Dave Mustaine Against Gay Marriage

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 02/20/2012 category: music news
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Dave Mustaine Against Gay Marriage
Dave Mustaine has made yet another controversial comment this month, this time on the topic of gay marriage. The Megadeth frontman was being interviewed on Seattle Sounds (via Blabbermouth) when he was asked if he supports gay marriage. "Well, since I'm not gay, the answer to that would be no," he said. When asked if he would at least support legislation which made marriage between two men legal, he replied, "I'm Christian. The answer to that would be no." The potentially divisive comments follows his controversial comments in support of Republican candidate Rick Santorum last week. The backlash became so severe that he was compelled to backtrack on his comments the following day. While Mustaine's apparent homophobia appears to stem from his Christian beliefs, it's a topic which is often evaded in the rock world. However, one rock frontman is willing to step forward and speak out against homophobia in metal culture. Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato answered a fan-submitted question on the topic this weekend. The fan asked why homophobia was still rife in metal, when it is traditionally a genre which prides itself on being comprised of outsiders. "I really think masculinity insecurity issues are the problem, and listening to testosterone-charged music and putting on a tough-guy front enables the people with those issues to live in a sort of constructed 'man suit,'" replied Puciato. "It's frustrating that the United States leans so much on Christianity politically, a religion that teaches at its fundamental core complete intolerance toward homosexuality. "It's not a coincidence that homophobia is most rampant in those three genres [metal, hip-hop and country], and that those genres are primarily embraced by low-income groups, groups that have low exposure to quality education, and almost no exposure to travel or different cultures. Punk and hardcore ethics have always been more refreshing and progressive, however." It's a topic that rarely gets an opportunity for debate, so we're interested to hear where the UG community stands on this. Is Mustaine within his rights to stick by his Christian views, or is it a medieval point of view which need replacing with a more progressive mentality? Share your view in the comments.
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