Dave Mustaine: 'I Have 130 Song Ideas for New Album'

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 07/22/2014 category: music news
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Dave Mustaine: 'I Have 130 Song Ideas for New Album'
In an interview with Full Metal Jackie (via Blabbermouth) Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has revealed that he’s been working on material for the new Megadeth album.

Specifically, he's racked up over 130 songs in Pro Tools:

"I've got, in my Pro Tools rig I've been working on, I have over 130 songs that I've been working on β€” just pieces of stuff and saving them and fixing them and making them right and making more complex and more melodic and heavier and stuff. And I'm ready to go. [laughs] I'm just gonna see what these guys do β€” if they're gonna hang out and just rely on me, or if they've got some ideas up their sleeve. And the other thing, too, a song isn't just music β€” there's lyrics to it, too, and the melody. I can have a great-sounding song, but the vocal line can suck. [laughs] So, having someone come in and say, 'Hey, try this,' is always great."

In the interview, Mustaine also talked about how he "got off the pity pot" and started to enjoy the process of being in a band again:

"Believe it or not, I've gotten very, very comfortable in my own skin. For the longest time, I really didn't believe in my guitar playing, and there's a lot of psychological damage that had taken place over the years after I left Metallica because of all the negative stuff that was said about me. It really ... I'm not gonna say it hurt, 'cause that makes me sound like a puss, but it was very discouraging.

"And at one point, I started to realize, "Wow, this is actually what I was meant to do. I've influenced a lot of people and I'm actually enjoying myself, so I've gotta get off of the pity pot. And then, seeing the success of the records, the attendance of the shows, the ranking in the charts where I stand as a guitar player and what I've, it really ... at the end of the day, it makes you feel great. And still, I always go back to the same thing - Jackie, I've said this to you before - no matter what anybody says about me, I know that the fans' investment and belief in me, us getting that soup kitchen in Haiti and the one in Mexico, that's the greatest thing ever. Knowing that my playing guitar is helping feed widows and orphans. That is so awesome."
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