Dave Lombardo: 'Music Lessons Were a Waste of Money for Me'

artist: Dave Lombardo date: 09/02/2014 category: music news
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Dave Lombardo: 'Music Lessons Were a Waste of Money for Me'
Discussing his musical beginnings, former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo pointed out that in his case, music lessons were a "waste of money."

Chatting with Guima Drum, Dave explained how listening to music turned out as far more crucial during the learning process. He also admitted that he didn't start using a metronome until as late as 1996.

Noting that his parents couldn't afford to pay him music lessons, Lombardo stated, "The small amount of music education I did get was from school - I think I took one week of lessons, but I felt it was a waste of money because I was learning more by listening to music than by a teacher telling me what to play."

Remembering his drum practice habits, Dave stated, "I practiced a lot with a band, I didn't really practice much by myself."

Prompted to comment about the mentioned metronome matter, the drummer added, "No, at that time, no. I didn't start using a metronome until... '96, '98. That's when I started using a metronome, it wasn't really a part of my routine."

Asked about how many Slayer albums he recorded without using a metronome, Dave replied, "All of 'em. Except for 'World Pained Blood' or 'Christ Illusion.' We used a metronome for four to eight bars, and then they'd cut the metronome and I'd continue on my own."

Elaborating further, Lombardo noted that recording without a metronome allows better expression of certain dynamic nuances. "I like recording [without a metronome], that way you capture the spirit of the band and the emotion. When a guitar riff becomes intense, the speed goes up just a little bit, it's like a crescendo in classical music, it just builds.

"'Cause in classical music, there's really no time signature, it's just what the maestro conducts," the drummer concluded.

Halford guitarist "Metal" Mike Chlasciak recently discussed the "lessons vs. self-taught" matter, explaining how no musician is actually self-taught. Details here.

In related Lombardo news, the new Philm album "Fire From the Evening Sun" is due out on September 16 via UDR. Details here.

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