Dave Mustaine Has Contracted Lyme Disease

Megadeth frontman has been feeling sick last few months.

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Dave Mustaine Has Contracted Lyme Disease

As reported by Metalsucks, Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine has shared via social media that he recently contracted Lyme disease. This condition is caused by bacteria from genus Borrelia and is transmitted through a tick bite. Here is what Mustaine has tweeted:

After a fan replied and told Mustaine he should make sure he didn't have this condition, Megadeth frontman confirmed he does have it, by saying:

Lyme disease symptoms include fatigue and fever, as well as a rash. If untreated, the infection can easily spread to joints, heart and even nervous system. The common treatment is a few weeks of antibiotics. For more info read here.

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     "...joints, hears and even nervous system."  "Hears", huh.  I hate when it spreads to those hears.
    katiewong454 · Oct 22, 2017 04:58 AM
    Dave Mustaine CREATED Lyme's Disease.
    Damn I was also bitten recently. The scariest thing is that even though you don't necessarily get any symptoms in the days following a tick bite, you might start getting them decades later... but the only viable option is to live your life until then
    And it's real bad if it gets to the joints. My brother got a tick bite when he was 12 and basically spent the entire summer in the physical condition of a 90 year old. He's usually very hyperactive, which he still was, but he had to move really slow because it was so painful. This is after getting meds too, when we noticed shit's going down he couldn't even make it out of bed...
    Oh hell... I hope he's doing better now or will get better in the future!
    Yeah, he's good. This was way back in 2012. He got some form of urticaria from it, but all other symptoms are gone. This means his skin is sligthly more irritable and gets red markings if something touches him (not just a slight touch, needs more of a press). You can basically draw on him if you're careful not to press so hard it starts to irritate the skin.
    Next album will all about Tick Bite and the awareness of the government about it.
    Awareness? They worked with the rest of the lizard people of congress incubating them at a satanic sex ring operation run at a pizza parlor by Hillary Clinton #infowars
    Good luck Dave but I gotta make this joke Dave: "Ha, even my band members don't stick around for long, who does Lyme disease think it is?"
    So, Does he have Lyme Disease or not? The tweet is really confusing.
    yes he has it, he confirmed it on instagram
    geez ,i thought he'd been suffering from it for years by the look of him
    You dont "contract" lyme disease because its not contagious. You get it from tick bites. The article points this out, yet incorrectly states he "contracted" it, as if it were the flu or something. Morons
    Is this something he has to deal with for the rest of his life? If not, this is hardly newsworthy. Like reporting a celebrity that has the common cold.
    Depends. A small percentage of Lyme disease sufferers go on to develop chronic joint pain and fatigue for years afterward. It can change your life forever. He needs to really look after himself for the next few months, something that Mustaine doesn't seem too good at.  Wishing him a speedy recovery.
    At his age it might be. I had Lyme disease a couple years ago, but I caught it within a week of being bitten. Still had to do almost 2 months of antibiotics, but I'm Lyme free. However, older coworkers of mine have gotten it too and one of them says she feels like she'll never get back to the level of health she enjoyed before the bite. It all depends how long it's left untreated, how healthy the person who contracts it was before the bite, and how old they are.
    "The common treatment is a few weeks of antibiotics". So no. So yeah, you're right, not quite newsworthy.
    Wow, wasn't expecting this level of dislike from a fairly reasonable comment. Butthurt shitheads
    You're probably getting downvoted (I didn't bother) because your question would have been solved with a minute of Google-Fu and the lack thereof suggests you're lazy and deficient of a basic level of initiative. No-one is butthurt.
    shit hopefully he recovers faster than avril does, I've been waiting for hew new album for years now.
    Aguante Dave, I need him to live. His music is like shitty life antidote.
    Guess hes been spending too much time camping outside in his yard. I guess part of the Megadeth bootcamp experience is getting bit by ticks that carry Lyme disease!
    In today's news... James Hetfield has a remarkable custom car collection and is super cool, in other news Dave Mustaine contracts Lyme disease.. more at 11
    Wouldn't be surprised if he got bit while at Rock USA in Oshkosh, WI. They got screwed over at that show. Tick bite was probably just the icing on the cake. They wouldn't let them play 1 second over 60 minutes, and pulled the plug while he was playing the holy wars solo.