Dave Lombardo Doesn't Think He Will Ever Play With Slayer Again

"When I returned in 2001, it had been already ten years that I was out of the band, and it felt like it was the right time," says the sticksman.

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Dave Lombardo has been speaking with Radio Screamer (via Blabbermouth) about his life after Slayer.

As the drummer notes, unlike when he left the band in 1992, this time, his departure is permanent:

"I don't think that's ever gonna happen again. Well, the reason why ... I mean, time passed. It was ten years. When I returned in 2001, it had been already ten years that I was out of the band, and it felt like it was the right time. It was water under the bridge, we didn't have any grudges, but apparently that really wasn't the case, because later I find out that, 'Oh, well, he left in '92, so just get him out again.'"

Lombardo also talked about his former bandmates' response to the death of Jeff Hanneman, noting that he was not impressed by their behavior at the guitarist's memorial:

"I don't know how Kerry [King, guitar] and Tom [Araya, bass/vocals] responded. By how they responded at the memorial, it was pretty shallow. It was rough for me, because Jeff and I spent a lot of time on the tour bus. We'd get picked up at the hotel and show up at the venue by 4:30 and we would stay chilling on the bus until showtime.

"So there was a lot of interaction, there was a lot of chatting, a lot of talking, we'd watch TV, we'd listen to music. He loved my iPod, 'cause I had so many different styles of music. He'd say, 'Dude, throw your iPod on.' We'd laugh and joke around and sometimes I'd surprise him with some music that he'd never heard of before. So there was lot of memorable times that Jeff and I had.

"And it sucks, dude. It's terrible when a bandmate dies, because that magic is forever lost. That band had a certain chemistry when all four of us were on stage. And not taking anything away from Gary Holt - he took Jeff's place and he's done an amazing job - but still there's something [that is missing that simply cannot be replaced]."

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    To be honest I can't blame him for not wanting to reunite with "slayer" after how much of a Jackass the Burger king has been. But at the same time I kinda wish he'd reunite as well, because the new album seems destined to fail. But then I dunno, we might just be surprised!
    That part about Hanneman made me kind of sad. And really, I don't blame him for this. I'd be incredibly pissed off if that odious braid bearded **** did all that shit to me for 20 years.
    It definitely ain't April Fools, who the fck would like to play with Burger King anyways?
    Probably for the best considering how they have treated him these last years i think he deserves better then them.
    Slayer doesn't really exist anymore. Everything I hear about KK seems negative.
    Suuure, as soon as Slayer gets inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame he's going to wanting to come back lol - another KISS situation...