Dave Mustaine: 'I'd Rather Have My Eyelids Pulled Out Than Listen to Nu Metal'

"It's like, come on, play a solo," Megadeth frontman says.

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Giving the nu metal genre quite a bashing, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine noted he'd "rather have his eyelids pulled out" than listen to the popular late-'90s style.

TellingĀ Faster Louder how happy he is for the new wave of modern musicians, calling them a "new breed of players, with all these new vocal styles," Dave focused on the past, adding: "They had this wave of metal that came through in the '90s and it was called 'nu-metal,' I don't know if you remember it but it was so bad. I would have rather had my eyelids pulled out."

Asked if it's Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park he's talking about, Mustaine explained: "No, no. I can't even remember their names. Linkin Park, those guys are good at what they do. I have no problems with those guys. But I wouldn't call them nu-metal."

Pinpointing the groups he has issues with, the frontman continued: "I'm talking about the bands that wouldn't do guitar solos. Guys who get out there and they'd do rhythms and stuff but they'd never do a guitar solo. It's like ... come on, play a solo. But apparently solos aren't cool.

"It's just funny because I come from the school of AC/DC and Led Zeppelin, and man, the riff had to be kick-ass, the lyrics had to make sense, and when it was time for the solo, the solo had to rip your face off," Dave said. "And hey I may not be part of the family anymore, right at the forefront ... but I'm the crazy uncle."

Can you think of any bands to prove Mustaine wrong or would you agree that nu metal is plain bad? Let us know in the comments.

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    Not every genre of guitar orientated music needs solos.
    Yes. I'm not a fan of Nu Metal either but to have lack of solo's as a reason to hate any genre seems very immature to me. And limits you to only a few streams of guitar music.
    But I see where Dave's coming from. Metal is clearly distinguished for having solos, I believe that what pisses Dave off is the genre having the word "metal" in it when that word is synonim with guitar soloing.
    You have a point. But isn't it WAY more aesome, when you get guitar rhythms together with an awesome face-melting solo?
    Not always. It has to serve the song. Sometimes a song requires little guitar work to be effective.
    Yeah, but first we need to establish the size of your fishtank. Rocknrolla35 mate, nothing is more rocknroll than taking the necessary precautions.
    Exactly, this is just stupid. I know people who live their lives and breathe music through this philosophy and have always hated it, it's really narrow minded. Then again, the only nu-metal bands I listen to are lots of old Korn stuff, Deftones, basially bands which I consider innovated the genre, incorporated different styles and sounds in it, then got called nu metal, went on doing different and good things and still got called nu metal. But no solos, so it's awful.
    Absolutely agree. When Megadeth was relevant EVERY rock and metal song had guitar solos (unfortunately) so I see why Mustaine feels that way but you've gotta grow or yes, you end up being the "crazy uncle". Guitar solos should only be included in a song if it has a point... not if it's just to follow a formula.
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    And who decides whether it has a point or is just following a formula? I've been in plenty of metal and rock bands where every song had a solo section, and I don't recall the guys I played with ever just arbitrarily welding it on. Clearly what you're talking about is something subjective and in the ear of the beholder. After all, as the writer... who dictates whether or not the guitar solo in the middle of my epic technical blackened melodic death metal track has a "point" or not? I do, not Abacus11.
    If you included guitar solos because they served the song and not because you were arbitrarily following the "metal formula," than clearly he wasn't ****ing talking about you.
    H e did specificaly state the wave of nu-metal as not having any real solo work,,and hes right.
    I think he was just saying he likes guitar solos, not that lack of solos was the reason why he hated NuMetal.
    Jeez. If your criteria for liking music is that it must contain guitar solos then you're really only hurting yourself. And the people unfortunate enough to know you..
    Excellent solos demonstrate extensive knowledge and skill on the guitar. If a band doesn't have solos in any of their songs, I assume it's because theyre not skilled enough to pull of a good solo not because "they didn't feel like it"
    I agree with you, but nu metal still sucks. Grindcore doesn't have solos but it is still good.
    Grindcore has solos lol. Maybe not every band but there's plenty out there.
    But Linkin Park doesn't do guitar solos...
    They had a couple in Minutes To Midnight but nothing intensely technical.
    I don't even consider them as solos.
    Well, technically, it's the guitarist playing lead work over the rhythm section where his instrument is most audibly heard so by that definition, it's a solo lol
    Lol i was about to post this... "I'm talking about the bands that wouldn't do guitar solos. Guys who get out there and they'd do rhythms and stuff but they'd never do a guitar solo. It's like ... come on, play a solo. But apparently solos aren't cool" Dude... the only solo Limp bizkit plays is fred durst epic failure...
    You haven't heard the stuff from Gold Cobra, then. Wes decided that Black Light Burns wasn't getting enough attention, so he turned Bizkit into BLB, solos and all.
    Well, i don't know if Borland played any proper solos on their records, or not, but that Durst epic fail solo makes me think that he had found out about bends just recently, and thought that they are a surefire way to make a good solo.
    Minutes to midnight is full of them!
    The only ones that even qualify are "Little Things Give You Away", "What I've Done" and "In Pieces" Even then, it's a stretch to call them solos.
    Still better than soloing that Fred Dirst do.
    At this point, arguing whether LP or LB has better solos is like arguing which girl has a bigger dick.
    link no1
    "Which girl has a bigger dick" is a valid argument in some parts of the world.
    I'd just like to say Wes Borland kicks what ever that guys name is in Linkin Park, if he's still in Linkin Park.
    Linkin Park have solos? Show me a Linkin Park song that has a proper solo. The only nu-metal/nu-metal-ish bands, that had at least sSOME proper solos in SOME songs, i can think of are Drowning Pool, SOAD(they ain't quite nu metal i guess), and Biohazard. With all the rapping and the looks(which often was often kinda lame), it's wonder about why nu metal is bashed so much. No offense.
    Oh this video made my day In my opinion, as some people here have already suggested, nu-metal doesn't need a solo. Especially not any shred-oriented madness like in trash metal. So it's not about quality of guitarists.
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    Perhaps you should try listening to a thrash bands that isn't called Metallica, Megadeth, or Testament. "Shred" is hardly commonplace in the Thrash Metal genre. In most thrash songs, if you get a guitar solo... it's usually a few seconds of wang bar noise with a quick flail down the pentatonic scale. True Thrash is far too fast, loose, and chaotic to accommodate Malmsteen style guitar gymnastics.