Dave Mustaine: 'Growing Up as a Redhead Kid - I Didn't Have a Lot of Friends'

"Guitar was the one friend that I had," says Megadeth frontman.

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently discussed his childhood, remembering some of the grim moments and early life struggles. While chatting with with WVOX, Mustaine admitted that school days clearly aren't a period he has fond memories of. "Growing up and being a redhead kid - you get picked on a lot in school and I didn't have a lot of friends and guitar was the one friend that I had," he said. "And I loved to play." Further remembering the early days, Dave couldn't help noticing that the more skilled he got at playing guitar, the more his life shifted for better. "As I got better - it's funny, the better you get at guitar, your friends kind of change," he added. "I think that's kinda applicable to anything - the better you get at something, the better the people are that you associate with." Mustaine continued, "You want to associate with people who are gonna challenge themselves. If you're hanging out with guys that are sitting around eating Cheetos and watching ESPN Classic all day, you might wanna ask yourself where you're going in your life." During the rest of the chat, the singer/guitarist discussed the importance of paying rock icons the respect they deserve and always checking out the influences of your favorite musicians. Listen to the full interview on Brave Words. The latest Megadeth studio effort, "Super Collider," dropped in early June via Tradecraft, landing at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart with 29,000 units shipped in the US within the first week.

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    I never understood the hatred for redheads, I always thought it was an awesome hair colour which really stood out. Then again, that's probably all it is, kids a little sh*tbags when it comes down to it, especially high school kids.
    I heard some reason why redheads are discriminated against. Apparently back in the dark ages, and probably into the age of witch hunting, people used to think redheads had evil black magic powers. I'm pretty sure the only reason for the hate is superstition. It is different these days, but if all this BS didn't happen in the past we might not be reading about this now.
    I'm a redhead, and I see no hatred for me, I've had great friends throught all my life... and life is good!
    Times change, but we still cannot donate sperm or get on millionaire matchmaker (glad I don't want to do either but it is true). We were always considered "genetic mutations", whether it be under Hitler, or in the US people assumed we were Jewish mixed or some other label.
    Actually, red hair DID start as a mutation, thousands of years ago. But so did blond hair, and again, this was thousands of years ago, so you can't call redheads mutants anymore.
    As a ginger, everyone needs to loosen up on it a little bit. I've been mocked for it, sure, but it's kind of nice to not be totally run-of-the-mill (no offence intended). An occasional water balloon to the face no problem if you have a sense of humour, just run with the joke. And besides, as you grow up, people get over that kind of mockery, it's just part of growing up, really.
    He deserved to be picked on 'cos he's ginger, isn't it obvious? But seriously, in the UK being picked on for being ginger is also a thing - to the point where knowing your friend has just had a ginger kid and you're thinking to yourself "Oh man, school's gonna suck for him.". It should never have to be that way. That said, when ginger kids and teens grow up, they tend to be in on the joke themselves, so at least some people don't take it too hard.
    You don't understand? Really? They are ginger enough said...
    And you're just part of the problem. I don't mean to compare it to racism, racism is definitely far worse, but it's the same principle and it just shouldn't happen. The truth is, it ruins lives and forces people into thinking of themselves as lesser than others for something they had no choice in.
    Well in a sense you are hating people for the color of their skin, it's just the skin on top of their head.
    It is pretty much the same as racism. Hating someone for their hair colour is no different to hating someone for their skin colour. Did you mean there have been generally more extreme examples of racism than "hairism" like you don't normally hear of ginger kids getting murdered and stuff like that?
    Except it totally is a form of racism cause people with red hair are from a distinct geographical location!
    Say that to my face you **** and you will see why we are associated with having bad tempers! To (galgopower)
    He looks like Bad Luck Brian.
    If someone makes a "bad luck dave" meme you will be my hero.
    What's bad about having a red hair? I really don't get the discrimination these redheads are getting.
    "You want to associate with people who are gonna challenge themselves. If you're hanging out with guys that are sitting around eating Cheetos and watching ESPN Classic all day, you might wanna ask yourself where you're going in your life." Word.
    I don't really like Megadeath or Mustaine, but he speaks the truth, its really important to surround yourself with like minded people in life. Its only become apparent to me in the last couple of years how important this is. If your long time friends aren't into playing guitar, then start getting tuition or do a course if you can, so you can make some new friends with a similar interest. Its just good to be around other people who want to play, it encourages you to play more and try harder. A lot of you probably don't need to hear that, but for beginners it can be the difference between giving up and, well, not giving up.
    I gots no hate for gingers! I've only met one redhead who's a complete cu nt
    Dave's problem is not his hair's colour, but his attitude.. That doesn't get people close
    I kinda wanna give this post to my redhead friend and tell him "see, this is why you dont let the kids picking on you get to you and give up on being good at anything" sad to see him give in to what people have made him believe by picking on him as he grew up.
    i really hope this youthanasia 20th anniversary tour happens.. it was my first album i bought of theirs and still my very favorite.