOVE WITH JACK WHITE"...
    I would ask him why he suddenly decided to make his electronic album "Trans." Did he do it to spite Geffen? Was he just trying to do something cool? I'm curious.
    That made me think... What if Jack White and Dave Grohl did something together??
    I tidal wave of Rock would envelop the Earth... and I would die a happy man.
    mirror ball with neil young and pearl jam was pretty cool, i imagine working with dave grohl would be similar
    Neil Young sucks. Foo Fighters suck. this collaboration makes perfect sense.
    I'm half with you. Young is complete garbage. All of his songs sound the exact same. Foo Fighters aren't the most amazing band ever, but they're still really good. Everyone to his/her own I guess...
    I did say it was my opinion... I realize many of you like him, but I never got into his style, and he's not exactly 'great' on the guitar
    Yes, some songs sound similar, but there is no way you can claim ALL of Neil's songs to sound the same. It's impossible that you listened to most of his stuff... can't explain it otherwise.
    I've only listened to what my father considers to be his best songs and I couldn't distinguish between them, nor did I like them
    Neil Young is one of my favourite singer/songwriters, and it would be quite nice for Dave Grohl to collaborate with him. I'm not a fan of the Foo Fighters because I feel that they have a mass audience because of Nirvana, but it wasn't Dave Grohl's fault. It was the fact that Kurt Cobain blew his brains out. Still, Dave Grohl did projects the mass didn't give a s#!t about (Probot, Them Crooked Vultures). I don't care what Neil Young wants to do, just as long as I root him for it. If he wants to collaborate with Dave Grohl, that's fine with me.
    Am I the only one who thinks David Grohl looks like a thinly disguised muppet?
    This guy gets to collaborate with legends of music lucky bastard. Hopefully its not complete utter shite
    If they do this, please have Neil do all the vocals and guitar solos. Nothing against Dave, I just think Neil is more talented. Neil can jam forever live and his voice has stood the test of time.
    Not necessarily more talented, just a different type of player. Although I do agree that Neil would probably be the go to guy for solos and what not, it would be cool to see them together in a Down by the River-esque kind of jam. I'd be interested to see Dave play (something other than rhythm) in that context. As for vocals, I think not using one of them would be a waste either way. Splitting vocal duties would make for some nice contrast.
    Well... TCV aren't going anywhere due to Queens of the Stone Age's new album, and as of two weeks ago, Foo Fighters are on hiatus man!
    dave is gonna cut off an arm so he can play the def leppard drummer in the movie