Dave Mustaine: 'I Don't Care What Anybody Says, Broderick Is Better Than Friedman'

"I love Marty, he's better than I am, but Chris is the best," Megadeth frontman adds.

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently made comparisons of the band's current lineup and the classic roster featuring Marty Friedman and Nick Menza.

Giving Marty all the props he deserves, Dave still stressed a firm belief that the band's current guitarist Chris Broderick is superior. "I don't care what anybody says, Chris is a better guitar player," he told Vorterix Cordoba.

"Marty is amazing, I love Marty's playing," the frontman added. "He's actually probably better than I am, but Chris is the best."

Focusing on Menza, Mustaine said, "People compare Shawn [Drover] to Nick Menza. Well, Shawn's been here longer and we had a lot of problems with Nick at the end."

Rounding up the lineup, Dave brought up longtime bassist David Ellefson, saying, "[He's] been around forever. Any of the other bass players we had, I liked them, a lot, but David Ellefson is the bass player for Megadeth."

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    'He's actually probably better than I am' Actually probably? No Dave, simply definitely.
    Yeah, it's pretty obvious Marty is miles ahead of Dave. Dave is too proud to admit it though.
    Remember when he said that he was one of the best rhythm guitarists ever? Where does that put Broderick?
    Yea, Id like to hear him sing while playing, and then we will see who is better. Im sure if Dave didn't have to sing, he has potential to be so called "better".
    first thing that i noticed when reading this article. i was wowed by his stupid statement. chris is clearly better
    Dave isn't that great of a player, but I do agree with Broderick sounding better than Friedman. That doesn't mean Dave should have said it though.
    You can't say that around here! Take it to the forums where people actually play guitar and partially agree with you.
    You cant really compare, they have completely different styles. If anything Broderick is more technically skilled (shredding/sweeping/classical, etc) whereas Marty has the writing skills. I cant see Broderick even getting close to something like Tornado of Souls solo, that's a masterpiece.
    And anyway Dave is the best. No contest.
    Best at what? Badly repeating Schenker's licks for the last 20 years? Mouthing himself off like an idiot? Crashing an orchestra? You're probably right.
    OMG STFU YOU FUCKIN FRUSTRATED METALLICA FAN. DAVE IS THE BEST. #Hangar18 #HolyWars #AToutLeMonde #SkinOfMyTeeth #InMyDarkestHours #PeaceSells #SuckMyCock Oops, sorry for the last hashtag :/
    Anyway I'm just gonna ask you to listen to Ninja and Desert Island and come back to me with a straight face saying that Dave is the best. Go.
    It's debatable. I'd say technically, Broderick is the better guitarist but for creativity I'd give it to Friedman.
    Maybe Chris is a better guitar player, but Marty is a better musician in my opinion. Chris can play good solos, but can he also compose one like Marty did? I know it's a matter of taste, but Marty can touch my soul with his solos, Chris can't.
    I don't think Dave lets Chris be as creative as he could be though. He was barely given any space on Supercollider
    There has to be some creativity for Dave to "not let Chris" be creative.. I think Chris simply has no idea how to be creative or interesting.
    I kinda have to agree. On a technical level anyway. Marty is a beast and writes amazing solos. But Broderick has unbeatable technique.
    I wouldn't say unbeatable. There are guys whose playing is at least on par with him like Marco Sfogli, Kiko Loureiro, Luca Turilli and Rusty Cooley.
    Yeah, it was basically just me saying that his technique is really good.
    Yeah, the dude is the closest to perfection I've seen. Too perfect even, in the sense that he doesn't compromise or play outside the rules. I saw him live 2 years ago, and he didn't miss a single note. He didn't even have to look at the fretboard, either.
    Probably better? Didn't Dave admit in his autobiography that when he realised Marty was better than him, he went back on heroin?
    It's a close call - but I personally prefer Friedman over Broderick, just barely. Broderick is probably a little better technically but Marty Friedman's leads stand out and have so much character. As soon as he starts playing you know it's him. Chris Poland too... damn, Megadeth has had some amazing lead guitarists.
    Agreed. Poland doesn't get quire the recognition he deserves imo. He added a lot of flavor to those first couple Megadeth records -- his unique style bumped the albums up a few notches. His solo stuff and work with Ohm is at least equally awesome.
    Flying Afros
    Definitely. His jazz'influenced playing style really makes those early albums so memorable.
    Marty and Chris are on the same level.... Just that the style of playing is different with friedmen having unconventional technique....
    Chris can't even see Marty's level with a telescope from where he is standing. It's not that Chris is bad, it's just that he has no inspiration, creativity or melody, he's just a guitarist with great technique but he has no idea how to use it. Marty has both the technique, and most of all the passion, the creativity and the feeling to play solos that makes your heart explode and your brain turn upside down.
    You know very little of Chris Broderick if you'd describe him as a guy with "no inspiration, creativity or melody"...
    Second Rate
    Friedman is no better or worse than Broderick. Friedman got lucky because he was in the band for their creative (Rust in Peace) and commercial (Countdown) high points. It wasn't him that was memorable, it was the quality of the material he was playing over. You could take any average shred guitarist and stick him in Megadeth circa 1989 to 1992 and you would make the same arguments about him having great feel, touch, or whatever other hippie dippy crap you people carry on about. What people forget when it comes to Friedman is that he also played a lot of horrendously derivative and completely forgettable pablum when he was in Megadeth. After all, he may have been the lead guitarist on Coundown and Rust in Piece, but he was also on Youthanasia, Risk, Cryptic Writings, you get the idea. In that regard, Chris Poland eats them both alive. Why? His technique is just as clean as Friedman and Broderick's, his lines are more memorable than both, and he was gone before they released anything horrendously awful. So, winner: Chris Poland
    Only one way to find out for sure... GUITAR DUEL! Chris vs. Marty! That would be epic.
    I would watch it on Pay-Per-View, especially if they added other duels. This could be a killer idea.
    Love seeing great things about my old instructor. Also, for those of you saying Chris can't write, I think it has more to do with the limitations of what he can do in Megadeth, than a reflection of his writing ability.
    Then he should quit Megadeth, what kind of creative, inspired individual would want to live under the conditions you mention? I just think Chris is plain uninspired and has trained to much speed and too little melody. He needs some schoolin'.
    kill it
    Quit Megadeth, are you kidding? A real 'working' musician doesn't often quit a chance to play in a great band, record albums and make good steady money. You sound like a kid who's never played a gig. In my opinion Marty is a better lead guitarist. But your statement that Chris needs schoolin'.....Please post a link of your earth shattering solos for us to hear, or just go away.
    it took Newstead how long to quit Metallica becasue of the same "controlling" issues? Personally I found his solo stuff (Unkle, Echobrain, Newstead) more interesting than Metallica, but I loved everything up to AJFA. Dave is just a blowhard looking for reaction and trying hard to stay in media somewhere. He'd be better off just playing and vocalizing and keeping his opinions in his music. Both marty and Chris are WAY better than he is, so really he is the douche here. Marty and Chris are both very accomplished talented players with different strenghts. Chris is the perfect fit for Megadeth, but I think overall body of work Id prefer Marty.