Dave Mustaine Addresses 20th Anniversary 'Youthanasia' Show Rumors: 'A Dreadful Situation'

"It was a terrible mistake and we have parted ways with the persons responsible," Megadeth frontman adds.

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Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine squashed the rumors regarding the "Youthanasia" 20th anniversary show, noting that the record's actual anniversary isn't due until later this fall.

"October 31, 1994 is the official release date of Youthanasia," Dave kicked off via Facebook. "The rumor that we are doing a 20th anniversary concert is a dreadful situation and as soon as I found out that this tour was presented to you, the fans - the brilliant Megadeth fans around the world that know how to read a calendar and know it ain't 20 years until 20 years have gone by - as the '20th Anniversary of Youthanasia,' I told all of the interviews I did leading up to our arrival, that it was a terrible mistake and we have parted ways with the persons responsible.

"Now I know that doesn't help that you have been told one thing and we are telling you another, but you know me and you know Megadeth: we are going to make this right. We scrambled to get all four of us, who live very far apart (Shawn [Drover] lives in Georgia), and we chose four songs to play for you until the real anniversary comes after October 31st. [NOTE: We specifically released 'Youthanasia' on Halloween, and I may have slept in late today, but it ain't Halloween yet.]"

Sharing some of the songs he band's been getting onto the setlist, Mustaine added, "Besides having to get everyone in the same place, we also had to develop the live production and the video content that goes along with it. So, to make a long story boring ... we started with 'A Tout Le Monde' in Las Vegas, added 'Reckoning Day' in Tucson, and added 'Youthanasia' to Quito.

"Depending on how long our stage time in Santiago is will determine our set list. You can count on if it is 75 minutes (which I think it is), we will make sure to play as much of the Youthanasia songs as we can. Rest assured that we are aware of the rumor, we took action, and that whatever songs we play, that we will play our very best for you.

"Please don't take this out on the promoters down here. We have explained this to them, and they have been very understanding, although I know we are all disappointed that this rumor even started, and it being too late to fix all the ads, I promise to give you all the best Megadeth show to date this tour," the post concludes.

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    Hope to see 'Victory' live this summer then, that's one of the most killer solo's I've ever heard.
    Don't think they will play it, it's a bonus track, they didn't play Crown of Worms when they did the Countdown to Extinction shows!
    Victory wasn't a bonus track, its track 12 on the original release
    Victory surely wasn't a bonus track. One of the best on the album. Clever usage of past song titles to talk about new-found sobriety (which didn't last for that long, but whatever)
    Addicted to Chaos and Black Curtains live, finally... yes please.
    I love the song, too, but unless Mustaine has had some work done recently on the vocal cords, I'm afraid that he won't be able to hit the word 'Chaos' high enough to sound right. Maybe they'll key everything down (further?), a la Led Zepplin. Please don't rip me up for pointing this out, as Dave himself has stated he feels like his vocal ability is now the weak link in the band, with everyone playing very well, instrumentally.
    dave didnt necessarily say that he got a metal plate put on his vocal chords after his surgerys, and he cant get that high tone out of his vocals anymore, he talks about it on the metalhead 2 head show
    Do they need to do this for every one of their albums ? Youthanasia is a good album, but it isn't a classic one by any stretch.
    They aren't, but the promoters got told it would be an anniversary tour type deal down there by someone and that's how they promoted it, and that person wasn't acting the way Dave wanted them to about it (not being an anniversary show, but they would play some songs off of it), which is why this is a story anyways.
    Still waiting for that RISK anniversary!!
    I am not a big fan of just playing one album. I prefer bands to play multiple songs from diffrent albums. And its always cool if bands play songs they've rerely and never played.
    For me, it depends on the album. Some albums are constructed so well that all the songs link together and they sound awesome when played together. Other albums are more song by song orientated and you can pick and choose. Listening to Roger Waters perform The Wall in its entirety is amazing. I would have loved to see Genesis play "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" as a complete set. It depends on the album.
    I wish they would just tuned up to Eb and play the album in its entirety. Megadeth songs just sound weird in D standard
    Wow... another record's anniversary to make me feel OLD. I remember getting "Youthanasia" the day it came out. Not a bad record but not even close to their best. Actually, it was the album that made me stop paying attention to Megadeth for about 10 years or so.
    Not a bad record, but made you forget about Megadeth? I think you're doing the interweb wrong bro...
    For me it was their last really good record until the mid 2000s. It had some songs that are absolute staples in Megadeth's catalogue.
    it's only a couple years off from the 20 year of the MD.45 album you think Mustaine will throw those in the set too when the time comes