Dave Grohl Will Induct Rush To Hall Of Fame

Dave Grohl will induct Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April, it's been announced.

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It's official - Dave Grohl will induct Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April. He'll team up with Foo Fighters bandmate Taylor Hawkins to honour the Canadian trio, who finally made the Rock Hall cut last year.

Eagles man Don Henley will induct Randy Newman on the same night while Gary Clark Jr and John Mayer will lead the tribute to Albert King.

Classic Rock reports Heart will also be inducted, while Deep Purple were shortlisted but not voted in.

Meanwhile, Grohl has admitted it was a challenge to keep secret the fact that the surviving members of Nirvana had recorded a song with Paul McCartney for the documentary movie Sound City.

The film tells the story of the studio where Nirvana recorded "Nevermind" and includes interviews with many other big names who worked there, including Stevie Nicks, Neil Young and Tom Petty.

Macca teamed up with Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear to create the track "Cut Me Some Slack", which they later performed in New York and released as a single.

The drummer tells Billboard: "The McCartney song was the biggest secret. A few things leaked out, but we couldnt give that away because this is spoiler alert THE moment.

"At the first few test screenings we did, the moment where Paul appears there were audible gasps in the room. When we were editing that segment, I said 'I don't want a 'holy sh-t' moment I want a 'holy f--k!' moment.' It really creates a cool moment."

Unsurprisingly, Grohl cherished the opportunity to work with McCartney and others. He reflects: "That generation of musicians cherish, respect and value the practice of just going into a room and coming up with something jamming it and making it a song.

"Theres not like seven songwriters and seven producers and digital technology or whatever. Its people getting in a room."

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    A few things. 1.)I am glad they got Grohl and Hawkins. I know Hawkins is a huge Rush/Peart fan. 2.) You won't find a bigger Grohl fan than me, but he's never seemed to be a huge Rush fan and hasn't credited the band like Hawkins or others have. 3.) F*** Don Henley.
    +1 just for #3
    Yes I read that. But in the same Modern Drummer article he said he'd rather use a beat by Tony Thompson than any fill from 2112. Theres nothing wrong with that, and Not that he was bad mouthing it by any means but I think a guy like Portnoy has been impacted more by Neil and Rush. And to add to #3.. Don Henley can go fu** himself. He talked so bad about Rush when the Eagles announced their reunion tour..( around the time Neil came back after the rush hiatus) saying shit like "Who wants to see a reunion from a band like Rush? Yuck." Also saying Rush has been irrelevant and unimportant for the last 20 years. Because don's work outside the Eagles has just stood the test of time right?
    This is Awesome for Grohl. No one wants to here new Paul McCartney Anything. Just keep singing the classics Paul. This is similar to Axl Rose Teaming up with Elton John to Sing Bohemian Rhapsody at Webley in '92. Chocolate with an Orange Juice Chaser. It just can't be good but if it is I will eat my words.
    Dave Grohl will induct Rush....and then announce a collaboration with those legendary canucks.
    I love Dave Grohl and all but what about Billy Corgan?! He's like a super fan of Rush and was there when Rush got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. I think he deserves to induct them more.
    40% article about the RRHoF, and 50% about Sound City As much as I am psyched about Sound City, why can't UG just make two articles, and then use more space on something that is actually RELEVANT to the title of the article?
    The remaining 10% is just irrelevance to anything and everything else, including the English language.
    damn. dave is SO busy it's just sick. he's been in 3 article's that are on the front page today... im thinking that's a record. That man does everything, I wonder how he spends time with the family
    Best news I've heard all day. But hey, shouldn't Deep Purple get some credit for writing Smoke on the Water? I mean, it doesn't play a major role in Rock or anything.