Dave Mustaine on Social Media: 'The Internet Has Wuss-a-Fied So Many People'

artist: Megadeth date: 10/09/2013 category: music news
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Dave Mustaine on Social Media: 'The Internet Has Wuss-a-Fied So Many People'
Dave Mustaine has been talking with Full Metal Jackie (via Loudwire) about the presence of social media in modern society. As Mustaine notes, while he is open to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, he tries to find a balance between his private and public life. "I think it’s cool to an extent, but I also think because of the whole way that some celebrities have used it and exploited it. If you don’t post pictures of a lower GI, then you’re not being open with your fans. Now, you can tell what were eating, you know what we’re drinking and know what we’re doing just about everything about us except blood panels. You follow enough celebrities I’m sure you’ll be getting a DNA sample from some of these guys if I stand close enough to them with blood or spit on you.

"For me, I liked being private but I also like sharing the music side of our life with our fans. I think that's really cool if you can find that balance. I still have a really private life. But I also try and really bring the fans into the bands - if you were in the band, this is what it would be like. Just because you're in the band doesn't mean you're in my head." The Megadeth front man also noted that older bands like Led Zeppelin would have taken a harder stance on internet trash talking: "I think that if Led Zeppelin still had their groups intact with stuff like these gossip sites, [their manager] Peter Grant probably would have beat the f--k out of these little punks. There'd be a lot of bones breaking in Hollywood. I think that would be really cool. It's kind of weird the way the Internet has wuss-a-fied so many people where they're cowards who hide behind a keyboard and say stuff. Back in the day when people would say something bad about you in the press, it took some guts to do that. You knew who said it."
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