Dave Mustaine: Guitar App Now Available

The Megadeth guitarist has teamed up with Guitar Prodigy to offer fans the chance to learn how to play his music.

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Get ready to shred like Dave Mustaine.

The Megadeth guitarist has teamed up with Guitar Prodigy to offer fans the chance to learn how to play his music.

Available today on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, "Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy" is an interactive application that teaches fans how to play Megadeth songs on any guitar.

This is a hands-on project for the Megadeth leader - the note-for-note transcriptions are from Mustaine himself.

"If you have a guitar, if you can run an app, you will soon be playing classic Megadeth songs, like 'Holy Wars' and 'Tornado Of Souls', and also our new hit single, 'Public Enemy No. 1'," says Dave. "These songs were officially gone over by me, so no more bunk transcriptions and bad tabs; it's just like having a private guitar lesson from me. Also with my app, you can actually slow the parts down to make sure they are perfect!!"

"Better than a private lesson, and more fun than any guitar game, my app, 'Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy,' actually teaches you how to play guitar, and with the leader boards you shred while you kick your friends *sses!" adds Mustaine.

The App offers different skill levels from easy to expert to help you get started on way to guitar hero glory.

This app is designed to be the ultimate tool to learn Dave Mustaine and Megadeth tunes.

You can get "Dave Mustaine: Guitar Prodigy" here.

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    Pretty awesome. The tab book for rust in piece was terrible. I wonder if it is just Holy Wars or does it have the Punishment?
    not bad Dave,you give lesson to todays sick pop shit generation what is it to REALLY play music.Thumbs up for him!
    Dave has always been ahead of the curve on this kind of stuff. Megadeth was one of the first metal acts to have a really full featured website I think.
    Cool stuff. I know how to play most Megadeth songs but might check it out anyway for techniques and tips because certain Megadeth riffs (I'm looking at you Holy Wars First Verse Riff) are an absolute bi*** to play cleanly and consistently.
    One year passed and it never came out for Android... Anyone has the tabs transcribed from that app?