Dave Mustaine: 'If You Want to Be Treated Intelligently, Act Intelligent'

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 08/29/2013 category: music news
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Dave Mustaine: 'If You Want to Be Treated Intelligently, Act Intelligent'
In Dave Mustaine's book, there's a lot more to metal music than guitar shredding. As Megadeth mastermind recently pointed out, metal artists should take on a smarter approach to their music and image in order to give genre the respect it deserves. While chatting with VH1, Dave didn't hesitate to call a great deal of metal performers thick-headed, praising Foo Fighters and bashing some of the young bands for their attitude along the way. "To their own demise, a lot of heavy metal performers act stupid," the singer/guitarist kicked off. "You know, 'Hey bro, duh.' It doesn't further our cause any. If you want to be treated intelligently, then act intelligent. "I remember a lot of the opportunities that I've had to do coverage for different shows or stuff, with the whole political process. People forget that. You don't have to be like 'Hey F You dude,' this kind of stuff to be cool. I think that rock 'n' roll and heavy metal is about rebellion and if everyone thinks you're stupid then rebel, be smart." Mustaine also reached the subject of more extreme metal bands. "To me, it's all metal," he said. "It's basically how you sing. The majority of these black and death metal bands have great players but people won't take them seriously because of their lyrical content." After stressing that "we're overdue for a new band that's going to really knock the music world on its butt" and praising Foo Fighters as "the last big band that changed anything," the frontman focused on young bands and what he described as an undeserved sense of entitlement on their behalf. "Going back to all the digital stuff and all the plug-ins, it's made it real easy for people who aren't musicians to be perceived as musicians," Dave noted. "And it's no fault with Pro Tools or Cakewalk or whatever any of those other Garage Band kind of programs are. I think it's really great to get people involved in music." He elaborated further, "But I think the onus falls on the people in the record companies where they find a band that's got one really great song and they sign them and then there becomes a bottleneck of untalented pubes out there jamming up the runway for people like us for whom this is our calling. We were made to make music." Mustaine then specifically addressed the young bands and their unacceptable behavior. "It's not just the metal community. It's people in general. People in general have a sense of entitlement right now like people owe them something. We've been on tour and had several incidents where there's been bands that were nobodies and acted like they should be headlining over us, and it's like, bless your heart, that's a great attitude to take but you know, don't shit the bed. "It's kind of weird sometimes how people, because of the digital audio work stations and how easy you can make a song on a computer, lose sight of that fact that that doesn't make you a musician. It means you know how to cut and paste. And if you can write a song and you're a great musician, that doesn't necessarily mean you've got a great band," he concluded.
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