Dave Grohl: Which Band the Fans Like More - Nirvana or Foo Fighters

"It's funny, there are times where I'll meet people, they know about the Foo Fighters, but they don't realize I was in Nirvana."

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Dave Grohl: Which Band the Fans Like More - Nirvana or Foo Fighters

During a recent Japanese interview, Dave Grohl touched on an interesting topic - do fans prefer Nirvana or the Foos - saying (via Alternative Nation):

"It's funny, there are times where I'll meet people, they know about the Foo Fighters, but they don't realize I was in Nirvana.

"But then also, our audience has been around for so long that now parents bring their kids to shows.

"You would imagine it would be the parents with the Nirvana shirts and the kids with the Foo Fighters, but it's actually the opposite.

"The parents are wearing Foo shirts, and the kids are wearing Nirvana shirts. Nirvana is like classic rock now to some people."

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    To be fair, I see people wearing Nirvana shirts these days that I guarantee couldn't name 5 Nirvana songs.
    I guess that implies that one needs to know a lot about the band in order for anyone to wear a shirt with their logo on it. Otherwise, don't wear 'em! Shirt rules 101.
    Eh, I guess it's not a rule... but personally, I would feel like an idiot wearing a t-shirt of a band that I know nothing about.
    I would guess that if they don't know about the band, they may not know that Nirvana IS a band.
    Weybl Himself
    I have a shirt with an anchor on it. I am not and have no intention of ever being a sailor. Am I breaking the rules?
    Yes.  You should feel deep sadness as you've failed this world.  SHAME! SHAME! SHAME?
    Weybl Himself
    What if I were to take up collecting Anchors? Niche I know but seems like less effort than sailing...
    I'm guilty. I was given a bad brains shirt because I ripped mine on my way to a concert in 04 and people kept telling me nice shirt. I was just like thanks... I didn't know it was a band or anything.
    I don't see anyone wearing Nirvana shirts. Maybe they were slightly trendy in 2011 but no one listens to them now.  
    Vicryl 2.0
    just came out of a studio awhile ago and saw some kids in the other room practicing In Bloom, and Serve the servants. Even Burger King was blasting Pennyroyal tea..
    A computer and MIDI keyboard on a desk in your room isn't a "studio" dude.  
    Dude, a computer AND a MIDI keyboard is enough to make panties drop.....
    Weybl Himself
    He said "a" studio, not "my" studio. I find that pretty easy to believe. All of my bands recorded at studios for stuff that was being released. 
    My 3 year old daughter listen to Nirvana and has a shirt she wears rather frequently. More than that, she actually knows about them, the same of the songs, lyrics. She has quite a lot of musical knowledge for a 3 year old.
    My friend is one of them. This friend is also dating my ex, which started 3 days after she dumped me. Makes me wonder why we're still friends😂.
    Because you're still going to be friends when that chick is long out of both of your lives
    Kurt's such an icon, I get it if people just like them/him for that.  All the conversations around people wearing band tshirts when they don't even know the band remind me so much of when we used to call people 'posers' for wearing skate shoes and not skating. It all strikes me as childish these days, not worth worrying about.
    How many times have you seen some plebian wearing an unknown pleasures shirt and you're dead sure they don't even know who joy division are
    Let people be stupid, but I guarantee that if you were to confront one of these people, they wouldn't really give two shits whether they know any songs or not. Nor would they give a shit that Nirvana were accidentally one of the greatest bands ever!
    This doesn't surprise me. I'm not really a fan of either, but I wouldn't necessarily think that Nirvana fans are going just to see Dave. The Foo Fighters have definitely built/earned their own following. Their fans, I would expect, are genuinely THEIR fans. It isn't like Robert Plant where everyone is really going to his show hoping to hear Zeppelin stuff.
    Idk... I can sit through any Nirvana album without skipping many, if any, tracks... I can't really say that about Foo Fighters. Maybe it's just me.
    The first two foo records I can.  After that, it became like 2 songs and filler.
    Tbh when I was younger, Dave Grohl being in Nirvana was something I had to realise - like oh, really, that's cool. Particularly in the mid-2000s, maybe not so much now, Foo Fighters were just more "relevant", in that they were a pretty big, popular band and played on radio and TV a lot, so the public image of Grohl absolutely was that guy in the Foo Fighters. Nirvana seem to have resurged in popularity in more recent times. Also, when people think about Nirvana, they mostly think about Kurt Cobain, I'm sure a lot of normal people who aren't "Nirvana fans", just consumers of music they like, couldn't even name the other members. Which is fine, really.
    Imo "classic rock" isn't really a genre. Yes, it's often described as the early rock from the 60s & 70s, but rock becomes classic over time. Master of Puppets (metal), Comfortably Numb (prog) & Hotel California (country rockish) are all very different, but imo all are classic rock. Nirvana sadly ended in 1994, and it's been 20 years since they've been around. A lot of their songs have now become classics. 
    Was a big nirvana fan. Didn't bother when foo fighters came to town
    friday.the.13th.jasonx · Sep 10, 2017 09:38 AM
    ive never met a single soul who was like, "Dave Grohl. the guy from Foo Fighters!"
    I love both bands and think the Foo's best songs can match up with Nirvana's. He has been a Foo for close to 25 years which is amazing. I like the Foo's music and All My Life/ Best of You/ White Limo/ Low/ Times Like These stack up to Nirvana. Great frontman.
    Heard Come as You Are on the radio's oldies, realized it's over 25 years old now.
    If I lived my life never hearing a Nirvana or Foo Fighters song ever again I probably wouldn't mind. They're not exactly essential bands that you can't go without. I've never had the urge to go "Man I gotta listen to Nirvana/Foo Fighters, I'm really feeling that shit right now".
    I'm not gonna assume what you listen to, but I'd be willing to bet that a lot of what you consider tone essential bands and artists look up to Nirvana or were heavily influenced by them