Dave Mustaine: 'I Have a Terrible Reputation'

Megadeth front man talks controversies in new interview.

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Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine has been speaking to Metal Hammer recently, offering some candid insights into his often controversial statements.

"I don't say things to get a reaction" said Mustaine. "The stuff that I write about is important to me. Some of the subjects on 'Peace Sells...(But Who's Buying?)' are still relevant, particularly environmental issues. And the personal stuff is relevant. I've written songs about loss and pain everyone goes through that so, no, I'm not being provocative. We actually have fun songs too. If you're p-ssed off, the title track on 'Super Collider' or 'Symphony Of Destruction' might make you feel better.

"Probably the biggest thing that has harmed my career is being misunderstood but is it better to be understood or to understand? I understand much more now so I'm less inclined to be preaching or complaining about being misquoted now. There are people who love me and people who don't, but everyone's entitled. I have love in my heart for both. I don't get mad about the people who dislike me. You can get obsessed with that. Someone doesn't like me? Tough shit for me!"

He continued: "I am approachable! But I have a terrible reputation. There was a guy who used to manage me, and when we had a falling out I think he started rumours about me being difficult. But we became friends again, and reconciled. And that was all part of a process of reconciliation, including with Metallica and Ellefson, too. And do you know what? When that happened my injured arm and injured thumb started working again. Crazy, huh?"

Read UG interview with Dave Mustaine here.

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    The issue of Metal Hammer with this interview came out like 3 weeks ago.
    Well, Dave's come into realization. Now it's just Geoff Tate, Courtney Love, Chad Kroeger, Lars Ulrich...
    "Some of the subjects on 'Peace Sells...(But Who's Buying?)' are still relevant, particularly environmental issues ." Wait what?
    That's what I thought :L I think he meant SFSGSW though
    That's what I thought :L I think he meant SFSGSW though
    I don't get it, you copy and pasted 99deadballons post 16 mintues after the original and he's thumbed down and you have the gold medal... This site makes no sense.
    That's UG for you.
    Yeah it seems like gold medals get tossed out to bouncing boobs and animals more than original posts. Silly avatars win every time.
    Oh dave. Its not rumours spread by former managers why you have such a reputation, its because you think Obama is Kenyan, that nonsense about chemtrails, allowing your new found faith to get in the way of performing with certain bands who use satanic theatrics, thinking its "black magic spells" in songs you have written that is to blame for the your life being a mess from the 80s til the mid 90s and not the fact you was an alcoholic with a coke and smack habit. You should be proud of your "Terrible Reputation". You have earned it.
    you didn't even read his statement, he said he has been misquoted and that has given him a bad reputation.
    He just doesn't get it. The fact that he sees a corelation between his reconciliation with former friends and his thumb and arm starting to work properly proves it.
    this is one of the reasons i love the guy it is true that he often 'preaches' but thats just his opinion, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, even the peapole that hate him
    I thought Mustaine's lyrics have always killer. Its his arrogance and stupidity outside the band that get him a reputation for being a prick.
    I mean, I like it when Dave talks about music ...but he really shouldn't be doing the politics talk.
    Who cares about this anyways everyone has an opinion all u dummys do is feed UGs spam campaign just listen to his music
    Dave is a great musician, not so much thinker. I got tons of respect for him as a player, but not so much as a person.
    The title track on Symphony to Destruction? wat?
    He's not saying "The title track to Super Collider or the title track to Symphony of Destruction" He's saying "the title track to Super Collider, OR (the song) Symphony of Destruction"
    I'm sick to deth of hearing about him crapping on about the number 13...get over it!