Dave Mustaine: 'God Could Have Used the Big Bang Theory to Create the World'

Frontman discusses the latest Megadeth release, calling it "a little bit of a departure" for the group.

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently discussed the group's current release "Super Collider," calling it "a little bit of a departure" for the band.

During an interview with Rockline Radio, the singer/guitarist focused on the title track and the clash between his religious beliefs and the big bang theory.

"It's associated with trying to determine if the big bang theory is correct," Mustaine said, "and [because] people know that I'm a Christian they're going like 'What are you doing now, Dave?' Trust me, I didn't pick that for controversy sake, I just thought it was cool."

When asked directly on whether the theory is in conflict with his beliefs, Mustaine commented: "No, not at all. God could have used the big bang theory to create the world, who knows, I don't really care. I'm here and I'm happy [with] who I am, I'm happy [with] what I believe, I don't push my beliefs on anybody."

The frontman continued, "That's one of the things I think really suck about people who claim to be Christians they try to tell other people how to live, it's like a nearly sober drunk no one wants to hear that. It's better to just kinda live it."

Mustaine then focused on all the hard times he had in his life and overcoming such obstacles, saying, "I'm still victorious, I'm still successful, having a No. 6 record after many people in the liberal press have come after me. The public have spoken, they love me and they love what I stand for. For as many people don't like me, that's cool, I still have love in my heart for them."

"Super Collider" was released on June 4 via Universal-powered label Tradecraft as the fourteenth Megadeth studio effort. With 29,000 copies sold in the US within the first week, it peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    I think you're a bit late on that idea
    Articles about Dave are always funny, it's like he is crawling UG, and when he sees a lot of downvotes he says something to earn upvotes again and be happy :p
    yes that theory has been around as long as the big bang theory itself. whether or not dave believes that is irrelevant and frankly a waste of an article
    Yeah, the guy can't have an opinion anymore without being front page news here. The "hate on Mustaine's opinions" bandwagon is getting old
    Dave, if so, this "god" has nothing to do with the god you believe in you ****ing nutcase
    Live in ignorance, live in happiness.
    exactly, I don't think a lot of people can face the fact that there was probably nothing before the start of the universe and when we die, we cease to exist all together, that's why they look to religion to make sense of something that they don't want to accept
    "the FACT that there was PROBABLY" do you not see how you're contradicting yourself? all you're doing is making assumptions that there was nothing before and assuming that theres nothing after life when in reality it can not be proved with way. just because it's YOUR way of thinking doesn't mean it's fact. (this is coming from a person with no belief in a higher being - or at least not of the ones preached about)
    I think his point is that there isn't any good reason to think that there is anything after we die. Notions of a blissful afterlife are just wishful thinking. Sure, they sound nice and sure, nobody knows whether there is something after we die or not. However, until I'm given any sort of reason to think that there is, I'll live my life as if there isn't.
    Of course notions of a non-existent afterlife could just be cynical thinking. It goes both ways.
    I don't see how withholding belief in an afterlife because of lack of evidence is a cynical notion. I'm just being rational.
    What he's saying is nothing really new. It's called the Intelligent Design Theory (a variation of). The Intelligent Design Theory states that God created apes. He created them with the purpose that eventually they would evolve into humans. His idea here is that God created the Big Bang to create the universe. At first there was nothing, then God created everything. He's saying something that could actually be considered intelligent among the scientific community. I wouldn't expect you to understand.
    Well, compared to some of the other stuff he's said recently, this is actually not that bad!
    "The public have spoken, they love me and they love what I stand for." Spoken like a true arsehole!
    At least Mustaine isn't complaining about internet piracy and is focusing on keeping his mouth shut at the right times. Keep it up Dave!
    "The idea that God is an oversized white male with a flowing beard who sits in the sky and tallies the fall of every sparrow is ludicrous. But if by God one means the set of physical laws that govern the universe, then clearly there is such a God. This God is emotionally unsatisfying... it does not make much sense to pray to the law of gravity." -Carl Sagan
    "I don't push my beliefs on anybody." "That's one of the things I think really suck about people who claim to be Christians they try to tell other people how to live" Just look at his public statements throughout 2011 to 2013, this confirms that he's possibly the biggest hypocrite in the music business at the moment.
    I came here to say exactly this.
    I don't think he really pushed it. They were opinionated questions he was asked to get a response. Then his honest answers were purposely put in the worst context to get a reaction from people like you.
    His public statements about religion all originated from interview questions.
    Doesn't explain why the bible says it's 6000 year old, or whatever that crap is.
    Christians pick and choose which parts of the Bible they want to believe in. If part of it doesn't fit with what they believe, obviously that part isn't the word of God.
    Haha right on. Funny how they go back and forth between claiming the bible should be taken literally to justify certain laws (gay marriage) but is also supposed to be symbolic or a reflection of the times is was written in with regard to other issues (slavery, ethnic cleansing etc)
    I know that, I was mocking the bible because it doesn't prove anything, apart from a somewhat strange author(s).
    authors being the key word here, it isn't the word of God, its what a bunch of people have written down, if me and some other people wrote a book on God would it be very credible?
    It is indeed impossible to prove it is the word of God. But what you can say is that the authors (and the anthology of letters included in the New Testament) were inspired by (the idea of) God. Personally, I think it is to be read as such, and not as an absolute truth.
    Yeah I mean, I'm a Catholic. But I've never read the whole bible, and don't take it to heart. It's not really considered the direct words of God. I'm diff in my faith than Dave, but I like to live and let live, and it really is better to just live it by not following the bible word for word.
    "never read the whole bible" "don't take it to heart" "It's not really considered the direct words of God" You're not a Catholic dude
    You can still be part of a religion and not follow everything about it, or interpret it your own way. You know what extremist muslims would say about the normal peaceful muslims who do not practice jihads? They would probably say they aren't muslims not following everything they believe to in their religion. Ya know, similar like what your doing.
    I think that bible is supposed to be more like something giving a direction, rather than being the absolute truth. It has a lot of teachings in it.
    Heard voices 2000 years ago you were a prophet; hear voices today, its a special white padded room for you, sir! I'm part of a religious family, but even I know that Science has more credibility than a book that was written 2000 years ago. Honestly, I think it was written one night when a group of friends got together, had a few drinks and decided to collaborate...
    Also, wasn't this site meant to be about something to do with playing guitar?
    Different denominations believe different things, its not down to each person. Say, the WBC (as a ridiculous example) take the nasty parts of the bible, but Charismatics take all the happy clappy stuff about Jesus giving out high5s and healing sick people
    Coming from a Christian, I don't believe the world is 6000 years old. And also, the Bible doesn't really say so up front. Just the fundies' interpretation. I, for one, like the theory that the word "day" in Genesis 1, the days God used to make the universe, can in the original language mean any period of time. So I stick with in the original language "era" is more appropriate.
    i get why that may seem like a good interpretation, but in that part of genesis you are referencing god creates plants before the sun. so you're proposed translation would suggest that plants survived for an era before sunlight. any christian should look up the skeptics annotated bible.
    Sorry, I'm not an expert in fictional works of literature.
    Your not an expert on any sort of historical literate at all if your going to interpret ancient writing through our modern day vernacular.
    You're right, you're not an expert. So relax with the intolerance until you know what you're hating against.
    Intolerance? I don't hate religion, I just hate that it's forced on people, the wars it's caused, all the lives that have ended because of it - the Inquisition, witch hunts, suicide bombings. For me, it does more bad than good. You think differently to that, and that's fine.
    ^ A lot more rational than the "not an expert" comment. I can respect that one. The forcing of it, even from a Christian, is no good. It annoys me to get forced on by a fundie, so I'm sure it bothers everyone else too
    No people cause wars, not religion...are you seriously telling me that if you removed religion wars would cease because if so Stalin and Pol Pot would have words with you. People will fight because they are people, the excuse used is sometimes religion.
    I never said only religion causes wars, but religion does cause wars. Well, more a conflict of religion that starts wars.
    Religion is hate, religion is fear, religion is war, religion is rape, religion's obscene, religion's a *****... The pestilence of Jesus Christ. There never was a sacrifice. No man upon the crucifix. Beware the cult of purity. Infectious imbecility. I've made my choice... 666!
    You can't get hung up on the past, and blame a whole religion, and its people on wars caused by hypocrites. If everyone did that then the Muslim religion would by crucified for the hypocritical terrorists that give them a bad name. We hear of all the bad religion does because its always mentioned, reported etc. All the good it does isn't, so you can't really know how much good it does. Also its the 21st century, religion isn't forced upon ppl anymore.
    It isn't just that people cause wars and that religion unfairly gets the blame. People often do things not just in the name of scripture but because the scripture TELLS them to. I think it's incredibly naive to think that the wars that religion causes would have happened anyway.
    Except, the Bible says nothing of the sort. It's the crazy Young Earth idiots that insist it's 6000 years old. You can tell when someone actually hasn't read the damn thing.
    Oh yeah, I'll waste my time reading it then.
    Le Fantome
    That's a pretty ignorant thing to say. You are basically saying it isn't worth reading because you disagree with other people who have read it. I read Icelandic sagas, although I don't believe Thor is real. I read Herodotus, yet I don't believe Zeus is real. Even if you don't believe in it, the bible is an incredibly significant piece of literature that has had a absolutely huge effect on world history. People get too easily irked by religion. I am a Christian, and whenever I see an article about evolution and something some atheist has said, my knee-jerk reaction is not to start posting snarky comments about how stupid atheists are, along with everything they read. I understand some 'christians' do so, but that is no reason to respond in kind, and make yourself look immature.
    @Jonagorn That's not the point. The point is you're touting something as fact even though you haven't even read it. You're being just as ignorant and not worth listening to as the people you're condemning.
    The old testament is around 3,500 years old,and the new testamentm finished by the Church of England, is around 2-2500 years old. Not 6,000 haha.