Dave Mustaine: 'I Don't Care What Anybody Says, Broderick Is Better Than Friedman'

"I love Marty, he's better than I am, but Chris is the best," Megadeth frontman adds.

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently made comparisons of the band's current lineup and the classic roster featuring Marty Friedman and Nick Menza.

Giving Marty all the props he deserves, Dave still stressed a firm belief that the band's current guitarist Chris Broderick is superior. "I don't care what anybody says, Chris is a better guitar player," he told Vorterix Cordoba.

"Marty is amazing, I love Marty's playing," the frontman added. "He's actually probably better than I am, but Chris is the best."

Focusing on Menza, Mustaine said, "People compare Shawn [Drover] to Nick Menza. Well, Shawn's been here longer and we had a lot of problems with Nick at the end."

Rounding up the lineup, Dave brought up longtime bassist David Ellefson, saying, "[He's] been around forever. Any of the other bass players we had, I liked them, a lot, but David Ellefson is the bass player for Megadeth."

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    'He's actually probably better than I am' Actually probably? No Dave, simply definitely.
    Yeah, it's pretty obvious Marty is miles ahead of Dave. Dave is too proud to admit it though.
    Remember when he said that he was one of the best rhythm guitarists ever? Where does that put Broderick?
    first thing that i noticed when reading this article. i was wowed by his stupid statement. chris is clearly better
    Dave isn't that great of a player, but I do agree with Broderick sounding better than Friedman. That doesn't mean Dave should have said it though.
    You cant really compare, they have completely different styles. If anything Broderick is more technically skilled (shredding/sweeping/classical, etc) whereas Marty has the writing skills. I cant see Broderick even getting close to something like Tornado of Souls solo, that's a masterpiece.
    You can't say that around here! Take it to the forums where people actually play guitar and partially agree with you.
    And anyway Dave is the best. No contest.
    Best at what? Badly repeating Schenker's licks for the last 20 years? Mouthing himself off like an idiot? Crashing an orchestra? You're probably right.
    OMG STFU YOU FUCKIN FRUSTRATED METALLICA FAN. DAVE IS THE BEST. #Hangar18 #HolyWars #AToutLeMonde #SkinOfMyTeeth #InMyDarkestHours #PeaceSells #SuckMyCock Oops, sorry for the last hashtag :/
    Anyway I'm just gonna ask you to listen to Ninja and Desert Island and come back to me with a straight face saying that Dave is the best. Go.
    Yea, Id like to hear him sing while playing, and then we will see who is better. Im sure if Dave didn't have to sing, he has potential to be so called "better".
    It's debatable. I'd say technically, Broderick is the better guitarist but for creativity I'd give it to Friedman.
    Maybe Chris is a better guitar player, but Marty is a better musician in my opinion. Chris can play good solos, but can he also compose one like Marty did? I know it's a matter of taste, but Marty can touch my soul with his solos, Chris can't.
    I don't think Dave lets Chris be as creative as he could be though. He was barely given any space on Supercollider
    There has to be some creativity for Dave to "not let Chris" be creative.. I think Chris simply has no idea how to be creative or interesting.
    I kinda have to agree. On a technical level anyway. Marty is a beast and writes amazing solos. But Broderick has unbeatable technique.
    I wouldn't say unbeatable. There are guys whose playing is at least on par with him like Marco Sfogli, Kiko Loureiro, Luca Turilli and Rusty Cooley.
    Yeah, it was basically just me saying that his technique is really good.
    Yeah, the dude is the closest to perfection I've seen. Too perfect even, in the sense that he doesn't compromise or play outside the rules. I saw him live 2 years ago, and he didn't miss a single note. He didn't even have to look at the fretboard, either.
    Probably better? Didn't Dave admit in his autobiography that when he realised Marty was better than him, he went back on heroin?
    It's a close call - but I personally prefer Friedman over Broderick, just barely. Broderick is probably a little better technically but Marty Friedman's leads stand out and have so much character. As soon as he starts playing you know it's him. Chris Poland too... damn, Megadeth has had some amazing lead guitarists.
    Agreed. Poland doesn't get quire the recognition he deserves imo. He added a lot of flavor to those first couple Megadeth records -- his unique style bumped the albums up a few notches. His solo stuff and work with Ohm is at least equally awesome.
    Flying Afros
    Definitely. His jazz'influenced playing style really makes those early albums so memorable.
    Marty and Chris are on the same level.... Just that the style of playing is different with friedmen having unconventional technique....
    Chris can't even see Marty's level with a telescope from where he is standing. It's not that Chris is bad, it's just that he has no inspiration, creativity or melody, he's just a guitarist with great technique but he has no idea how to use it. Marty has both the technique, and most of all the passion, the creativity and the feeling to play solos that makes your heart explode and your brain turn upside down.
    You know very little of Chris Broderick if you'd describe him as a guy with "no inspiration, creativity or melody"...
    Second Rate
    Friedman is no better or worse than Broderick. Friedman got lucky because he was in the band for their creative (Rust in Peace) and commercial (Countdown) high points. It wasn't him that was memorable, it was the quality of the material he was playing over. You could take any average shred guitarist and stick him in Megadeth circa 1989 to 1992 and you would make the same arguments about him having great feel, touch, or whatever other hippie dippy crap you people carry on about. What people forget when it comes to Friedman is that he also played a lot of horrendously derivative and completely forgettable pablum when he was in Megadeth. After all, he may have been the lead guitarist on Coundown and Rust in Piece, but he was also on Youthanasia, Risk, Cryptic Writings, you get the idea. In that regard, Chris Poland eats them both alive. Why? His technique is just as clean as Friedman and Broderick's, his lines are more memorable than both, and he was gone before they released anything horrendously awful. So, winner: Chris Poland
    Only one way to find out for sure... GUITAR DUEL! Chris vs. Marty! That would be epic.
    I would watch it on Pay-Per-View, especially if they added other duels. This could be a killer idea.
    Chris can play very well, but his solos just don't amaze me. Marty's solos are much more interesting, which is why i prefer him. Speed does not mean being a good player.
    Love seeing great things about my old instructor. Also, for those of you saying Chris can't write, I think it has more to do with the limitations of what he can do in Megadeth, than a reflection of his writing ability.
    Then he should quit Megadeth, what kind of creative, inspired individual would want to live under the conditions you mention? I just think Chris is plain uninspired and has trained to much speed and too little melody. He needs some schoolin'.
    kill it
    Quit Megadeth, are you kidding? A real 'working' musician doesn't often quit a chance to play in a great band, record albums and make good steady money. You sound like a kid who's never played a gig. In my opinion Marty is a better lead guitarist. But your statement that Chris needs schoolin'.....Please post a link of your earth shattering solos for us to hear, or just go away.
    it took Newstead how long to quit Metallica becasue of the same "controlling" issues? Personally I found his solo stuff (Unkle, Echobrain, Newstead) more interesting than Metallica, but I loved everything up to AJFA. Dave is just a blowhard looking for reaction and trying hard to stay in media somewhere. He'd be better off just playing and vocalizing and keeping his opinions in his music. Both marty and Chris are WAY better than he is, so really he is the douche here. Marty and Chris are both very accomplished talented players with different strenghts. Chris is the perfect fit for Megadeth, but I think overall body of work Id prefer Marty.
    it's funny because nobody does care what you say unless it's something they can shoot you down for and make you look like a fool. shame as megadeth is still pumping out the best material of the big four nowadays anyway
    The worst part about this is the quote is obviously out of context. It looks to me like the interviewer brought up the fanboyism that surrounds the guitarists that play/played in megadeth. Hence Dave made a statement about his personal opinion regarding the matter. It's not something to be angry or happy about, it's just Dave's opinion.
    Finally, someone agrees Megadeth is doing the best, I ****ing hate Metallica. They ain't even thrash except Kill Em All. Only reason it was thrash was because Dave was on the album
    Albums with Marty: rust in peace,countdown to extinction,youthanasia,cryptic writings,risk. Albums with Chris: endgame,thirteen,super collider. Marty has more feelings when he plays his solo,Chris is just robot. Marty>Chris
    Not to disrespect those there for the bands they love though.
    Just finished reading Dave's biography. Its title is "Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir". It should have been titled "Mustaine: I'm really mad about getting kicked out of Metallica, and no one can play guitar better than me." What a ****ing dickhead.
    Well music is his life, and he got kicked out of a band that would become the biggest metal band in the world. All of his life he wanted to show that he could make it just as well without them, but no matter what he did he would always be in their shadow. That's pretty significant for someone whose livelyhood is music, and would obviously be a focal point for an autobiography.
    For me personally Megadeth will always be a better band than Metallica..More talented players, no ****ing wah pedal in every solo....The only reason I ever started listening to Metallica was because I was into Megadeth and found out that Dave had written most of Kill em All which I think is still my fav Metallica album
    Metallica is shit. But um no, I have read the book a few times and quite frankly I'm gonna tell you this: you're ****ing stupid. And he is better than a lot of guitarists. ESPECIALLY Hammet and Hetfield
    Why is it that these Mustaine bootlickers always compare him exclusively to guitarists in the Big Four, especially Metallica, and then claim that he is a god because his technique and sensibilities are superior? Why don't you ever compare him to John Sykes, Alex Skolnick, Glenn Tipton or Jake E Lee? You know, guys who are actually very ****ing good. Comparing Mustaine to Hammett or Hetfield is starting to come off as a way to comfort yourself an ensured "victory".
    Mustaine does this ALL the time. His current band members are ALWAYS better than the previous.
    Marty is and has always been better than Dave. I love megadeth but Dave is insane. Without the guitarist he has had over the years he probably wouldn't be where he is. Broderick is a favorite of mine but Marty has got him beat in my book. Plus, there cant be a better musician. Sure one could play every scale or mode or whatever perfectly and still suck. its not up to anyone else. its up to you!!!
    I really don't care, but I'm not listening to anyone who can't play Ride of the Valkyries correctly with almost 40 years of playing experience.
    Hah. I've listened to Cacophony's "Speed Metal Symphony" this morning and... I politely disagree, Dave.
    Chris Poland > ALL of Megadeth's current and past guitarists.
    Yeah. He's completely overrated. Friedman is my fav in 'Deth, but I recognize Chris Poland's talent. Plus, the man plays with broken tendons!
    It's true, in terms of technique Broderick is better, but Marty wrote much better solos
    The old debate between demonstrative virtuosity and introspective virtuosity rages on! Either way, they're both better than Kirk Hammett. In fact, Dave's probably better than Kirk... Which says a lot about the standards of Megadeth fans. And what about Chris Poland, for that matter? Yeah, he didn't do the exotic bending/scales that Marty did (nor was he as great a technician as Chris Broderick), but I'm pretty sure he was one of the first metal players to exhibit a crossover Jazz-Metal style.
    Thanks for mentioning Chris Poland. He is a beast and routinely under-appreciated by Megadeth fans. I also agree with everyone on here who puts Marty ahead of Broderick. Broderick shreds. Marty sings on his axe. If you don't know the difference ...
    Poland is a very tasteful and talented guitarist. He's so underrated.
    The most criminally underrated guitarist in Megadeth history is Jeff Young, though Poland is my favorite.
    And Al Pitrelli, too. Hell, Al was nearly as good as Broderick, and no one gave a damn about him.
    1st Question: Reporter- "So Dave, how's the tour going??" Dave- "There is no tour...." LMFAO please research before you interview Dave while he's home
    The jazz Man
    Broderick is good at emulating Marty's solos note perfect.. But what Marty's playing is pure heart and soul.. Marty has a lot more stage presence and thought and feel put into his solos..
    I can't stand this so and so is better than so and so. It's bullshit. So is Dave Mustaine. Egotistical little shit.
    It seems kind of disrespectful of Dave to even say something like this publicly. It's kind of a form of bashing, and Friedman doesn't deserve it. And in my opinion (and apparently most everyone else) Friedman is the better guitarist based on the fact every solo he writes is unique, has character, and he plays with more gusto. Broderick is extremely talented technically, but it's like he can't think outside of his music theory classes and come up with anything interesting to listen to.
    Kerry King defeets dem both!
    You are actually one of the worst and most obvious trolls on UG
    Why? I think he's hilarious lol Mustaine saying Marty Friedman might be better than Dave? What's next? Dave saying his orchestra performance sh*ts all over anything Yngwie has done?
    Broderick is a good example of a great technician whose solos are anything but memorable. Yeah, there are countless technical players who could run laps around Friedman and also write comparably memorable (though maybe less beautiful) compositions. Despite his skill and his vast knowledge, Broderick is sadly not in this group.
    Technically and on paper, Chris Broderick I would agree is more skilled. But Marty has exponentially more feel in his solos... I genuinely find a lot of his solos moving. Chris is very robotic. He seems like he has a great time playing, but when you watch Marty, you can see that he feels every note. Here's a very under-appreciated song with a very moving Friedman solo (starts at 1:14 and goes to the end of the song). I'm sure Broderick could play it in his sleep, but there's no way he could've ever composed it.
    listen to chris' solos on the youtube link....if you can't hear the melody in his playing then you have shit ears...
    I'd argue Marty is better but Dave can hardly go on record saying that a former member of his band is better than the guy currently in the band.
    Chris is not even close to Marty. Sure Chris has a lot of technique and he plays cleanly, but the only stuff he plays that sound good was written by other guitarists like Marty and Glenn Drover. All of Chris own solos sound the same, he has no creativity at all, it's actually pretty sad considering that all his technical knowledge is being wasted on playing nonsense. He should slow down and start writing solos with melody, now he's just wanking of like Mustaine is but with more technique. Don't get me wrong, old Megadeth is still one of my favourite bands, and I like all records except the 3-4 latest. Nowadays.. it's unbearable with the crap production and Chris's boring solos all the time. Sad to say, Megadeth should have retired long ago, like so many other bands. It's a tradgedy that bands live on because of their past greatness like Megadeth and Metallica etc. Let other bands carry on the flame, these guys are irrelevant today, all their best stuff is behind them.
    For those that even argue this, he didnt say who is a better fit for megadeth he didnt say his solos have more feeling, he said chris broderick is a more skilled guitarist, he is
    This debate between Marty fanboys and Chris fanboys (mostly the former) is pointless. To anyone with half a brain it should be obvious that they have both reached a level of musicianship at which there is no such thing as "better" or "worse", only "different". And, of course, "damn good".
    MF can kick DM and CB asses 10000 times
    Indeed, and he wouldn't even have to pick up his guitar. He could whistle his way past those guys so called "solos". Dave is still the riff-master tho!
    Jesus Dave, shut up. If Ellefson wasn't in the band right now you'd be saying the current bass player is the best that Megadeth will ever have. Chris Poland is the best anyway. Even on Rust in Peace. Check out the Holy Wars demo.
    Or his insane outro solo on the Take No Prisoners demo. That's the Chris Poland 'sound' which I think better suited Megadeth better than anyone else who's come along afterwards.
    Chris Broderick is a better guitarist than Marty Friedman in terms of technical skills, but he will never be as good in terms of pure feel. I can listen to Marty play all day because his playing simply emits emotion.
    I like marty more. I have heard most of his stuff, all of his japan shit, his work with jason becker,hes so tasty. sure chris can do that 8 finger tap shit, not that hard, he doesnt do anything worth listening to
    I would disagree with that statement since Marty has and still makes some of the greatest solos ever written under his belt. That said I wouldnt kick Broderick under the curb because he has some rather memorable solos in Megadeth as well, though definitely not as memorable as most, er maybe all Marty ever did. Dance in the rain and alot of the stuff from endgame were quite good. The only thing that erks me is Chris annoying habit of including a stupidly fast sweep tap jumble in most of his solos. definitely Marty is a person vital for just how high Megadeth ever got. Broderick doesnt seem to add much to the band except for maybe faithful clonings of album solos, which I dont really like. Id like to see Broderick do what Pitrelli did in the band and made ever solo his own.
    Bassist Bass guitarist Bass player Guy that plays bass in *insert band here* So many ways to call it, and I've almost heard everything for Ellefson, but mostly the last one
    that is so true about the different classifications, but Dave Ellefson is a really good bassist that you only catch glimpses of in Megadeth. Im sure there is a control issue there as Dave could probably be writing more iconic lines like Peace Sells if he had the "lattitude" to do so.
    He can say what he want, both are great but me i prefer Marty and you must be a lead guitar player to judge them.
    Well crap, why didn't somebody tell me I had to be a lead guitar player to judge lead guitar players? And here I've been judging them for 20 years....
    I am a lead guitar player, and Chris does exactly nothing at all for me. He's got skills and precision, but whatever he plays sounds like crap anyway, he simply isn't a creative and musical person. Too much training speed and biceps instead of learning thoery, melody and feeling.
    There's the problem. Chris has a degree in classical music. He knows melody and theory, alright; he just doesn't seem to use them well! It's as if he has the biggest workshop and toolbox in the world, but can't make use of them.
    Because he's stuck in Megadeth.. not that that's a bad place to be, but the style does limit his abilities in a sense
    I think Marty is better. His solos were way better. Tornado of souls is probably the best metal solo ever. Chris is amazing but I would take Marty over Chris any day.
    Broderick while a great player, cannot even compete with Friedman or Poland Imo. Marty as a lead guitarist is better at writing solos.
    I like Friedman's guitar work more. Those solos have so much soul and they are often very beautiful.
    Broderick is just technically better, I would definitely agree on that. Marty's far better in terms of feeling, emotions and all those things though. When I hear Marty on the guitar I suddenly know who's playing, his style is unique. In case of Chris it's quite the opposite.
    If anything, Friedman gave the band a bigger personality, that's why it will remain their classic lineup.