Dave Lombardo Might Never Return to Slayer

The drummer says there's a real chance he's out of the band forever. But will Slayer fans accept it?

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Dave Lombardo says there's a chance he will never drum for Slayer again.

He was kicked out the band at short notice ahead of their recent Australian tour over a business dispute, leaving him "shocked and saddened" at the snap decision by the band.

He was replaced by Jon Dette for the Australian datas, and it's not clear if tensions are too high for Lombardo and his former bandmates to negotiate his return or if he's out for good.

When asked by Rock Overdose if he would at least be drumming for Slayer when they return to Europe this summer, Lombardo said: "I don't know yet. I hope to be there, but at this point, I don't know if I'm returning or not."

To many fans, Lombardo's departure is unacceptable. He was the founding drummer, and his trademark speed-drumming is a signature sound in the metal genre.

"It's unbelievable. I just love my fans and I hope to continue playing for them. This is all I do. This is my life. I don't do anything else," Lombardo said in the same interview. "For the fans to be this nice and kind and concerned, I just love them."

There's some good news for Lombardo fans: his side-project Grip Inc. will start writing new material soon, and may tour with singer Casey Chaos from Amen fronting the band.

Lombardo isn't the only original Slayer member to be missing out on their current activities. Guitarist Jeff Hanneman is still recovering from a flesh-eating disease which may have come from a spider bite some years ago, and in February the band said he might never return. For now, Gary Holt from Exodus is "keeping his seat warm" in the hope that Hanneman will return.

Will Slayer ever be the same if Lombardo never returns? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    Complete disrespect for Dave as a person, and as a potent member of Slayer. As a fan of Slayer, I say f*ck Kerry King.
    Disrespect? Why?
    I say form a new band. Dave deserves much better than to go back to a position where he keeps being underpaid and neglected despite his integral work. Personally, I think a ex-Big Four supergroup with John Bush, Jason Newsted and Chris Poland would be cool and interesting.
    Don't return to Slayer! Form another, better thrash metal band. I wouldn't want to return to a group with Kerry's ego growing ever stronger.
    Slayer is going to end up turning into Metal's GnR. With just Kerry and a bunch of replacements
    Sad news, but Dave really deserves better, so let's hope for the best. Talented man cannot sit still.
    him and jeff should get together and form their own slayer. cause you know, its working so well with both queensryche's
    I agree, if you're going to be this big of an ***** to a guy as amazing as dave you don't deserve him back and dave could do so much better.
    I dislike Kerry King's quoted statements as of late. To be honest I think he is a twat now and I miss Jeff. I feel bad for Dave. Poor git. Talk about shitting on your own doorstep.
    My life goal of seeing Slayer live with Lombardo and Hannemann will never come true
    chris schroeder
    I thought that when dave got kicked out the first time he will be back they are not the same with out him. I refuse to see them til jeff and dave are back
    No Lombardo, no Slayer. Regarding Hannemann, well that's just the crappiest luck on the planet, getting bit by a spider so his replacement is inevitable. Gary Holt's the best guy for the job too. But no Lombardo? I agree with the statement "that's unacceptable."
    After the way that he has been treated, I say why should he return. Without Dave and Jeff Slayer is just Kerry King and friends, Kerry King sucks as a guitarist also.
    I've been saying it since Dave was first given the boot. He and Jeff need to move on and form a different group.
    If I were Lombardo, i'd be saying f*** kerry king and I'd form my own band with Hanneman or any of the other hundreds of talented thrash musicians out there. No one deserves that kind of disrespect and it's obvious that's all he'll get from Kerry. Do your own thing, Dave! I'll buy your album, bro.
    **** u kerry!!!dave deserves a better treat.dnt want to see slayer without dave n jeff.i think this will be the end of slayer :-(
    I love Lombardos drumstyle. Slayer with Dave >> Slayer without dave
    I don't see Slayer lasting, Tom is close to retiring and may be forced to with his throat and neck, Jeff may never be able to tour again Slayer did survive for a few albums without Dave but with everything else Kerry may need to find a new band.
    nah, if Axl can keep going with GNR then I don't see why Kerry can't run Slayer on his own. He can just get a singer that kind of looks like Tom and a drummer that can play Lombardo's parts note for note.
    If Lombardo isn't sitting behind the kit when they hit Oslo I'm not going. Gary Holt is the now the only reason I would go, but sadly Holt alone is not enough...
    I frankly think this is sadly the end of Slayer as we would love it to be. King has his thumb so far up his ass, he'll never go begging for Dave to come back. Hell, didn't he say that he would be happy if Holt permanently took Jeff's place? Stupid bald prick
    It's not like Slayer has made music for the love of music recently.. They are just an image to sell at this point, like KISS. Nobody listens to their new shitty music. Old Slayer is the only Slayer.
    Kerry King is a douchebag and he's not even that good at playing guitar. A 3 year old can mimic some of the stuff he does in his solos. Not musical at all. Fuck him.
    People would say there's method to the madness. Other people may say he sat there for 7 hours tapping random shit until something sounded right for the recording. Most people just say "dat beard".
    I agree with everyone who say that Lombardo ought to form a new band and don't come back.The last time a Dave formed a thrash band due to being fired,the outcome was Megadeth.
    its not just dave not getting paid, its the band as a whole are losing out on allot of money, he was kicked out when he brought this to the attention of the band, they didn't think it was as big a deal as he did
    Support Dave! He got screwed over by the KK machine. Dave needs to start a new path and make it better than what he got fired from. KK killed Slayer a long time ago, RIP. Poor Jeff probably has a bulls eye on his back too...Jeff if your reading this, hit Dave up and start something better, btw, get well soon!!!!