Dave Lombardo on Slayer: 'They Weren't My Friends, Just Business Partners'

artist: Slayer date: 03/11/2014 category: music news
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Dave Lombardo on Slayer: 'They Weren't My Friends, Just Business Partners'
Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo recently reflected on his relationship with ex-bandmates, dubbing it not as friendly as some would imagine.

Chatting with My Global Mind, Lombardo noted that the rest of the Slayer fold turned out to be nothing but business partners for him, pointing out he was prepared for departure prior to being kicked out.

"A low point was probably January of last year whenever they went down, you know with Slayer," Dave said. "It was leading up to that you know unfortunately. Well not really leading up to it because my bags were ready and packed to go."

Reacting to the interviewer's comment that the rest of the group "were your friends, and people that you had grown up with," Lombardo replied: "Yeah, it's strange. It's unfortunate as well because I realize now that they weren't really my friends.

"They were just business partners. I lived and hung out with them, as if they were friends. 'Wow these guys are watching out for me' - and it didn't quite turn out that way."

Asked on whether his stance has mellowed as time has passed, the drummer gave an affirmative answer, simply adding, "sh-t happens."

Dave also dropped quite a surprise by noting that he isn't quite able to make a full-time job from music, despite being a founding member of one of metal's biggest acts ever. "Well the thing is, you have to find other ways and get creative and find other ways to market your music and to recreate yourself, it's like once the internet and the world wide web came into the picture everyone scrambled and the first was the music industry because everyone was downloading music, so the started scrambling ways to make a living," he explained.

"So you just have to get creative, yeah it is difficult, it's a little different, the royalties aren't the same from the physical CDs but there are other avenues of income that you just need to sign up online and you will start receiving royalties on the songs that you have recorded," the drummer continued. "I never knew this until recently about six months ago and it was like woo I got a nice cheque in the mail. All I did was just go online and register my name all the music that I did in my life that I have recorded."
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