Dave Mustaine Closes Vic's Garage

The homestudio of three latest Megadeth albums is shut down.

Ultimate Guitar

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is sharing some news about his recording studio, Vic's Garage, in San Marcos, California.

"It's a sad day at Vic's Garage," posted the guitarist. "Mustaine Music Studios has moved, 'Super Collider' was the last project there. The jam room jammeth no more! What great memories here. So many fun 'successes' thanks to you!"

Mustaine is sharing photos of the empty space where the studio once was.

Megadeth recently finished recording their new album, "Super Collider," at Vic's Garage. Due June 4, the project will be released via Mustaine's new label, Tradecraft. This past week, Megadeth revealed their forthcoming album cover and previewed a clip from the song "Don't Turn Your Back."

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    Jonny 25 93
    From what I understand, he is only shutting it because he is moving home. He will open another one soon enough :
    I thought that may have been it since he was looking at homes in Austin. Maybe that's where the new location will be.
    They post these articles like it's a funeral. He'll make another jam space in another mansion cus he's METAL. ffs, it'll just be Vic's other garage _
    Once again, UG over exaggerates/ lies/ leaves out information in order to make headlines. He's closing it down, if by closing it down you mean he's moving.
    I dont listen to any "new" Megadeth anyways. Rust in Piece was the last thing Megadeth did that was any good. Good riddance. I prefer my rockstars to be drug addicts anyways.
    Rust in Peace* If you don't know the name of that classic album...maybe you wanna listen to the rest of Megadeth again and cast another opinion.
    He already said he was moving vics garage to somewhere else earlier in the year so no worries megafans
    Don't be so sentimental.... This is metal, remember?
    link no1
    Just because it's metal doesn't mean people of the genre can't be sentimental. You sound more like a non-metal fan throwing around a stereotype.
    Unfortunatly most of the metalheads today don't understand what it means to be a metalhead. If it's not "brootal" or whiney, it's not metal to them.