Dave Mustaine Denies Kicking Newsted Off Soundwave

"I'm disappointed too, I love Jason," Megadeth frontman adds.

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Following the official announcement of Newsted getting kicked off Soundwave sideshows by Megadeth's personal request, both frontman Dave Mustaine and the band's management addressed the matter, calling it a misunderstanding not even close to a feud.

"Dave Mustaine is not responsible for booting Newsted off [the Soundwave festival]. Dave did not put him on the bill and did not take him off the bill," Megadeth tour manager Jim Carroccio told ABC News Radio. "Dave submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with and the promoter ignored the list. Dave and Jason are friends [and] this has blown up into something silly."

Addressing a comment from an angry fan via Facebook, Mustaine personally noted: "Look, I'm disappointed too. I explained to Jason Newsted this morning. We didn't put him on the show and we didn't kick him off the show. He understands, why don't you?"

Another brief comment was soon to follow, further calming down the tension. "Like I said, I'm disappointed too," Dave said. "I love our Australian fans and I love Jason too. This is all a huge misunderstanding."

As reported, the statement on the festival's website reads: "At the request of Megadeth, Newsted will not be playing the below sidewaves and instead will be replaced by Whitechapel." Furthermore, Soundwave AJ Maddah noted via Twitter that Newsted booting was requested not by Megadeth, but specifically by Dave. Details here.

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    "Dave submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with and the promoter ignored the list. Dave and Jason are friends [and] this has blown up into something silly." I'm a little confused here. They ignored the list by putting Jason on the bill? Suggesting he isn't someone Mustaine is comfortable with? But they're friends?
    Jason was on the list, but the list never made it. Newsted was never considered by the fest.
    but newsted had to be in the lineup already in order to get booted. who to believe, who to believe...
    A friend of mine has tickets, which list Newsted as playing. He was definitely on the lineup. This sucks, I was tempted to buy tickets, but tbh the Newsted was the band I wanted to see most. Won't be going now. At least I have tickets to gojira, mastodon and baroness.
    "Dave submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with". Wow, just wow. That's how the lineup was (supposed to be) chosen? From Mustaine's approved list...?
    The sideshow which was being headlined by Megadeth was supposed to have supports chosen from Mustaine's approved list, not the festival itself.
    well...Newsted is now doing a sideshow with Testament
    The promoter may put Rotten Christ into the list... so it has to be this way.
    Yes, it's been well noted that Mustaine won't play with more sacrilegious bands. Any one remember the Dissection incident?
    If you want to make a believable dumbass comment, you could at least spell the band name correctly.
    You are such a hypocrite. If you had a band and that power, you would want to play with bands you like or look up to. Get off your high horse. Also, how do you know it wasn't a band decision or suggestions from others?
    Metallica had no chance then... oh wait if Metallica were going to be there, there would be nothing Dave could do about that cause they would just kick Megadeth off if Dave had a problem with them xD
    Besides him being a ****, in my opinion it's the organizers duty to tell him that he can't bring a list of bands "he's comfortable with" to a festivals. Or even allow it, but just plainly ignoring a quite picky artists wish is just oblivious
    Despite the apparent change of situation (ASSUMING this is true which I'm not that sure about until we hear from Jason), my original point still stands: this sounds like abuse of power/popularity to me. You're the damn headliner with one million privileges that come along with that fact, being able to decide about other bands getting a spot or not is abusing that position if it's not your own tour.
    Conspiracy has it that Dave kicked Jason out to give Metallica a taste of it's own medicine since they kicked Dave out. So he kicked out an ex replacement bassist from Metallica as a supporting act and collaborator. "Ha, take that Lars".
    I think he has stated before that he wont play with bands that go against his religious ideals or are "satanic", but I don't think that would concern Newstead much.
    "Newsted getting kicked off Soundwave sideshows" wasn't clear enough; what they meant is that Newsted got kicked off of Megadeth's sidewave show. Newsted are still playing Soundwave, they just are NOT doing an extra concert WITH Megadeth. Mustaine got to pick bands he liked to open for Megadeth's sideshow, on a different date to the actual festival.
    Why does it seem that by trying to explain whats happened here a bit better, they've actually made things worse?? It all seems a bit ...cryptic?
    This sort of cryptic bullshit is exactly what everyone got when Travis Barker pulled out of the Soundwave festival a year or two ago. Travis' inability to fly is understandable - though apparently not to AJ Maddah, Soundwave's main guy. AJ has also clashed with Trent Reznor in the past, added a really confusing element to Garbage having to cancel their set in Sydney last year, and somehow managed to have a Twitter argument with Joel Madden and walked away looking like the bigger wanker. I can't shake the feeling that Maddah is part of the problem between Mustaine and Newsted, being that he has a bit of a history for stirring shit up.
    He was also a part of why A7X didn't play in 2011. I found it a bit ridiculous that the reason given was that they didn't wanna play before Iron Maiden.
    He is. I think he posts about shit to Twitter way before he actually really looks into it, most likely what happened here is one of Mustaine's management crew probably kicked Newsted off the sidewave and AJ went "It's Megadeth's fault, we got a memo to do it." We're getting bullshited to from all sides so it's hard to see the truth, though.
    Dave is a cool man these days and so is Jason.... And i want these two dudes to collaborate... And surely dave has not kicked jason out...
    Hmmmm...I'd like to hear Newsted's side of the story here...
    I agree, but feel you will hear much of the same as what Mustaine said. If that was not the case I'm sure everyone would have been hounding Newsted for an interview, and I'm sure he probably would have made mention.
    Maybe all the people who were using yesterday's rumor as an excuse to bash on Dave again will shut up again (for now, anyway)...
    People should just back off of him anyway. Who cares about his personal life, or that he can be a bit of a dick. The man is an amazing musician. I could care less about anything else. At least he's not Axl Rose, snubbing fans who made him millions, by not showing up, or showing up late as hell, basically making his own schedule. Mustaine shows up and plays his ass off. Nothing else should matter.
    I knew some bellend was twisting the facts.
    definitely agree. Now to my question....what has been with the word bellend lately? Amusing word, but curious, as I've been seein it more and more.
    Newsted's reply to getting kicked off the tour: "What? No second chance?"
    I don't know.. Dave's selling us a load of fishy crap. I'm not buying it.
    Dave is not the type of person to stab someone in the back. If he didn't like Jason he would just stab him in the forehead and tell everyone about it.
    look dudes, here's the deal: - Dave had a list of bands that he would like to play with in the day that Megadeth would perform, because Dave has label now and his son is a Manager of a bunch of bands, that's why he brought a list.- Secondly, no one was mading a list based on Dave's requirements, that was a wishlist! STOP PUNCHING DAVE AND LET HIM DO MUSIC! That's why he's known, and that's what matters: M U S I C!!As someone said: the character of a men must not be judge of what he says but what he do!If you prefer the Metallica way to put this:"BEFORE YOU JUDGE ME TAKE A LOOK AT YOU! CAN'T YOU FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO??"
    Carl Hungus
    Stop being so dramatic. This is just a message board not a torture chamber. No one, including Dave, is being hurt by the conversations here no matter how nasty or trolly they get. Do you really think he spends much time considering what faceless people online think about him.
    For someone who DOES MUSIC and is known for MUSIC, he certainly makes an awful lot of controversial (non-MUSICAL) public statements. Can't he find something better to do?
    It doesn't seem that difficult to understand to be perfectly honest. Dave made a list of bands he thought would be good openers. The promoters ignored the list and booked Newsted. They later realized they put a band on the bill that wasn't on the list.....and then removed that band and booked one that was on the list. Newsted's removal "at the request of Megadeth" is the promoter's very poor choice of words in saying that it removed Newstead in order to comply with Dave's original wishlist of opening bands.
    Mr Winters
    Why does Dave get to pick bands he's comfortable with?
    probably because of his status in the music industry. Megadeth is going to put asses in the seats, so you may as well let him pick.
    The list of bands was specifically for Megadeth's sideshow, not the entire festival. This is what people don't seem to get, including the author of this article.
    Dave might be a total dick sometimes, but that AJ Maddah is the king of arrogant toss pots, not saying Dave is totally innocent here but it seems suspicious that Newsted gets kicked off the Sidewave show only to be announced with Testament a few days later, sounds like AJ Maddah doing some band shuffling to suit himself.
    I just ate like 5lbs. of deer jerky and now i need to brush my teeth and poop
    legend shredder
    Apparently there was a whole lot of miscommunication, Dave has fired his manager and a few reps, AJ has tried to mend things (without actually apologising though) pointing to a breakdown in communication between reps. Hopefully this all gets sorted out.
    Just read on a news site that Megadeth have now cancelled their Australian tour. UG won't let me post the link.
    The only problem I have with this is the fact that they chose Whitechapel. Megadeth fans would much rather see a band like Testament perform with Megadeth.
    Hah...now Dave has kicked Megadeth off the Soundwave tour...what a cluster ****!
    This site should have been named "Ultimate Dave Mustaine"...
    "Dave submitted a list of bands he was comfortable with" and then "the promoters chose to ignore that list". The phrase that you don't see in between those two is "and Newstead was on that list". Although they are "great friends", it doesn't look like Dave is "comfortable" with his band. I love Megadeth, but what an ass!
    looks like megadeths legal team is trying to avoid a shitstorm. here is the quote from the festivals head "I don't like being asked to lie. Nor do I like being extorted. But at the same time I don't want to lose an act off the festival." #dilemma
    Misleading title as usual, they weren't kicked off Soundwave Festival just the Megadeth sideshows (i know this is clarified in the article but as usual the title is misleading). Newsted have already announced their own sideshows since then anyway.
    I for one figured this was all a worthless tabloid attempt to start petty drama. No Newsted....what a "Mega" bummer for the people who will be attending. Much respect to Whitechapel, as I know first hand they are intense live, but you cannot replace a legend.
    lol!!!! people who stood up for him saying the past story was flase and mustaine saying he didnt boot newsted led to people hating mustaine more... feed the trollz feed the trollz
    All this crap over a band playing at a venue that holds 3,000 people. Megadeth are doing 2 sideshows in Australia. Megadeth and Newsted will be playing on the same bill for all 5 shows around Australia with crowds about the 50,000 mark. Megadeth are listed 8th on the main list.
    Oh dear, I was thinking about going to this, but now that Medadeth arent playing, I lost interest.
    What a tragedy, one terrible metal band won't be playing with another metal band. It's not even like Newsted or Mustaine can even play their instrument properly...