Dave Mustaine On Controversial Politics: 'I Probably Should Have Said Things Differently'

Megadeth front man "has learned a valuable lesson" after Obama outburst.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine has conceded that he perhaps should have said things differently when discussing his political views. The singer sparked controversy back in August when he suggested onstage at a concert in Singapore that President Obama was behind the mass shootings in Aurora and at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.

"You know, I probably should've said things differently. I probably should've skipped that altogether. I learned a valuable lesson from all of this stuff."

Mustaine was repeating the theories of Larry Pratt, a pro-gun activist who runs the organization Gun Owners of America, and the singer finds it strange that it was he, and not Pratt, who took the flak:

"He said something about it and no one went after him. But everyone went crazy on me," he says. "I've been talking about politics my whole career. The second album - my God, it shows the U.N. completely blown up and destroyed. So I don't know why, all of a sudden, now's the time for people to take exception with what I'm saying."

However, the incident has led Mustaine to reflect on what he says while on stage, stating that he needs to remember that he is a public figure:

"I noticed that, yeah, I do say some stuff that's kinda you know, it's a little vulgar, I need to remember that being a public figure, I have a choice. I can be a really good example for people which I really desire to do or not. I mean, Marilyn Manson went to the airport with 'Fuck You' written on his forehead... That's just not my style."

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    This is one of the most sincere and mature things Dave's said in an while.
    Sheep Shagger
    "I probably should've skipped that altogether. I learned a valuable lesson from all of this stuff." Good.
    Dave is (to me) a great guitarist and everyone should just chill. He apologized move on people.
    Strummerboy Leo
    I'm more comfortable with a guy having "**** you" written on his face than I am with a head of state, or anyone who was not responsible, being blamed for the actions of deranged gunmen. Just saying.
    Infowars.com < read for yourself. Obama may or may not have known about the recent shootings but they were still government staged. It's about tightening gun control through fear. With the recent shootings lots of people will be happy to vote for tighter gun control. i live in Chicago and I can't have a pistol or automatic weapon in my home. What if I needed to defend my family from rioters or military enforcing a police state in a time of pandemic, epedemic or mass riots? What about a regular nut job trying to break in and rape, rob or kidnap? A society without arms can not defend its self from greater terrors and can be easily conquered. What about that huge solar storm set to hit next month that 'could' cripple our electric and phones for a few weeks? You don't think people will riot if that happens?
    Infowars(dot)com is run by Alex Jones. Alex Jones is a psychopathic right wing conspiracy theorist nut job who makes extremely inflammatory statements and just about hates everyone who isn't on his side. NEVER take Alex Jones seriously.
    None of that really explains why liberals and Democrats are actually upset by how little action Obama has taken towards gun control. People keep saying Obama wants to do this, that, and take away the other thing, but his voting record says otherwise. His actions say otherwise. If Obama wanted to use those shootings to capitalize, not only is he doing a piss poor job of it, he's already on record as saying that current gun laws need to be enforced better, not bolstered or reexamined. The majority of gun control measures are common sense issues that even the NRA agrees with in overwhelming numbers. Requiring a criminal background check, preventing violent/mentally ill people from obtaining fire arms, etc. Obama is nowhere near as left as people want to make him out to be, and if he was, he wouldn't be getting shit from liberals for essentially furthering some of George Bush's policies, and doing absolutely nothing towards stricter gun laws.
    lol it makes me laugh how americans think they NEED their guns or everything in their lives will change. I'd just like to point out, your the ONLY ****ry on this planet that thinks so, every other country (including america jr. ie canada) gets along fine with the gun restrictions we have. (America also has one of the highest gun related crime rates) Also, I don' understand why everyone thinks 'da guv'ment' is gonna come breaking down your walls and shooting up your families. It simply makes no sence, the second the government declares marshall law what do you think will happen to america's society? If society is in utter chaos the goverments gonna lose A) its millions of tax dollars they keep sucking from us and no one seems to give a shit (government can run us into debt, yet try not paying back anything you owe to YOUR bank...) and B) it's civil control over people. For some reason people see, to think today, without government or any laws that people would just start killing each other for no reason, as if people naturally want to dieor something... I feel sorry for the future... tl;dr what your saying is stupid and i suggest thinking about things before you say them, exactly what this article is all about..
    And for the record, not that Canada doesn't have its fair share of firearms, but no one is going to take us over simply because we're not gun toters. That's horrible logic, and as American, the only people you should fear conquering you is your own government. And good luck taking on the trained military and police if this crack pot fantasy becomes reality.
    If your source for information is infowars, you've lost. They're the same people who think you can download the image of Obamas birth certificate, open photoshop, and remove layers from it to show it was edited. Herp derp, that's how things work, right? Give it a rest, the government isn't out to get you.
    21th century and some people still think like you? Not to mention they can even vote...
    Um, I don't know what "Chicago" you live in, but Illinois allows you to own handguns.
    There's only 1 Chicago in IL and there are NO concealed weapons permits allowed at all, which makes me feel super safe when there are criminals walking around who don't obey the law anyway and may have a firearm on them
    I forgive ya Dave, keep ya mouth shut next time man! Put all them theories in ya music where its open to interpretation.
    I think it's funny that Dave, and people like him, need to reduce the backlash to people simply having a problem with him speaking his mind. Uh, no. You want to speak your mind? Great. You're in a position where people will listen. Just don't expect to make stupid, unfounded accusations, or liken your lack of empathy towards gay marriage the same as not being a cat person, because you will be called out on it. If you can't back up what you say, don't say it. The worst and most dangerous thing is to confuse the right to an informed opinion with the right to be stupid. Those aren't the same things, and a genuinely powerful point that is also 'offensive' or hard to deal with is still different from spewing bullshit and playing the opinion card after the fact.
    Difference between Peace Sells and Dave Mustaine's recent political rants - Peace Sells (the album) had literally 1 song on the entire album that had any basic political theme, and only a few parts of it did. And you know what the political theme was? It was "Hey, don't think that I suck just because I'm into Metal!" - so actually, there's about ZERO politically themed songs on that album, with Peace Sells being close to a politically themed song but not quite. Politically themed is Rust in Peace and Hook in Mouth. And what makes those songs different from Mustaine's recent political rants? Rust in Peace talks about the scariness of total nuclear annihilation, which is a thought present in the minds of all people who understand the concept. Hook in Mouth is about how conservative culture, specifically the PMRC, is out to GET bands like his and it needs to stop. His rants are bigoted and misinformed. His songs are actually kind of genius lyrically, at least in their old days.
    Aaaah, how refreshing it is to read UG's billionth installment of 'things that dave 'tangerine princess' mustaine says that don't really matter to anybody with an IQ above 85'. Not.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I won't believe he learned his lesson unless we stop hearing about the ridiculous things he says.
    I like how he still doesn't see what he said as wrong lol People get upset because he was spouting a theory with no evidence to back it up, which is detrimental to a very popular figure, not to mention the timing of which could be disastrous to his election campaign.
    Josh Reubenking
    Wow... Dave Mustaine being sincere and mature? In all seriousness, he needs to keep his mouth shut unless he's singing. I respect the man as a musician, but still. He should think of it this way: What he said in Singapore got mass media attention. His kids are probably in school and there's bound to be kids who recognize the last name Mustaine. Imagine how those kids and even teachers react to what their dad said. They probably heard about it. They probably think "wow, this is what their dad says all the time? Does he teach his kids this crap?" He could've created all that negative energy around his kids and his wife. He needs to think before he speaks.
    I have more respect for some crazed right-wing conspiracy theorist than one of the brain dead sheeple voting for Obama.
    It would make sense that someone who uses the word 'sheeple' has more respect for borderline crazy people with no proof or evidence to back up their stupidity.
    I'm glad Dave has a problem with keeping his nut-ball opinions to himself. Its very entertaining to read his psycho-christian right wing theories.
    Well, at least Manson doesn't come off as a middle-aged douche on a soapbox.
    "I Probably Should Have Said Things Differently" cut "probably" and "differently", add "not" and "at all"
    I not should have said things at all?
    He said "cut" not "replace". - I Probably Should not Have Said Things at all.
    Neither of us replaced any words, and you didn't cut probably, but still cut differently. You win an award for making absolutely no sense whatsoever.
    Wait. *looks over comment* Nevermind, this shit is too confusing.
    Regardless of Daves political views. He will always be a role model in my eyes and will always be my idol. Dave Mustaine is one of the most inspirational people i have ever come across. No matter what Dave had thrown at him during his life, he always came out swinging and was always the last man standing and always cam out on top. As he will continue to do so for the rest of his life
    Why does he feel that he has to apologize? It's not like he ever tried using his influence to sway anyone's opinion. He has his beliefs. Keep your head up, Dave. Ignore the retarded jokes/media...That includes you, UG 'writers.'
    Rattle your ****ing head, the Aurora shootings were mind control and the sand niggers need to be destroyed
    it's people like you that give metal a bad name.
    Funny, UG being a russian site. I still think they should not have bumped into this, though. Goes to show, "in soviet russia..."
    "You know, I probably should've said things differently. I probably should've skipped that altogether. I learned a valuable lesson from all of this stuff." Ya think? -_-
    Dave, Political THEMES, and political RANTINGS are different things!
    J.R. Legrasse
    When you sound like a mental patient, expect people to treat you as such. Mustaine's in the same delusional paranoid hysterical clown car with Donald Trump, Glenn Beck, Rev. Fred Phelps, Ted Nugent, Michele Bachmann and Alex Jones. Note he never said he was wrong, just that he shouldn't air his mortifyingly misinformed silliness in public.
    Mustain: "I was wrong for saying that Obama planned those mass shootings around the country. I know that it is against his Muslim faith to do such a thing." LOLOLOLOL
    People who say stupid things like him never learn. Sooner or later he will continue with his crazy opinions.
    Reading this makes me believe what he said should have been properly elaborated upon. If what he is saying here is true he just took what Pratt said out of context and pinned it on himself.
    One would think a whole career of controversial comments would have made him wiser by now. But no...Mr.Mustaine is still learning such basic lessons at his age. The world should just consider Dave's tongue and his brain as two separate entities.
    What ever happened to freedom of speech? Let Dave say what ever he likes as long as he continues to bash out the amazing riffs that he has all his life then who cares?????
    I don't have complete credibility on this story, but a Reddit user posted about meeting Marilyn Manson during that incident in the airport, and supposedly he wrote it on his forehead, because the paparazzis wouldn't be able to publish his pictures then. He also said that Marilyn Manson was very apologetic about the whole thing, and he seems like a pretty sensible guy from the interviews and speeches I've seen him give as well.
    Pretty sure the UG article about the incident stated similar things. However, I still think it's a pretty stupid and vulgar thing to do. The paparazzi is problematic as well though.
    Realizes he is in for another 4 year term, changes his sentiment completely. Thank ****.
    I'm guessing low ticket and album sales as well as other musicians around him distancing themselves from him has more to do with this recent act of contrition than an actual re-evaluation of himself...