Dave Mustaine: 'Marty and Chris Are Better Guitarists Than Me'

"There are so many guitar players out there that are better than I am," says Megadeth mainman.

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While discussing the current state of affairs among Megadeth ranks, frontman Dave Mustaine didn't hesitate to admit not being the greatest guitarist out there, stressing the crucial importance of being versatile. Dave kicked off by reassuring fans about the stability of the band's current lineup. "Getting Shawn [Drover] and Chris [Broderick] in the band has really let the fans know 'Hey, you don't have to worry about any lineup changes,'" he told R7. "This lineup's been consistent for a really long time and if it was my way this would have been the band from the beginning." Mustaine then focused on the band's former guitarist Marty Friedman and current axeman Chris Broderick. "I still think that Marty and Chris are my two favorite guitar players in the band - both of them are better guitar players than I am." The frontman went on to talk about guitar players in general. "I think that guitar playing is relative," he kicked off. "There really are so many guitar players out there that are better than I am, but it's like if you're good in one thing - you know, the guys that play solos and that's all they do. That's great, but what happens when you're not soloing - you just stand there?" He continued, "Guys that just play rhythm - well that's great too, but when it comes the time for you show some dynamics in the band - two guitar players working together, that's more color. And if it's time for you to do a solo and it sounds like two cats f--king, that's horrible." Finally, Dave showed no intentions of stopping anytime soon, saying he feels as if Megadeth is only getting started. "I think you limit your dreams. Your dreams don't really define you. But inside there's something that makes us think, 'I can't do it.' Like when I used to skydive.

"People ask me if I still skydive, and I say, 'No.' After 25 times of jumping out of an airplane, it's kind of like the novelty has worn off. Once the novelty wears off, it's like sticking your head in the mouth of a lion. It's, like, been there, done that."

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    UG should just have a dedicated segment called "Daily Dose of Dave" or something
    Why? 'Cause it's ACTUALLY daily? Oh, wait...no, it's not.
    Sam, you must be the most downvoted person in the comment section. I love how everything you say just turns red.
    I enjoyed reading this. I also think music is about personality and how you express yourself. Rock on Dave and Megadeth \m/
    I feel that Broderick is being underused in the band..
    Mainly the last album. Endgame was a crazy album if you look at the guitar solos (and the rest of it)
    agreed, Dialectic Chaos and Sudden Death are the only times Chris has been utilized to even half his potential. Dave should just get Chris Poland back and let Broderick go back to Nevermore if he's going to keep holding him back. Dave does always choose insanely good lead players though. And Dave is already a crazy good lead player.
    It's stupid to say shredders can't play rhythm. You don't spend years developing one form of musical talent while completely ignoring everything else. The reason why those rhythms are boring and sound like jam tracks is because otherwise they'd get in the way of all that noodling. To say they can't play rhythm though, that's just dumb.
    Huh, two sides of the coin, on one side we got Dave being full positive about Megadeth's future even stating that "They are just getting started" On other side.... we got the drama of Slayer, stepping on thin ice and with an unknown future.
    This isn't even new news. Dave has always said this. The way UG reports on certain bands, I'm starting to think we may be seeing an interview with Cliff Burton sometime soon.
    Would be awesome to sit down and have some sake with Marty Friedman. Now I have to go listen to Poison Was the Cure.
    Great guy awesome interview, Symphony of Destruction (verse and chorus rhythm part) first thing i ever learned to play on the guitar. Just makes me glad I started there!
    If you're just a "rhythm" guitar player, and you're not contributing anything to the band, then, yes, you have no use. But if you're writing lyrics, writing a lot of the music, or at least writing some of the melodies, then you belong in that band.
    Yeah marty is amazing. he played with jason becker of course he is gonna be amazing. jason on the other hand is severely unheard of and not ranked up there with the greats.
    Dave has written many songs and has been doing this far longer than I have been alive. All props to him really, to keep his fans interested and keep going the way he has
    Technically they're better , but Dave is the over all better guitarist in my book. He writes all the great riffige and some amazing solos him self. Dave always sells him self short. He's to modest
    In other news UG readers manage to find 50 ways to say "that's obvious" in one article.
    i think this isnt even necessary to post over other pieces of this interview because this is obvious...?
    "it's like sticking your head in the mouth of a lion. It's, like, been there, done that." Yeah, know when you get that feeling?