Dave Mustaine on Online Haters: 'I Own Those B-tches'

"They can't go a day without talking about me," says Megadeth mainman.

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Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine had his fair share of online controversy in the last few years, making him possibly the most prominent figure in the metal world when it comes to making headlines.

The sharp-tongued frontman recently discussed his infamous reputation with the Clevescene, taking the negative backlash in his stride by saying that he "owns those b-tches."

"I've had a lot of my friends come up and say, 'Do you know what this site says? They sure have it out for you,'" the singer/guitarist said. "I laugh because I know I own those b-tches because they can't go a day without talking about me. If I don't own you, stop talking about me. The most important thing is that I know who my enemies are. I try to be kind to them. That makes me feel better and it p-sses them off."

Mustaine also addressed the "Super Collider" bashers, calling them "sheep" and "pond scum." When asked about the negative reviews of the group's latest effort, the frontman commented:

"I don't know what you're talking about because it's the No. 6 record and those guys are probably sheep. There are a lot of pond scum out there who follow me wherever I go, and they just say stuff because they don't like me and they don't like what I stand for," he said. "For people to target me and take everything I say and turn it into some conundrum and some topic for discussion. It's like, 'C'mon. Do you think I take myself that seriously?'"

When asked on whether he thinks there "will ever be another spark" similar to the one of the early '80s thrash movement, Mustaine had no doubts when saying it is basically impossible.

"Nope," the frontman briefly started. "With digital audio works stations and everyone having recording studios in their laptops, everybody is a musician. When MySpace came out, there were 8 million bands on it five or six years ago. You don't have enough lifetimes to listen to 8 million bands. The thing with thrash metal and speed metal was that we capitalized on teenage angst because we all lived it. We were all street kids."

The frontman then focused on the upcoming metal bands, saying, "A lot of these new bands, their dads are doctors and lawyers. What do they know about living in a van? Nothing. What do they know about panhandling for food? Nothing. So how do they identify with the guys who have to work everyday and have two jobs? They don't. These kids are doctors' kids. What do they know?

"Being homeless really made me grateful," Mustaine concluded. "My mom was a maid and I grew up in the California welfare system with food stamps. I hated being a poor kid. But would I mind going back there? No. I can still eat Top Ramen and macaroni and cheese."

As the fourteenth record in the Megadeth opus, "Super Collider" dropped on June 4 via Universal-powered label Tradecraft. With 29,000 units sold in the US within the first week, it debuted at No.6 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    'because they can't go a day without talking about me' - neither can ultimate guitar it would seem
    I know everyone will bash him for this, but it's becoming kinda frustrating that he can't say anything without getting quoted (in a negative way) somewhere... You can't blame him for bashing back! You would react the same way (and so do I!). And a record at position n6 it's still a big deal, like it or not
    Exactly! Dave is great and brave person. Hetfield is coward, who has no political views, no personality. He hides it. Most musicians hide it, because that's safer for their PR and allows people (who would otherwise hate those musicians if they knew them) to falsely idolize them. I love Dave - because I can disagree with him, but he's still honest, showing his not-perfect, real human nature. And that's rock'n roll, that's oldschool, that's true spirit of music. Face it. Either you love him, respect him, or hate him. But he has real talent too. Try and compose songs like him - then we'll talk, haters . Who cares about your technique - try to _compose_ like him .
    There's also a lot of guys who are pretty indifferent about politics and have no interest in talking about them whatsoever. You don't actually know if Hetfield is that way. This doesn't make him a coward. I think bringing it up when you're not specifically asked about it is unnecessary. It's not that they can't have those opinions, far from it. It's just that I'm largely not interested in them, unless they're educated about it.
    James has said before that he hates politics and tries to avoid them.
    Very well said. And its true...Hating on Mustaine is kind of becoming a trend.
    Brave? By being a shill for the Republican party? And how can you not be quoted "in a negative way" when all you say are negative things? I have no respect for anyone stupid, ignorant, or greedy enough to vote for those bastards.
    Yup my thoughts as well mate. In truth to me (My opinion not everyone's!) being a great musician to me is 30% how well you play and 70% whether you can compose worth anything. THATS what seems to set aside the average musicians and the Great one's just look back to many of the classical musicians of old. However i will say i am getting sick of all of these stories about every single thing he says. please stop trying to make him look like crap for the love of god and try doing something productive.
    True. The guy says plenty of smart stuff actually, but it seems it's a trend to hate Mustaine nowadays...
    Dave Mustaine on breathing: I do it every day! Unless it's interesting, please stop writing about him, UG.
    They can't go a day without talking about me...quite ironic
    link no1
    I laugh because I know I own those b-tches because they can't go a day without talking about me
    So I guess Mustaine is the owner of UG then?
    Well, he totally has a point. All he has to do if he is a bit bored and wants a little fun is to sneeze and suddenly the entire internet wets their pants. He said it himself, he doesn't even take himself as seriously as everyone else does.
    I'm waiting for a meme with Dave's photo and text written in capital letters: "I OWN THOSE BITCHES!"
    "I laugh because I know I own those b-tches because they can't go a day without talking about me" Apparently his daily dose of comedy is ultimate guitar
    "I laugh because I know I own those b-tches because they can't go a day without talking about me. If I don't own you, stop talking about me." Well, Dave, I'd love to, if only this site would stop making news out of every single god damn thing you say!
    That's enough UG... Every time a muso opens their mouth, it doesn't classify it as news.
    And how are you going to do that; Post something hateful on every website you can think of??? How many units did you sell in the first week of YOUR last record???
    Tiago Sa
    Dave Mustain owns Ultimate Guitar. UG can't stop posting about him... That said, I can't stop myself from opening each newstitle just to see what new shit came out of DM's mouth Needless to say, I'm never disappointed. I just hope my popcorn supply doesn't run out any time soon.
    come on UG, this isn't TMZ. A Mustaine article every single day is both tiresome and annoying. Stop harassing the guy and maybe he won't sound as much like a dickhead
    Even if someone disagrees with him, he has a point in "If I don't own you, stop talking about me". The more people care about his stupid things, the more popular he'll be. Bad PR is still PR.
    Something tells me the next thing they release will be a christian rock album.
    I loved the new record. and apparently quite alot more did to for it to reach number 6... althouh back in the 80's it would have sold more copies.
    You don't have to be poor to create great music...we all live in our own prisons regardless of how much our parents make. It doesn't matter whether you have one old beat up guitar or twenty brand new ones...you still have to put your hands on the instrument...alot!
    Well i feel weird commenting twice here but yes that's true for the most part. But I'm pretty sure hes more stating the people who try and talk about life being so horrible and rough. In a way he's saying they don't know what the hell it's like so how can they write about that stuff i by no means think hes saying that you can't have money and play just that you shouldn't do stuff about things that you clearly have no real experiences in.
    Good thing this was deleted, or I might have been offended! :O Thanks for having my back, UG
    It's funny how he's the man who released Rust In Peace and all these kids hating on him are sitting in their sweaty ass bedrooms with their shitty guitars plugged into their ****ing line 6 amps practicing widdly tech death songs
    As a Megadeth fan since I was about 13, and as someone who has generally supported mustaine's right to say whatever the hell he wants, I just lost a lot of respect for him. He talks about being homeless like it's something to take pride in, and attacks newer (and better) music by calling the people who wrote it more privileged for having successful parents? That's pretty ****ing small of him, if you ask me. I've been homeless - it's nothing to be proud of; I've had to eat a lot worse than ramen and macaroni, and anyone that's been in that situation would do ANYTHING to spare themselves from the humiliation of ever having go back to it. Get over yourself, Dave. Super Collider was garbage; you're not a special snowflake; people with successful parents can write good music. The you that first started Megadeth would probably spit in your face if he met who you are today.
    yea... if he didn't do all of these interviews, megadeth would've been halfway through another new album probably...
    Wow. A self-fulfilling prophecy. If only the media would stop talking about Mustaine he wouldn't "own those bitches". Alternatively, Mustaine should just stop talking to the media and go back to masturbating in his own faeces.
    But then he'd be masturbating in you, which wouldn't be masturbating at all. I mean, he does own you and everyone else on the internet after all
    mmmmm ramen and mac & cheese. Staple diets of poor people. I ate a lot of that (when I could eat) as a kid. Never thought to mix the two together though.
    He's starting to look like a cartoon of his former self... like David Lee Roth is now. LOL!!!!
    why is there a news item on mustane every week (who cares!) its almost as bad a geoff tate news!!!!
    Mustaine, really needs a pair of balls in his mouth to cease his constant spouting of stupidity.
    Really? I believe i went a good however long it was sinc eh last said something stupid without even thinking of him. He is really begging for attention so I say don't give it him. Let him whine, comaplain and tarnish everything he once stood for.
    Wanna know why we can't go a day without talking about you? Because we can't go a day without hearing you say something stupid
    *claps* You go, Mustaine! Show those haters that you're the boss no-hahahahahahahahaha Sorry Dave, you're still an *****
    is this site dedicated to dave? geez all they do is post stuff about him! they do it for ratings/hits...they know you will respond.I don't take anything this site post about dave m. seriously,I only hear about his life on this site! it's obvious they do it on purpose,so stop hating on him and look at the source...
    sure, it must have been hard sleeping on the streets in the sunny state... you are a tough bastard dave, you can still eat noodles? holy crap
    As a Megadeth fan, I didn't like Super Collider as much as Thirteen, Endgame, or the classics. In fact, there's some negativity because my hopes were a bit high. No big deal. You don't have to call me a sheep and pond scum. It's not really helping your ego, and it's hurting my respect for you. Shush, Dave.
    Havok kicks ass, and I think they are a new-er band than Megadeth. I think they relate a lot more than you give them credit for, Dave. Why don't you take your head out of your ass, fix your melty face, and put out a decent ****ing record for once?
    I am sorry for Chris Broderick, i mean he is wasting his talent in Megadeth, shitty riffs and he cant make use of his full potential because they wont be able to keep up with him, so yeah it does pay the bills but musically i see it as a waste of talent and skills, Mustaine in charge of writing song when he already ran out of inspiration or ideas, he already reached his limit and is dragging down megadeth, even when he founded the band