Dave Mustaine: 'Metal Is Just Punk Rock With Long Hair'

"People that aren't metal fans don't make the connection," says Megadeth frontman.

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Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine recently discussed his approach to music and writing songs, reaching several interesting subjects regarding the metal music. When asked by Rock Confidential on whether he considers informing fans about the important topics as somewhat of an obligation, the frontman replied: "There was a point where I felt that was my calling. My career and taking care of my family is really important to me. There are so many things to be talking about. For me to be pointing out the wrongs in politics man, if I think I can make a difference I better pack a lunch." Mustaine then pointed out that "it's more about 'Can you identify with that?' instead of saying 'This political party is doing this and this political party is doing that.'" "They're really all the same," he continued. "Heavy metal music is just punk rock with long hair. People dont get that. People that aren't metal fans don't make the connection. I was watching a song by a band called Havok the other day and I was looking at the guy's lyrics. Wow, I could have written those lyrics. It's the same kind of stuff I used to write when I was younger." The singer/guitarist also discussed the thrash titans' longevity, remembering the times when he met fathers and sons at VIP meetings after Megadeth shows. "I can't tell you how many times I've been at one of our VIP meetings and a guy will come in with his kid and theyll look identical," Mustaine said. "I'll ask the kid, 'Is this your dad?' 'Yeah.' Ill tell the dad, 'Thanks for being a cool dad and passing the tradition on.' That ain't no sweat off my back for me to say something like that. To compliment that dad and make his son feel his dad is cool, to make that dad feel respected." He continued, saying, "I'm a dad. I love the way my kids have turned out. Not enough people affirm the men in America as parents anymore and that's why a lot of 'em bail. A lot of fathers give up. That ain't cool. Life is difficult. That's why people get fat and lazy." As far as the more current affairs and the group's latest album go, Mustaine clearly couldn't hide his excitement, saying that he is going through a second childhood. "It feels good to be me right now," the frontman said. "I still have moments where it's kinda hard to get outta bed. [laughs] I enjoy my life. I'm going through a renaissance period right now with the band and it just feels like a second childhood. Especially with the record charting as high as it did. "Metal is on the rise. I'm really excited about the times we're living in. Unfortunately, metal music is popular when the world is kind of topsy-turvy, but hey the world has been in kind of a fuck for a couple thousand years." The latest Megadeth studio effort, "Super Collider," saw its release on June 4 via Tradecraft as the fourteenth record in the group's catalogue. With 29,000 copies sold in the US within the first week, it peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    I can't believe I'm writing this but I think Mustaine is actually starting to make more sense... Still batshit-mental though.
    At least someone had the nerve to say it. Good on you fellow metal jockey.
    I say that from time to time. Then he makes a comment makes me hold my head down in shame.
    Thats Dave Mustaine for ya, folks! One of the greatest modern pioneers of the "Destroy-Build-Destroy" reputation system!
    Mustaine isn't as stupid as people think, huh
    I don't think too many people consider Dave stupid. Batshit crazy perhaps but not stupid.
    Basically people are stupid enough to get caught up in the gossip/tabloid style of paraphrasing his words and taking things out of context. He has said some stupid things, but it was never as bad as people complained it all was.
    At least he's listening to Havok.
    An awful band that sounds like a rip off of older thrash bands, thrash metal is irrelevant anyways.
    "Metal is on the rise." "Sales are down because metal fans just download cd's" "Metal music is popular when the world is screwed, lucky that it's always screwed tho" "Screwed people have all the money and don't buy metal"
    So UG, Dave can say '****' but I can't quote him saying '****'? Oh what the ****, I don't really give a **** anyway. Love you.
    That's pretty damn quotable. See, Dave Mustaine is a strange bloke, half of the time he's completely nuts but the other half of the time he's very reasonable and capable of saying some pretty wise insights. He'd probably make a good conversation partner.
    So, basically he's just a mildly talkative man with the the media (relatively) centered towards him. Everyone is crazy. We all have those convos we recollect and go 'What the fish was I going on about'. And that dad story just gave me a huge reason to like him as a person. I am not a dad myself (fully legal to be though), but I know how much my dads image towards my siblings and I mean to him. And a huge respect to him for that.
    I have a dislike for kids who turn out like their fathers, because instead of actually being cool, they just replicate their parents in an obvious attempt for their approval. Then I come to disrespect the parents for allowing them that shame, and not taking responsibility, but actually being proud of their child for this. Kind of ridiculous. And then people come along and just say their respecting their parents. There's way more to respect that that
    Dave always makes sure to pack a nutritious Lunch when he goes off to sing about political affairs.
    2nd childhood ? omg, I read his book and his childhood was pretty dramatic, not sure he wants to live this again.
    Where would UG be without Mustaine? Should get him to write some articles for us
    metal and punk arent the same but they follow on some basic roots together, thrash is considered metal and punk combined so :p idk if hes more angling at that or not
    The title doesn't sum it up well.. there are many interesting and truthful thoughts he said. Wise man this Mustaine is
    But punk is not metal with short hair
    The mindset is very similar between the two. Fast songs with distorted guitar singing about anarchy and drugs and all the other punk and metal clichs. I've always thought the two were very similar. Punk is meant to be a bit more of a bare bones version of metal without all the over the top solos.
    But any Punk fan would probably object to that. As a Metal fan, I kind of object to Metal being called that. I understand what Dave means by the comparison, but still...it's not really accurate. Metal and Punk have influenced each other a lot, but that doesn't mean that they're derivative forms of each other.
    I agree. They are quite similar in certain aspects and they are quite different too. A lot of the similarities for me lie in their overall intensity and attitude of the music, and their confrontational stage presence. I didn't mean that they're as you so elegantly put it, "derivative forms of each other." There's definitely a difference between say, Metallica and the Dead Kennedys lol.
    Um, take a listen to power metal, or melodic metal, or folk metal. How about even Viking metal? Not all fast riffs and anarchy. The reason I listen to a lot of metal is for the quality of the lyrics and melodies, not because it's mind-numbing and heavy. I find the comparison incredibly poor. However, what he said about dads and some of the other things was a little more sensible than usual.
    Not all punk is fast and about anarchy, either. Metal and punk are very very similar.
    I would say punk and metal are more compatible with each other than similar. There are pretty obvious musical differences between them. They're compatible enough that things like sludge, crust punk, and crossover thrash happened pretty easily though.
    Oh, how nice. Apparently, his foot in mouth disease just went from politics to music now.
    The bright spot is that Dave listened to Havok....maybe he gets some influence by them for the next album.
    For once, I pretty much agree with what he's saying. Except the stuff in the title. Lots of punks have long hair... how do you think they get their mowhawks three feet long? I'd be more inclined to say, Metal is just punk with better musical technique..
    Sorry Dave, Metal and Punk aren't the same.
    All extreme metal today finds its roots in hardcore punk.
    Not all, no. There is some influence, but to say "all" is just wrong. @Zaqq: Actually, Thrash is more influenced by '70s Punk. Both Hardcore and Thrash were basically conceived of during the same few years and share some similarities, because both were influenced by '70s Punk.
    I don't agree at all that metal is just "punk with long hair." There are plenty of differences within the music and the cultures. Especially if you think about all of the different sub-genres of metal and punk, and what they stand for, and who their audiences are.