Dave Lombardo and Faith No More Bassist Join Forces for New House of Hayduk Album

Rehearsal footage appears online.

Ultimate Guitar

Footage has appeared on Vimeo that shows former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo recording parts for a new House of Hayduk project. Lombardo appears to have joined the musical collective, whose debut album, "City of Quartz" was released as a limited edition vinyl pressing back in 2012.

As Faith No More blog reported, the group was originally formed by Mads Heldtberg, Faith No More's Billy Gould and This Heat's Charles Hayward.

"House of Hayduk is the brainchild of the Danish/American composer, producer and musician Mads Heldtberg; the idea rooted in the belief that there is a common musical thread shared by both musicians and music fans, that transcends genre, age and aesthetic."

Lombardo has been involved in a number of side projects since his acrimonious departure from Slayer. The drummer recently completed work on a new Philm EP, is filling in on drum duties for Amen, and even announced that he has been working on music for a Disney cartoon pilot.

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    His other projects are better than Slayer. I hope he doesn't rejoin them and Fantomas come back instead.
    Slayer needs him back Not that Bostaph is bad, but it's not Slayer without him and Jeff
    I actually really like Bostaph. I don't like him quite as much as Lombardo, but at least this way Lombardo is still putting out good music. I don't see Slayer writing many more good songs with or without Lombardo though. I thought Christ Illusion was good, but World Painted Blood wasn't on the same level. Without Jeff, they're not going to come up with anything better than that either.