Dave Mustaine Opens Soup Kitchen For The Homeless

Megadeth man announces new charity project on Facebook.

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These days, Dave Mustaine is mostly talked about in the press because of his often controversial politics. However, it is today being reported that the Megadeth front man is opening a soup kitchen for the homeless in Haiti. Mega-Dave made the announcement via his Facebook page yesterday:

"I just wanted to take this time on a peaceful Sunday to stop and thank you for your tremendous support, I know not everyone here is a fan, but that's OK too; this message will be waiting for you when you change your opinion of me/us. Until then, I want to sincerely thank those of you for something you have no idea that you've done, but that is really a righteous and unbelievable thing to do. You see, all faults aside, I really am trying to live my life differently today, and part of that was in finding something to believe in.

"One of the things that has happened since I started this transformation is getting involved with helping widows and orphans, and helping the homeless. Now, here's what you've done...

"I was approached with an opportunity, and thanks to your unwavering support, my family and I have been able to fund a soup kitchen in Haiti with a ministry called Outside The Bowl, and you will be proud to know that when it is started (which will be very soon), we will be feeding up to 8, 000 meals a day to the less fortunate.

"I am so very grateful, and I love you all so very much (yes, even you haters), because even when I am being vilified and having my character assassinated, I can find comfort knowing up to 8,000 meals will be served each day, along with a healthy serving of love and some spiritual nourishment as well.

"Again, I cannot thank you enough.

"Love and bruises..."

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    Wow. I'm not even going to make some sarcastic joke. This is actually pretty cool. Right on, Dave.
    Well I guess we ALL have to put a plug in it! There, I'll be the idiot to have made a joke about the situation.
    Yeah, Dave! Thank you! It's always great to do something good for others.
    Finally, great job on doing something constructive to actually help people in need. Keep up with more of this, Dave.
    This is a fantastic thing for him to do, and it is great to see him giving so much back. It's a shame some of the haters may still find a way to dog him for this
    "These days, Dave Mustaine is mostly talked about in the press because of his often controversial politics." *Ahem* These days Dave Mustaine is only talked about on UG because his statements attract readers for UG.
    A positive Dave Mustaine story? Pigs have flown. Good work, Dave. This news gave me the warm fuzzies.
    I guess you could call him Megachef... Don't why I said that, he's not even cooking.
    If that was a tv cooking show hosted by Mustaine, I would totally watch it. Each week he could have a metal legen come in and cook something with him lol.
    He seemed kinda self-righteous in the little blurb there, but still; this is pretty ****ing cool. Megadave has been partially redeemed in my opinion.
    Maybe there's hope for Davey yet. I give respect where it's due, and he's earned it with this.
    It's great when wealthy people do good with their money, but why do they feel the need to document it? Is doing something good not gratifying enough? Why the need to search for praise from their fanbase?
    Hopefully it is for a constructive reason, perhaps he is getting the word out to raise support for it and make it an even bigger good. If he is just trying to brag, which I'd love to give him the benefit of the doubt, that defeats a lot of the good done in a sense.
    Yeah and he was thanking the people that helped him too. I see your point Gonzo but i don't think hes bragging here.
    My only criticism is why go all the way to Haiti to help people? We have plenty of homeless in the US.
    God forbid we would look beyond nationalities and politics and just help people regardless of their geographic position on earth...and who has the right to tell him who he should help? Shouldn't we just be grateful that he's helping people in the first place? I can't help but feel annoyed when a person does something to help out his fellow man and someone still has a "yeah but..." attitude about it. He has no obligation to help anyone yet he did. It's like if Megadeth put out an epic 2 album masterpiece and someone was like "yeah but they could've made it 3 albums instead".
    I think people are only bringing it up because of his political statements. He doesn't like people in this country who receive "handouts" but to pretend like everyone abuses the welfare system and that it doesn't help people is beyond ignorant. They want to abolish government programs like that, rather than fine tune them and make them more efficient, all while doing exactly what they disagree with in other countries because...they feel bad for THOSE poor people?
    Completely agree. It's nice when celebrities help others with things like this, but it seems more of a publicity stunt when they always have to go to Africa or Haiti to do it. If they looked to their own countries and around where they live first, I think that'd make a big difference
    Agreed. It especially bugs me when movie/tv stars come back from abroad with a new baby like they're out there saving the world when it's really just a fashion accessory or a prop to get them on the cover of People magazine. I guess opening a soup kitchen in San Diego doesn't sound as cool as one in Haiti. And then posting it on your own facebook page seems like a "Hey everybody, look at me, aren't I cool" move.
    Adus treth
    haiti got the earthquake and everything just ****ed up i dont remenber the year exactly but if im right haiti people die from starving and shit, even the water its hard to get for some people.
    Whether or not it's being documented to make him look better or not, 8,000 people in need are still getting fed. Personally, that's what matters to me about this story.
    Good for him! He was really destroying his public image with his conspiracy nonsense but things might really turn around for him.
    That's why I chuckled when I read the "when I am being vilified and having my character assassinated" part, he's the one doing that...Not anyone else. That said, this is a great thing to do.
    He hates Obama, but he's providing handouts for people? I am all for this, but it's kind of a turnaround for him
    Um...there's a difference between the government giving handouts and a private citizen doing it. It's called welfare vs. charity.
    Yes there is. Welfare means higher taxes and well....no one wants to feel obligated to provide money for someone else especially when those people may be milking the system.
    Yes, the problem arises when those who are receiving welfare decide that they are owed those benefits that they receive rather than viewing them as charity. Just because you need it does not mean that the government or any other person owes it to you. However, it is great when people take it upon themselves to give something back without being forced or told that they owe it to someone more needy.
    I think the ideal system would be well off people simply helping out the unlucky whenever they can, if we collectively as a country have the resources to treat everyone's cancer than why not? A lot of people want america to be a christian nation and this is what it means, opening up soup kitchen so people who have been hit by to catastrophic disasters in a row can eat, or helping inner city children get a higher quality education. The government only intervenes in the healthcare system because private citizens and the church aren't doing all the work that needs to be done. If every citizen took collective interest in fixing the education and healthcare system tomorrow whatever way they could the government would be estatic to not have to spend that money or tax more. Where only as strong as our weakest link and no one wins when people get hit hard and don't have what they need to get back up.
    It's the difference between eating your veggies because your mom told you to and eating your veggies because your want to be healthy, at the end of the day those veggies have to been eaten and by god whatever authority is in charge will make you whether you like it or not but it feels so much better to do it yourself.
    Because he's actually giving it to people who need it...he doesn't support the people that actually milk the system, which Obama does.
    I love how they obviously edit out any of his remarks regarding Jesus or Christianity. Fantastic thing he's doing though
    Whataya mean I'm an a**hole? I open soup kitchens when I want to !!
    He's providing handouts, not the government. "I was approached with an opportunity, and thanks to your unwavering support, my family and I have been able to fund a soup kitchen in Haiti with a ministry called Outside The Bowl..." Big difference between private charity and a forced redistribution.
    Good to see him doing this too. He'll still probably get crap in some way or another from his haters though.
    See I thought to myself why doesn't he help feed the thousand of people in his own country, or own state. Well then I thought about the math behind this. 8000 meals in haiti is probably only a few 100 in america if that, so the bigger the number the better he feels.
    Awesome, Dave! As for the people wondering why it's in Haiti and not here... I've never been to Haiti, but I'm going to make an assumption and say their poor are worse off than our poor. Our poor already have shelters, soup kitchens, welfare to help. Not saying that they're necessarily working well, but Im under the assumption Haiti probably has less for their poor
    Correct sir, they were devastated by a humongous earthquake a few years back and haven't really recovered. In fact, their country is in such dire circumstances that early on after the quake a good portion of citizens were asking to be annexed by the US.
    I'm getting down-voted for explaining the circumstances on why Haiti is in such bad shape? 80% of their population lives below the poverty line. Yes their country is in incredibly bad shape. Their GDP is under 10 billion a year, Bill Gates is literally richer than the entire country.
    I personally don't care for Mustaine's politics but, anybody who goes and does something like this for his fellow man out of his own pocket, has definately earned my respect. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, even before the earthquake which devastated it, so to see something like this, goes to show that there is hope for the human race. Kudos Dave and God Bless you !
    That was a pretty kind thing of Dave to do. Also, it's good to see some Dave Mustaine news that isn't controversial or political.
    "But I thought he hated socialism"? Ridiculous comment, like there would be a contradiction between hating socialism and being charitable. In fact, if all you're doing is promoting socialism and refusing to give away your money unless you know everyone else is being forced to do it as well, I would strongly argue that you're being extremely uncharitable. Charitableness of Dave Mustaine: 8000/1 = 8000 meals Charitableness of socialist: 8000/315114000 = 0,00002539 meals
    *American socialist, of course. 315114000 is the population of the USA, which I realize is not very obvious.
    Mr Winters
    Now let's see if he can stop talking shit and keep doing awesome things like this. Nice job Dave.
    I don't want to cheapen this good thing he's doing, so I'm really going to try not to. I think a lot of his beliefs are messed up to the max and others are insane, and while some things he's said are unforgivable even, this is really a good thing.
    It's good to see Dave doing something like this! Now if only more people who have more money than they need start helping people we might actually move forward as a species. No one should have to be hungry.