Dave Mustaine: 'I'm One of the Few Thrashers Brave Enough to Delve Into Melody'

"Spiritual fulfillment is what has helped turn my life around," the frontman adds.

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Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine discussed his ongoing musical evolution and the reasons why he's still going strong in the music world, naming desire and willingness to push boundaries as some of the key factors.

When asked by Classic Rock Revisited to give his opinion on the subject, Mustaine replied: "The alleyways of Hollywood are littered with guitarists who are better than I am. A lot of the people that are my contemporaries are better than I am. I think it is like that old saying says, 'The harder you work the luckier you get.' I love to play music."

The frontman explained further, "I think I am one of the few thrash metal guys who are brave enough to delve into melody. There is a certain push back from the heavy metal and thrash community when you start getting too melodic. Sometimes songs just tell you what they want. There are songs that you do that just have an awesome hook in them and that hook opens doors to other things."

The singer/guitarist then switched to specifically discuss the current Megadeth release "Super Collider."

"A lot of people did not like the title track because they thought it was too poppy but here's the thing," he said. "It is the first track for our new record label, which is a major label, they love the band and we showed them that, not only can we write commercial metal pop songs that people can't do anymore, because their either afraid, or they sound like they are hacking up a chicken bone; they just don't know how to do it."

Mustaine also touched on the subject of religion, naming spirituality as a crucial aspect of turning his life around.

"For me, I think that having that spiritual fulfillment is what has helped turn my life around," he said. "A lot of people confuse religion for spirituality. I heard it summed up real simple ... Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell and spirituality is for people like me, who've been there."

The latest Megadeth record, "Super Collider," dropped on June 4 via Tradecraft, landing at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart with 29,000 copies sold in the US within the first week.

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    So he made a mainstream metal song to please a major label and then brags about it? Way to go, Dave. \m/
    People don't get turned off by melody. They get turned off by lack of creativity. Bands like Machine Head or Gojira can be heavy as shit while having a great deal of melody. I liked Endgame because it had some interesting melodic riffs, but was also a pretty good thrash album. Thirteen was pretty meh, and Supercollider is downright boring. Don't excuse shitty songwriting by saying "I'm trying to be melodic". I don't like A7X because I think that they write boring, poppy metal. Yes, Gates and Vengeance are very talented guitarists, but technical talent alone does not produce good music. I feel the same way about Dave's latest stuff. He's one of the greatest guitarists in the genre, but he hasn't been able to impress me recently. Whew! Sorry for the rant, I just had some pretty powerful coffee.
    Anty 7
    Dave doesn't understand that people don't like the album because it sucks, not because there's melody. There are plenty of "thrashers" who have been "brave enough to delve into melody". he's talking nonsense.
    Can we please, please, pretty please stop with the same 'i am better than i was' Dave 'Much-lame' Mustane 'news'. Its the same thing over and over again and its boring.
    UG is actually making multiple articles from the one interview he did now. They have a hard on for the guy.
    I can understand his point in the first half of the article. There actually aren't that much thrash bands who can nowadays pull off melodic stuff. I also agree with the guy who named Machine Head(take Darkness within for example). Gojira though, there are melodies, they are heavy, but it's not that kind of melody Dave is talking about. And if you appreciate music in general, you really can find pearls in SC too... But that last part about religion and spirituality... That's just BS. Hasn't he said he won't play Black Friday because of religion? What about this thing with being on the same bill with Rotting Christ years ago? That's not spirituality. That's religious beliefs.
    d00d refused to play on the same show as Dissection too.
    Yeah... How is that spiritual fulfillment? On that topic, I would love to see him rant about Behemoth for example... Would be hilarious I bet.
    Yeah, I guess Gojira's melodies are darker than some of Machine Head's stuff (I'm that guy). And I agree, there are a couple of good parts on SC - it's not a terrible album, it just doesn't have much replay value to me. As for the religion thing, it always annoys me when former drug abusers who have suddenly found religion start spouting stupid cliches about spirituality, as if it made hitting rock bottom all worth it for where they are now. I'm all for spirituality, but don't use it as a crutch when you're too shy to admit that you just plain disagree with other's beliefs. Sorry to self-promote, but check out the first post in the thread in my profile for how I use my religion in my music. I don't preach it, I just use it for artistic effect.
    I think alot of it what you said about your religion in your music goes out to Behemoth too... They reveal this anti-religious attitude, but then they match it with darker side of religion and give you story instead of preaching worshipping satan. But yeah, you are right about Gojira melodies. I'm not so huge fan, but I like many of their songs. And while there are melodies, they are darker melodies matched with lyrics.
    I'm a huge Megadeth fan, but am I the only one getting really sick of the constant Dave Mustaine articals.
    Judging by the massive amount of comments people leave on every Mustaine article exclaiming how tired they are of said articles no, you aren't the only one.
    Seriously UG? Another article about Dave Mustaine? Another claim to be an omnipotent, evergrowing martyr of music? Is there any chance of hearing interviews from somebody else? An artist who actually has shown some development and progression in the last 10 years? He's worse than Lars Ulrich used to be.
    Good for him. I hate artists that don't take a risk here or there.
    I have to agree. I didn't like Super Collider, but as you said, it was a risk and if people didn't like it, so what? Move on, wait for the next record, listen to the old ones while we wait.
    Album is as risky as Risk, The System Has Failed or United Abominations. Radio friendly records with not much bite in them, not really risky.
    But the real problem is, is how much risks can fans take? I for one loved Megadeth's first four albums, but I rarely listen to anything after that (other then endgame, and the other albums for a couple of songs and nothing else). Truth is that Megadeth (Mega Dave) has been taking risks on every album since Rust in Peace and really after Risk, I personally want them to reconnect with their roots (like they tried on Endgame but didn't meet with the two albums after.) I mean I like bands that take risks so long as the music is good and not mostly forgettable in to make a quick buck like they've has seemed to be doing lately. (If Megadeth is taking about making another album because 'life is to short' there is another reason.)
    You said the word "learn" twice. Are you sure you know what that word means? Now for some positive criticism: You spelled stupid cock boy correctly.
    "There are songs that you do that just have an awesome hook in them and that hook opens doors to other things." ...A Hook in mouth?
    Dont like the title track. If you can do a bad song it does not mean you have to do it just for the show. But we like different things
    Also, guys, let's not read between the lines that much. If you read the whole thing again, he says he is one of the few thrashers brave enough. He didn't say he was the best.
    I wouldn't say that he's wrong... There are obviously a lot of thrashers who play some melody, but I've always been drawn to Megadeth because of their sense of melody. Call it "radio friendly" or whatever, but there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with a good hook or melody. I feel like a lot of metalheads stay away from melody on purpose because it means they're "selling out" but in reality it only makes them narrow-minded. A good melody is a good melody. Like 'A Tout le Monde' I don't think many metal bands could write such a beautiful song. That's why I like Megadeth. Marty Friedman is one of my favorite metal guitarist because of how much melody he plays with his leads. They fit the song perfectly, and it's not just him shredding all over the place like in a lot of bands. They serve the song first and foremost.
    Absolutely. About those old-school thrashers the only bands that pull off more melodic stuff with their own twists for me are Testament and Megadeth. While I prefer Testament in that situation, I really couldn't imagine others writing songs like A tout le monde or Return to Serenity. They don't try to repeat theirselves IMO. I mean, look at Metallica for example. Unforgiven was good, Unforgiven II was awful for me and Unforgiven III was horrible.
    He's actually toned his remarks down a bunch since Megadeth's early days. He used to say stuff that was really off the hook. We would be like, "He didn't!" I miss the 80s sometimes
    He doesn't deserve all the hate he's getting. Quit tracking every single thing he says. I'm starting to think Lars and James are faking these interviews to stir up some trouble.
    shut the #$%& up already Mustaine. Every second article is him ranting and he's just driving the Megadeth name further into the S#$% Barrel. Chris, get out while you still can!
    There's a reason why the band is called MegaDave alot, the band's existance is based purely off of his own ideals, and really the songs are his with the band members contributing.
    '...sound like they are hacking up a chicken bone.' perfectly sums up his vocals as of late
    Dave, I'm going to have to ask you and David draiman to please just shut the f*ck up already
    If he ever got kicked out of Megadeth....What do you think his new band that he makes to get revenge on Megadeth be called ?
    God Dave, you change your bloody opinion every ten minutes. All I've seen on here the last month is Dave Mustaine on the back foot in denial, going off on one trying to prove himself to people who think he has gotten soft. You made a softer rock album, just like you made Risk, it didn't pay off and 13 was equally as disappointing. Endgame however was brilliant so you are still the shit, just find what fueled Endgame and give us more than the poppy, over compressed low E of the last 2 albums.
    "It is the first track for our new record label, which is a major label" Wazza?