Dave Mustaine: 'Just Because You're a Metal Player Doesn't Mean You Can't Play Something Really Beautiful'

Megadeth mainman talks musical versatility, reveals band's "constantly writing" new material.

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Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine discussed the importance of musical versatility, pointing out that being a metal player doesn't exclude the ability to write genuinely beautiful music. "I think that if you're limited with what you can do with your instrument, you're going to be kind of conservative with the output," Dave told Mlive. "I was in my office yesterday taping my practice with this Vivaldi stuff. I sent it to my manager, and this was the first time he's seen me do that, and he freaked out! Just because you're a metal player doesn't mean you can't play something that's really beautiful." As far as the new Megadeth material goes, Mustaine noted that the band is always in writing mode. "We are constantly writing," he said. "I think that's what happens when you're an artist; you write. Fortunately for us, when we get together and play we usually have something to record with nearby. Now we all these recording technology out there, you can just pick up a guitar and play because you can have a recorder right in your phone!" During a separate 80s Y Mas chat, the frontman claimed that "the best is yet to come for Megadeth," praising the group's current lineup as the best one. "I think right now the best is yet to come for us," he explained. "We really have gotten a lot better in the last, probably, two years even. We're playing better now than, I think, we've ever played." As the latest Megadeth studio release, "Super Collider" dropped on June 4 via Tradecraft, landing at No. 6 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    I think it's a bloody good point. Music is, at its core, a form of personal emotional expression. If you're only ever playing one style or mood, you're either a pretty one-dimensional person or you're cheating yourself out of honest expression. Whether or not it's "obvious", it still makes you think. And there's a lot of people out there who seem to have a problem with anything outside a single style of music, so it's clearly not as "common-sense" as it could be.
    Metal music as a whole is beautiful.....but for the ones not into metal music refer to pantera's cemetery gates solo,hollow.....solos of some machine head songs like descend the shades.....intro passage for battery, thirteen..... and theres much more....
    This is the truth. Just listen to bands like ****ing Pelican. They're considered metal and all of their albums have some of the most beautiful metal music I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Seriously listen to The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw.
    this is obviously well obvious to state but he said it in an interview relating to a question its UG that singles it out don't rip mustaine apart
    'Beautiful' is relative of course. What i think Davy is trying to say is some more melodic music. However i do not agree with metal being per definition not melodic. For example look at most prog metal bands, or fusionmetal. His metal might not be 'Beautiful', but saying all metal isn't is just selfish.
    I thought the Peace Sells album was a dark beautiful...****...Countdown is beautiful in that way.
    And if you can use that music to boost morale of US Troops fighting for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, even better, right Dave? To combine beautiful music and beautiful causes!
    If the best is still to come Megadeth then does that mean we're going to get a thrash album better than Rust In Peace?
    Another case of Mr. Mustaine stating the obvious and trying to pass it off as inside knowledge of some sort.
    Just because you're Dave Mustaine doesnt mean you can play something beautiful, sadly.
    There are not many people who could write a beautiful piece of music as the prequel to a song about a serial killer "hacking his victims like pieces of meat", but Dave is one of them.
    There are not many people who could write a beautiful piece of music as the prequel to a song about a serial killer "hacking his victims like pieces of meat", but Dave is one of them.
    when I want to listen to metal, it will be metal artists. when I want to listen to something beautiful, I'll play non metal artist. simple as that.
    I take that back, the most beautiful gituar solo to me is kk downings gituar solo in before the dawn. sounds like his gituar is singing, pleading with her, begging her not to leave
    Yeah metal is beautiful. Specially in Good Mourning/Black Friday is good beautiful song. I try learning and Dave Mustaine has big fingers cause that is a beautiful song in the beginning
    He's basically stating the obvious. If you only have a one track mind on your instrument, and it's closed to influence from other genres. So you will be playing in your Mom's basement for the rest of your life, trolling these forums with nothing positive to say, misconstruing all these artists words, and statements.
    Kerry King would propably blame Dave for playing something, that is not metal.