Dave Mustaine: 'Making Another 'Rust in Peace' Would Be Easy'

"But where's the artistic integrity of doing that?" asks Megadeth mainman while ruling out Friedman/Menza reunion.

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According to Dave Mustaine, if you're among those hoping for a Megadeth reunion with guitarist Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza, you're "either stupid or a dreamer."

The frontman recently addressed fans asking thrash titans to "make 'Rust in Peace' again," saying it's an easy task and something the band constantly keeps hearing.

"We always hear, 'Make 'Rust in Peace' again,'" Mustaine told Las Vegas Sun. "It'd be real easy to do it, but where's the artistic integrity of doing that? And people say, 'You should get Marty back in the band."

Dave then explained his stance, "Marty doesn't want to be in Megadeth. He quit, he's a quitter, so get over it. And Nick isn't very healthy. Look at any of the video clips of him lately. So it's like either you're stupid or you're a dreamer.

"And when you make a record, you don't stake your whole life on the success or failure of any one song. Some people like it, some don't," he concluded. ["Super Collider"] entered the charts at No. 6. If that's something to be critical of, then bring it. I'll take that all day long."

During the rest of the chat, Mustaine also discussed the latest Megadeth effort "Super Collider," noting it captured a period of his life when he "was going through a lot of really cool stuff with the band but a lot of really heavy, personal stuff with my mother-in-law's Alzheimer's."

"["Forget to Remember"] is this whole process of watching this loved one in my family just melt in front of your eyes; it's hard. It really, really challenged what I was made of; she's still alive, but she's not there anymore," the singer/guitarist said. "And how do you put that in a song if it's not going to be a sad song?"

Would you like to see Megadeth's "classic lineup" reunion? Let us know in the comments.

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    Although another Rust in Peace would be nice, I think people are asking more for an album with the same calibre of writing. Which is ultimately down to an individual's taste, but the fans want to feel like you've put in every note & nuance with a purpose in mind.
    This is exactly how I feel. There isn't any drive in a lot of the newer stuff, it's just writing new music for the sake of writing new music. It's the same problem with a lot of older bands. Lots of times they have nothing to say anymore, so they're content with creating an album full of filler songs to make a quick buck and have something new to play live. People don't want them to re-write Rust in Peace, Peace Sells, Killing Is My Business, or Countdown to Extinction. They want an album that is as good as those albums. Endgame was looking pretty promising, 13 had some weak spots but I still had hope. Super Collider, though.....no. It's bad when my favorite song on a Megadeth album is a mid tempo song with banjo. I don't understand how the comment about there being no integrity in writing something like Rust in Peace
    Hit the nail on the head - the reason people love the older stuff is because each song is more memorable, catchier and anthemic. A lot of the newer stuff, the riffs just sound like random chromatic patterns, or basic chugging to the kick drum - the old stuff had riffs you wanted to headbang or play along to, choruses you wanted to sing along with, and solos you remembered. Just because something is catchy or memorable doesn't mean it "isn't metal", which is something I feel about a lot of metal these days... chasing a need to be heavier or more brutal instead of being memorable and writing strong compositions. There are lots of bands that appeal to some tastes, and there are even a fair few current bands I like, but there hasn't been an album in a few years where I can sit down and listen to every track without skipping one or two, and I'm only 24, so wasn't around to claim I'm living in the past for bands like Megadeth and Metalliica etc.
    Nailed it, Nailed, NAILED IT!! This is exactly it! I totally agree with all three of you guys. It's that caliber of writing that is just missing in most stuff every band does today. You can hear the care, the dedication, the finesse and time put into the old stuff making them classic. It's all about the song first, and they used to write such catchy, infections, great songs.
    They shouldn't try to make another Rust in Peace but they should atleast be trying to make an album on par with it.
    "Marty doesn't want to be in Megadeth. He quit, he's a quitter " This guy just has to insult everybody on every occasion..
    Yeah... he just had to take that one a little too far. I mean, the rest of that article seemed reasonable to me except for this one little stab he had to make.
    Not particularly fussed on the lineup, I just want an album in the same vein as Rust In Peace- technical, thrash, and heavy, with killer songs. It's not that I want them to re-record it, or do an identical album, I just want them to put out something that sounds like what they are capable of rather than mediocre metal. Look at Testament, their last two albums have been amazing, and they sound nothing like The Ritual or The Gathering.
    Damn right he is! Look forward to the future! Not backwards to the past. What's done is done.
    "Life can only be understood in reverse but must be lived forwards" Dave's been saying it for 12 years
    even if I'd like him to get MArty and nick back, I think the main problem with his current band is that they have that session men feeling like the current version of GNR, so maybe not rehiring these two, but finding young musicians who are still hungry... I mean just look at Broderick's headbanging, it's as fake as Pam Anderson's boobs
    Vicryl 2.0
    i could care less about Chris Broderick's headbanging. but i could waterboat Pam Anderson's Jiggers all day.
    I like Super Collider (the song, I ain't heard the album yet) but the video is a bit brutal for me.
    The album is like Risk, and I like it. The video is like a 90's Aerosmith music video, and I like it too.
    I think it's way better than Risk, there are a lot of great songs on it, but it's just not like Endgame and 13 for example.
    Super Collider is a good album, but compared to the older albums, it falls a little short. I'm more concerned with Dave saying another Rust In Peace would be easy. That's an insult to the fans when you make it sound like Rust didn't have much effort put into it. I respect Dave but I don't appreciate that comment.
    I'm pretty sure what he meant by that was that it'd be easy to do because he knows what next album would sound like (using Rust in Peace as a basis).
    "It'd be real easy to do it, but where's the artistic integrity of doing that?" That's just a nice way to say that you cant do it
    Dave should have a look on the latest Megadeth drum covers posted by Nick Menza. Sounds great.
    I hate when "fans" want a band to make another Rust In Peace... or Kill Em All... or whatever. But in this case a Rust In Peace part 2 would be much better than the stuff Megadeth came out with this year.
    If you don't think Broderick is able to do what Friedman did, you gonna have a bad time. I don't say one is better than the other, and I also don't say that Broderick would have done better on Rust in Peace, but if Megadeth and especially Dave come back to thrash metal again, I think that Broderick will do a great job.
    Yeah, Dave. You're not dreaming or stupid at all when you think the music business is the same now, with Super Collider entering at 6, as in 1990, when Rust in Peace entered at 23. You might want to look at the figures, Dave. I doubt the Super Collider video got anything on any One Direction video, yet I don't hear you conceding defeat there.
    Let chris do some of the work...i bet he could come up with some killer songs/riffs
    He's absolutely right though i'd love to see one show or even one song with the RIP-Lineup again. Would be so cool.
    "Would you like to see Megadeth's "classic lineup" reunion?" - YES! "Make 'Rust in Peace' again" - NO!
    Why would they release an album that sounds the same as one of their albums? If fans want to listen to Rust in Peace, they should listen to Rust in Peace, not a new album that sounds the same. And usually when a band says they are going to make another [insert an album], it's going to sound nothing like that album (for example Metallica said they are going back to their "roots" on Death Magnetic and IMO it sounds nothing like they've done before). Or then all the songs on the album are going to sound like bad copies of the songs on the original album.
    Fair point, but I think fans want the new albums to have the quality of songwriting that RIP had more than being a RIP clone
    The jazz Man
    I'd like something more in the vein of Endgame Really.. Plus the guitar tone is pretty brutal on there.. But that's just me.. But you can't be expected to make the same album over and over.. Especially if you don't mean it..
    I guess rust in peace, never did rust in peace. Black sabbath tried to go back to there roots on 13, they did alright. Speaking of sabbath, Heaven and Hell was a masterpiece. that whole album sounded very wize and mature with a theme that sounded beautiful and dark. neon knights had that 17th century dark ages feel to it.
    Making another RIP isn't the point, the point is making a better album than any, you have to get better with time! a good example is Overkill, they just get better with time!
    He can't write it if he wanted too not without drugs anyway. .....the old thrash bands (Big Four)don't know how to progress thrash metal the" other four" r at least trying Exodus Testament Overkill n Death Angel Broderick blows on the acoustic set n although a quitter Marty Friedman out ranks both
    Just admit it Dave... what you meant to say is "I want to do another Rust In Peace but I'm not good enough anymore and I'm too much of an arrogant dickhead to admit that". Admit it, Mustaine - you've lost it at this point.
    lol but ever since "The System Has Failed" hasn't he been trying to write rehashed thrash songs, I mean go back to his roots, so that fans would get less butthurt after Risk? I don't buy it, I think he isn't being totally honest with us. But he is a good man and I will always love him. No homo.
    No one with integrity cares about what f@#king chart position Super Collider got to. The album is shit because there's nothing new sounding on it. But, I agree you can't go back to the past. I don't think Dave CAN right another Rust In Peace even if he wanted to.
    Chris Broderick >>> Marty
    Correction: Broderick =/= Friedman It is false to say: Broderick > Friedman, Broderick < Friedman, or Broderick = Friedman. They are two different guitarists with different styles. Listen to Marty's Dragon's Kiss solo album, that album is fracking awesome.
    As a guitarist in general they're both better than I could hope to be if I practiced another 100 years, but as far as a Megadeth guitarist, Marty was just a better fit, so Marty > Chris, as well as every other guitarist Mustaine's had
    If he could do it he would do so within a heartbeat because he knows that it would sell a lot more than his last output.
    Meh... I've heard Rust In Peace once. I really don't want another Rust, another Peace Sells, or anything. Awesome albums, but don't pull a Slayer and rehash awesome albums. They start getting boring and lose the luster when that happens.
    if it's so easy, then just do it. or stop writing stupid, shitty songs about jesus, atleast
    I hope he dosent. It wouldn't be honest and an album that they want to make
    Nick looks healthy enough, and he still plays tons better than the defunctional metronome they call Shawn Drover. That's really my only problem with the band these days except their sub-par writing, Shawn Drover butchers the majority of songs live by cutting hard things off of them and his tempo is whacky.
    I don't want a new Rust In Peace album, leave that album alone, make something new, dark and evil (even if Dave is christian/Flanders)and have some progress in it. And if Chris add some of his classical influence that would just add the cherry on top. Those would be the key to a another great Megadeth album.
    I'll take... -Super Colider .....- Abominations.. - anything since Marty n Nick left....
    no one can say supercollider pushes the envelope.... Lars Ulrich and Dave always say they want to be progressive and push the envelope but year after year album after album they take 12 steps back producing pop hits and Unforgiven 9 and "unmemorable" songs....
    Not really, to me Megadeth is good as it is. I like Marty too, but it's true he doesn't want to be in Megadeth.
    "The frontman recently addressed fans asking thrash titans to "make thrash again," saying it's an easy task and something the band constantly keeps hearing." Fixed.
    I only think that the current megadeth lineup is missinga drummer that beats the shit out of the drumms, Shawn was very good on United Abominations era, but he kinda got more simplistic after that. So they kinda should try to get either Nick or Jimmy back to the band, if dave considers that nick is not healty, then they should go for Jimmy.