Dave Grohl to Play With Rush at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Hall of Fame president talks collaboration plans.

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While last year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction was characterized by drop-outs and no-shows (notably from the Guns N' Roses camp, with both Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin not turning up), the 2013 ceremony is set to feature a full compliment of living performers. And, as CEO and President of the Hall of Fame John Peresman has told Rolling Stone, that means there is the chance of reunions and collaborations.

The CEO has suggested that Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters may end up playing with Rush at the ceremony:

"Dave and Taylor were one of the first people we thought about to induct Rush, they said 'yes' in about two seconds. I'm hopeful [they'll play together]. More than a few times in the past, people have got caught in the moment and decide to perform. That's what happened last year with Green Day they were just there to present an award to Guns N' Roses and after hanging around rehearsals, they decided to play."

Wether or not an original line-up reunion of Heart will occur remains to be seen, with Ann and Nancy Wilson having previously stated that they are unwilling to reunite the 70's incarnation of the band:

"We've been playing with our new band much longer," said Ann. "This is one of those things we need to dust off among ourselves."

According to Peresman, "they're working on it." It has also emerged that Mike McCready of Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains' Jerry Cantrell will play with the band at the ceremony.

Excited about the Hall of Fame? Annoyed that your favorite band isn't being inducted? Let us know in the comments.

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    Glad Cantrell will be part of Heart's performance, can't wait to see that.
    and Cornell's inducting Heart, which also seems quite fitting and cool
    Geddy and Alex played YYZ with Taylor at a Foo's show in Toronto 5 or 6 years back. Dave sat crossed legged on the stage and just watched in a daze the whole time. It was so awesome.
    Well at least that'll finally shut up some folks on the internet about Rush getting snubbed for another decade. I don't care if Justin Timberlake plays with them, just let them in the Hall of Fame already.
    I heard Paul Rudd might slap the bass on a couple Rush tunes at the ceremony
    Would be fun to see Grohl play with Rush, but I doubt he can keep up with Lifeson, Lee and Peart.
    I don't get why heart can't just play one hall of fame show with the old band, it's not like their asking them to dump their newer one and go on a world tour.
    As much as I respect Dave Grohl for everything he does... I wouldn't want to see him play live with Rush. You just simply can't beat that classic power trio!
    Dave can pull it off. He isn't by any means a great guitarist or prog drummer but he will hold his own I have no doubt
    Is it just me or is Dave Grohl on UG like every other day for one reason or another?
    Mike McCready and Jerry Cantrell are such great musicians. I'm looking forward to hearing them play with Heart. Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and Rush will also be fun to see. I bet Deep Purple gets in next year. I'd like to see who they choose to play with them on stage.
    Jerry has played with them before. I cant think of any of the specific things that it was for, but he has played with them a few times. Like anything that Jerry is involved with, im expecting it to be awesome.
    strange here that u like dave grohl to play with rush while i think spin the comments are like why grohl is playing with rush or dave will steal neils place and he will be the one to play the drums
    Eh... just from known Grohl's playing style (which is fantastic for the music that he plays), I don't feel like his drumming work would be fitting for Rush. I'd be down with him playing guitar though!
    As good as Grohl is I'm not sure if he can pull this one off. The four drummers I can think of that would be able to match Pert are all dead.