Dave Mustaine Blames 'Mob Mentality' for 'Super Collider' Critics Bashing

"They'll jump on the bandwagon instead of being an individual and having their own opinions," Megadeth frontman says.

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Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine recently addressed the copious amount of bashing the band's latest effort "Super Collider" has been getting from the critics, blaming "mob mentality" and lack of individuality for such state of affairs. Chatting with Metro Times, Mustaine was asked to comment on how come the "fans love the new album but critics have been harsh." After noting that critics nowadays don't have enough time to give albums a proper listening and therefore require instant attention-grabbers, Dave focused on the specific behavior patterns. "If somebody has said something good about it before, journalists nowadays can be impressed by a mob mentality," he kicked off. "They'll jump on the bandwagon instead of being an individual and having their own opinions. There's also that psychosis where, if a guy doesn't like a person and he listens to the record, then it can be a masterpiece and they’ll say it sucks. I know there have been a lot of misconceptions about me over the years and my autobiography cleared a lot of that up, but not everybody's read it." During the rest of the chat, Mustaine discussed the importance of social media and Facebook, saying that "as much as I hate to say it, Facebook and the social media sites are really a living organism." "Super Collider" saw its release on June 4 via Tradecraft as the band's fourteenth studio effort. Do you agree with Dave on this one? Is the bandwagon trend to blame for the album's reception?

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    Compare any song off Super Collider with older Megadeth stuff. That's why everyone says it sucks.
    I'm a fan, and I didn't love it? The first 6 Megadeth albums are fantastic, with little to no bad parts. But these last 2 albums have just had something missing and they just feel meh.
    They're getting more commercial, in the bad way. Mustaine himself admitted he wanted to make a mainstream record for the label at some point, if I recall correctly, so he shouldn't be surprised for the backlash.
    Some people actually don't like the album but many people don't like it before they've even listen to it. Album isn't awesome, but it's not bad.
    I didn't like it, but i see what they were trying to do and i think they suceeded, unfortunately i don't really care for that particular brand of hard rock. I don't see it as the end of Megadeth or as the worst thing ever, it was Megadeth trying something different as they have done so many times before, unfortunately it didn't work out that well this time. The next will probably be better (and probably heavier as a response to this one).
    Mr Winters
    No Dave, it's because Super Collider was garbage.
    That's the Republican mentality; attribute all your successes to yourself and only yourself, and blame your failures on others. Oh, and if anyone is jumping on a bandwagon it's you Dave, riding the Fox News bandwagon. Have you ever had an individual thought that you weren't told to have by them?
    Ok, here's my individual thought: Super Collider was super garbage. And I'm not a Republican! I'm not even american. Weird.
    That political mentality is attributed to both Republicans and Democrats. To say that it's just Republicans is just silly as you should be able to address, and admit, your own party's folly.
    I know right? I love several of the early albums, but Super Collider was sub-par. I think that song with the banjo was actually the best one... lol.
    If dave really likes his work on this album, then he really shouldnt care what some others think. unless he has a guilty conscious
    Buy his book then you'll love the album , christmas promotion in there somewhere methinks !!
    Maybe if you devoted more time to you music instead of running your mouth all the time...
    Listened to it and liked a few tracks but I know people that didn't listen to it and bash it.
    Great hard rock album for me, good music is good music no matter the band's usual style. Everyone's opinion counts though and unfortunately the main opinion was that it sucked.
    I actually liked super collider, even though it wasn't typically Megadethesque. It reminded me a lot about old school rock, like scorpions and such.
    Speaking as someone with questionable enough taste to find something likable even in songs such as Crush 'Em: Super Collider is a pretty lame album.
    He's like some angry teenager who hasn't learned how to deal with criticism. Pathetic really.
    hes dealt with criticism his whole life he doesnt care hes just sticking up for his work
    Sticking up for his work by making assumptions that all of his fans loved it? That's not sticking up for your work, that's called being an arrogant d*ckhole.
    ive listened to every interview hes done since super collide rim pretty sure hes said out to everyone alot of people liked it alot of people didnt
    i liked super collider, but i can see why people didnt, dont get me wrong but i feelthat hes actually speaking the truth here, noone i kno can seem to be their own person anymore they have to follow trends, music, movies, games etc, and i feel some people do this for their life choices, none the less i dont think thats why the megadeth universe is 50/50 on this album
    Dave has every right to stick up for his work, but at this point he's said all that can be said without constantly repeating himself. That's why this album phase has been so annoying - the album is bad and Dave can't shut up about why people's opinions are wrong.
    "fans love the new album but critics have been harsh." I'd say it's more likely that the fans are the mob, not the critics.
    I'm half gonna blame UG for this being a constant article; but can't Dave at least accept that he made a subpar album and his fans simply don't like it.
    I actually kind of enjoyed Super Collider, and people always go apeshit when I say that, so I think Dave has a bit of a point here.
    Super Collider wasn't that great of an album and the lyrics were pretty cheesy, but there were some great riffs on that album. "Built for War", "Don't Turn Your Back", "Burn!", "Dance In the Rain", "Beginning of Sorrow", and "The Blackest Crow" were good songs. And the cover of Thin Lizzy's "Cold Sweat" was very cool.
    He's right. I wasn't that into it (I like Kingmaker, though) but it's the same thing that happened with Load and Reload by Metallica, nearly everyone who goes on about how bad those albums are has probably listened to a handful of songs, or just parts of some songs yet they're amazing albums if you want bluesy metal. There's plenty of examples of this in not just the music industry, but the movie, gaming, TV, etc industries too. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising and if something doesn't make a great impression from the get go/has a **** tonne of jokes made about it being bad (So many FB pages were making "higher than a super collider" jokes after its release, for example) then it's probably going to be considered bad regardless of actual quality.