Dave Lombardo Thanks Fans For Support And Sincerity

The drummer says 'thank you' to everyone supporting him after his Slayer firing.

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There seems to be a lot of drama going on among the Slayer ranks these days. Ever since Dave Lombardo getting fired from the band's Australian tour the fans have pretty much been rioting over the whole situation.

And it seems a large portion of them is giving their support to non-other than Lombardo. After hearing a part of stories from both sides, the fans seem to generally lean towards Lombardo, often accusing guitarist Kerry King for making a wrong decision.

Therefore, it doesn't come as a big surprise that the drummer has recently posted an announcement to thank all of his fans for "passion, support and sincerity".

"I have always known that my fans were awesome! But never has it been more clear to me than in the past two weeks, how passionate, supportive and sincere you really are. Thank you for all your kind responses and I hope to see you all very soon. Sincerely, Dave Lombardo," the drummer stated via official Facebook page.

King has recenlty described Lombardo's firing as "unfortunate", adding that the frontman Tom Araya has doubted the drummer for some time now. As for Araya, the singer hasn't talked much about the whole situation, apart from expressing his excitement for working with the new drummer.

Lombardo's spot is temporarily being filled by former Testament drummer Jon Dette, who is currently also replacing Charlie Benante in Anthrax due to personal issues he is dealing with at the moment. Whether Lombardo will remain a member of Slayer after the Australian tour is still unknown.

In related news, Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain has recently given his comments about the Slayer drummer problems, admitting that "most of the issues that pro musicians have sooner or later in time boil down to the royalty check or performance royalties".

"I'm sad to hear that that has happened, but, you know, when you find out and look at something and say 'could you explain this to me, why we're not getting what we should according to these numbers' and if somebody turns around and says 'F--ing shut your face or you're fired,' that therefore it tells you there's an alarm bell going off. Without knowing all of the ins and outs of it, you can't pre-judge it," the drummer tells Broward-Palm Beach New Times.

"I'm sad because Dave is so much a part of that band; he's so identifiable. There's great drummers out there, but Dave Lombardo is a master with it, and Dave is... To me, he is Slayer with Kerry and the guys! I think Kerry really may have overreacted and might be regretting it. I hope that that's the case and they can sit down and sort it out."

So what are your opinions on the whole situation at this moment? And do you think Dave Lombardo will and should remain the member of Slayer after the entire drama? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Slayer sucked at Soundwave; it didn't feel as if Slayer were there, it felt more like a mediocre Cover band playing their songs. I do however give it to Jon for filling in for Anthrax, as their performance was much better. Also Kerry ****ed up a fair bit during their set. Inb4 any buttmad replies.
    Slayer killed it in Perth, it was sick. Anthrax also killed it in Perth, the crowd lapped up everything that they gave to them. It was awesome and Gary Holt/Jon Dette did a fantastic job in replacement imho. Especially Gary Holt, he's a super clean slinger man.
    I disagree, I felt Slayer put on a very good show at Soundwave (all things considered), Anthrax on the other hand had a dreadful set list and sounded awful (I swear both guitars didn't have the exact same tuning or Jon Donais was running a crap load of chorus). People have to realise that Slayer is run as a business now, not a bunch of friends playing music. Nobody here was on tour with them for the last 'x' years to know what it was really like in that band behind the scenes. Sure Kerry doesn't come across as a happy go lucky guy, but I think it's a little unfair to say it's all he's fault.
    Tomorrow news : "Lombardo joins Metallica, Ulrich stays as producer". But I'm dreaming.
    I've always ranked him as one of these people I'd like to sit down with in a pub and have a beer.
    Thanks spam, I was just looking at porn and I remembered to search for Pamela Anderson.
    Dave can play in any metal band he wants now and I guarantee they will treat him better than the bullshit he got at the end.
    Dave, join Newsted, make your own super group, ANYTHING is posible for you and it will easily become musicaly superior than slayer.
    Dave, Newsted, Devin Townsend. Now that's what I wanna see.
    Dave Lombardo is awesome... one of the best metal drummers to ever sit behind a kit.
    hey all green! except that dumbass spam ad (delete that *****!) up there! Dave is loved! just keep drumming! **** em!
    I preferred the old days when rock bands werent like soap operas and didnt act like media *****s. You lose so much respect and it actually puts me off listening to them.
    umm I'm pretty sure drama in rock n roll has existed since at least the 70s. I understand the want for nostalgia, but let's not forget Ozzy being fired from Sabbath back in the 80s as well. This stuff has been happening for quite awhile
    I'm very happy about the Australians reaction to this, hopefully King can hear about it and feels shitty about it, but with the way he seems to be who knows if he'll have remorse
    Kerry King has become a corporate douche. I love Slayer immensely, but this behaviour is unprofessional and completely unwarranted. To say Tom Araya has 'doubted the drummer for sometime now' is his attempt at deflecting his part in the firing of Dave. What an assh*le. Incorporating Tom into his dishonesty. Hope Dave catches on somewhere shortly or starts his PHILM stuff up again.
    I think Kerry King is a closet gay. The kind you would least expect it from, but really a brutal flamer on the inside. Maybe not, but he sure seems to have the Napoleon complex. He lost all respect from me.