Dave Mustaine: 'Australia, Big Four, Why Not?'

"Australia deserves the same kind of concerts as the rest of the world," says Megadeth frontman.

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Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine recently touched on the matter of Big Four tour hitting the road in Australia, calling it a great idea. "It would be cool," Dave told the Brag. "I think Australia deserves the same kind of concerts that anywhere in the world does. I say Australia, the Big Four, why not?" During the rest of the chat, Mustaine discussed the band's live performances, calling them drastically better than their early-day gigs. "Before, when we were playing, live performances were a crapshoot," he confessed. "Playing live could have ended up like anything, the way that we played, the way that we partied, the way that we approached our job. Now everyday when we go to play it's so much more different because we're so much more serious about what we’re doing as a band." "I think that our shows have really stepped up in quality a lot," the frontman concluded. Dave was also asked about the upcoming "Youthanasia" release anniversary and the possibility of the band touring the album in full. "It's kind of hard to say," he replied. "We'll definitely do something around the anniversary point. Is there going to be a release around it? I don't know. That's up to the label and how things are at the time. We still don't know what the condition of the industry is going to be like in two years from now. Who knows what's going to happen?"

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    FUCK NO, no way you're getting metallica out of the studio, DONT DO THIS DAVE.
    Dave's master mind plan: Interrupt the recording of the new Met record so he can claim the number one spot for himself. It all makes sense now!
    Gonna see them at Soundwave in March. Anyone else going?
    How about an AMERICAN Big Four? I know they did a show on the East Coast and the West Coast, but the Midwest always gets slighted by metal and rock acts.
    I think the idea of 'The Big 4' has passed when Hanneman left us. Now that Lombardo quit Slayer as well, you'd be doing the big 3 1/2. I think you can always attempt to do something even bigger and replace Slayer and Anthrax with Black Sabbath and Motorhead for example. That would be sick!
    I love how whenever people want to do awesome stuff in Australia you get all the Americans whinging.
    Youthanasia full setlist? That would be awesome but very hard for Dave to sing.
    Big Four? How's that gonna work? Voodoo? Kerry King stopping being a douche? Not a chance, KK stopping being a douche is impossible.
    The other three totally did soundwave together this year! If I recal, it was megadeth that actually pulled out and blew the whole thing
    replace slayer with iron maiden.
    Iron Maiden are not a thrash band. Although it's always cool when great metal bands from different subgenres play together, it would take away the purpose that the "Big Four" shows had in the first place. They are the big four of THRASH.
    Want to know why not? Because you're a year too late. Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax were all down under last year, at the same time, and they all played a concert on the same day, at the previous Soundwave. They can't always work to your schedule. With that said, I would still like a Big 4 concert in Australia ahaha.
    Lee Makky
    I think The Big Four should be: Metallica Iron Maiden Megadeth Black Sabbath
    I think you're an idiot. The big 4 refer to the first 4 thrash metal bands. As great as Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath are, both are heavy metal, not thrash. To replace Slayer and Anthrax in a position they earned is an insult to the genre.
    Australia is an awesome venue for the Big Four. I hope after the Big Four perform in Australia, they plan a tour to head for the United States, maybe a world tour.
    They had the perfect opportunity this year with Anthrax,Slayer and Metallica all playing at Soundwave but I believe Megadeth had some sort of scheduling conflict and couldn't commit. Real shame as it was probably the best chance Australia ever had of getting the Big 4 at once.
    Captain Chaos
    America deserves it more than Australia or Brazil or whomever.
    I'm honestly curious to know your explanation as to how a country is more deserving than another.
    Well, It would be nice if there was one in America. But we have enough festivals here