Dave Mustaine: 'People Misinterpret Stuff So Pathetically'

Megadeth mainman also discusses the importance of not making too complicated music, calling the band "predictably unpredictable."

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Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine recently discussed the way his statements tend to be misinterpreted by the public, focusing on one of his interviews in which he described the upcoming record "Super Collider" as similar to Megadeth's debut effort "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good."

During a chat with Full Metal Jackie, the frontman recalled the time when bassist David Ellefson made such a comparison and the way fans reacted.

"The funny thing is that people misinterpret stuff so pathetically, so badly," Mustaine said (via Loudwire). "David [Ellefson] was working on 'Dancing in the Rain' and he goes, 'This song reminds me of the first record because it sounds like 'Looking Down the Cross' a little bit' and so now everybody's saying, 'When I hear the record I disagree with David Ellefson, it doesn't sound like the first record' and it's like 'Dude you're misinterpreting what he said.'"

In case you aren't familiar with the first interview, it took place in January, once again on Full Metal Jackie show. Back then, Mustaine commented, "David Ellefson is one of those guys that are kind of the barometer of the band. You ask me, you never really know what you're gonna get, but when you ask David Ellefson, it's kind of like reading the ingredients on the back of something, 'cause he's such a straight shooter.

"He told some people the other day that this is music that's really similar to 'Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!,' some of the stuff - really dark, really heavy and fast stuff."

Singer/guitarist also discussed the importance of not making too complicated music, naming it as the problem numerous musicians are tangled up with. He also praised the "less is more" kind of approach, saying, "I remember one time hearing this advice somebody had given me and said that, 'A good song is beat, melody and ten simple words,' and I was like, 'God, I can't fit 10 simple words in a sentence let alone in a whole song,' but the point of it is it's like beat, melody 10 simple words, don't make it to complicated."

Mustaine continued, saying, "If you are going to make it complicated make it at least musical and I think theres a lot of bands out there I'm not going to say Megadeth was responsible for the prog-rock starting, I think that happened more with Genesis and stuff like that. As far as thinking man's metal and having a lot of twists and turns, we always liked doing that stuff and I think if every song had that it would become predictable and you would know what you're going to get.

"Megadeth is a predictably unpredictable band and you never really know what you're going to hear with the songs. You heard more songs than just about anybody off this record so far when we were making them and there were a lot of surprising tracks on there."

"Super Collider" is set to be unleashed on June 4 via Mustaine's own Universal-powered label Tradecraft. Previously announced with title track single and "Kingmaker" track, it will mark the fourteenth release in the band's catalogue.

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    "I'm not going to say Megadeth was responsible for prog-rock starting, I think that happened more with Genesis and stuff like that." Thanks for clearing that up, Dave.
    I keep hearing negative things about this album but as a Megadeth fan I'm still hopeful and I'l definitely find tracks I enjoy on this album.
    I don't really get why people are upset with it. You can't listen to Megadeth and expect another RIP or KIMB and be happy with anything they release. Granted, I'm not a fan of the Super Collider track, but the rest of the album really isn't that bad. It's a fun listen.
    It's really bad, dude. Like, almost Risk-levels of terrible. I wasn't expecting much out of it, even before hearing the title track, but it broke all my expectations in a bad way.
    I don't get why Megadeth fans, or any fans of big bands, bother to defend new material. If you like it, great. But if some of the best things said about Super Collider are that it's 'decent', why bother? Why would I listen to a mediocre-decent Megadeth album instead of a great Megadeth album, or better yet, something new that doesn't suck? Just cop out after cop out. "Oh you just don'.t like the style change". "Oh the music is too well produced for you." "Oh you can't accept that bands evolve". Or maybe, just maybe, Megadeth are past their prime and you're trying to wrap your head around the criticism of something you like. There is too much music out there to settle for a 'decent' Megadeth rock record.
    I agree that most of Megadeth's new albums have been very lackluster (although I thought United Abominations had a few really killer tracks on it), but people defend new material because they like it. I'm in the boat where I don't want to see Megadeth stop touring, but I also don't want them to just ride the coattails of older tunes. I enjoy hearing new things from bands that are past their prime because they seem to actually be trying and having fun with what they're doing. Unlike a band like KISS who are living in the past with both their image and music. That being said, I agree with the majority of your post.. I just feel if a band like Megadeth continues to write ... even if it's sub par compared to their older stuff ... it still flexes their creativity muscles enough to where they won't just retire because they may be tired of playing old material.
    Like I said, if you like it, great. There are lots of bands where I'll admit I'm a bigger fan of their playing or song writing style than I am of certain albums. I get that, and I don't think anyone needs to justify their taste in that regard. Hell, even if Megadeth were to rehash Peace Sells, like I said, if you like it, you like it. My point is the cop out arguments and personal attacks are stupid. I have a different perspective on a band like Megadeth, but eh, one of my favourite bands is Voivod, and they have lots of albums that really aren't that great no matter what context you listen to them in, and I still love them. Nothing wrong with admitting that. If Megadeth put out the best hip hop or jazz album of all time tomorrow, I'm not going to ignore it. I'm not opposed to good music of any style, so I don't get the excuses people make let alone anyone who says this touches their classic material.
    I completely agree. Just saying, I'd rather them *try* and fan the creative flame rather than let it die. I also love Voivod! PHOBOS!
    Dude Phobos is underrated as ****, figured I had to throw that in there to be devil's advocate. I personally love all their albums.
    I don't get why people bother with writing drivel like you wrote...
    Many people probably also don't get why you have to write a hundred comments below each and every article on UG.
    Heard the album... definitely not buying THAT!
    If anyone has seen the new Arrested Development episodes they should find that photo of Dave to be hilarious...
    As far as i'm concerned, let him say what he's got to say, (even though some of it may be stupid), it's the music that counts!!
    Why do most Megadeth fans religiously stick to the old "nothing is like it used to be" shit. Grow up. The band has changed, the music is still awesome, even if it has been more thoroughly produced. Honestly, I think the only way you would be pleased is if they recorded new songs on an old 4 track and made it sound like a live recording. Fucking retards.
    Most fans want the new record to sound like "the old stuff". Goes for just about every band there is. Personally, I'm like you, I want to see where my favorite bands go next. The old stuff is there. If you want it, go get it.
    you appear to be criticising people's intolerance by being intolerant yourself. nice circular logic there.
    Are you people that thick? The only ones saying that people aren't liking it because it doesn't sound like the old stuff are people like you, who accuse other people of it. (Hint: NO ONE IS SAYING THAT.) It's not that we don't like it because it doesn't sound like the old stuff... we don't like it because it doesn't sound good. And, not to mention the fact that there's legions of people like you, coming on, posting like you're edgy ("GROW UP TIMES HAVE CHANGED SO HAS THE MUSIC"), when the exact same thing has been said by so many people. No shit, sherlock. The music has changed. The music had changed when Countdown came out, when Youthanasia came out... hell, the music had changed when Endgame came out, and that shit was golden. So, go crawl back into your hole because you aren't making any sense.
    i never had such high hopes about the new album, i know megadeth ill never be like it used to be, but still this could be some decent music, in any case ill atleast hear it on youtube a couple of times.
    I'm not asking for another Rust In Peace. I'm not asking for an album full of Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, types of songs.... If they can stick out another album like Endgame... I'd be happy. And wow, what a lot of butthurt in the comments.
    It is disappointing that he even feels the need to say this. People should just leave Dave alone. He can believe what he wants. His music, his beliefs. Don't like it? Then don't listen to it.
    LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE. So basically, what you're saying is only give Dave attention for the good things he says in does in public while ignoring the flat out stupid things he says in public, often while he's also trying to build hype for whatever he has going on. Dave is a human being; if he doesn't want people dissecting his views or questioning his 'logic', why does he continue making loaded irrational comments where they'll be seen by millions?
    First of all, as cute as that joke was, I think that Mustaine deserves much more respect than Britney does. I never said to only give him attention for the good nor was I implying it. Not to mention that his "stupid" things are often misinterpreted (as he just said in this article), or the way he words it isn't thought out very well. So yes, he is a human being. It isn't necessarily his "logic" that he gets bashed for, it's his conservative Christian views that he expresses that people dislike. I can guarantee that if he was liberal and non-religious, he wouldn't get half the sh!t that he gets.
    Yes, people misinterpret Dave. Just like how he misinterprets reality. Actually, it'd be pretty much a fact that if Dave were non-religious and liberal, he wouldn't get as much crap. The reason being that he'd be far less delusional. And if he still said "CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL AND OBAMA STAGED THE AURORA SHOOTINGS" (two things he HAS said), people would give him crap regardless of his political leanings or religion. But you don't hear such maniac things coming from the left wing, you only hear it from right wing nuts, which Dave has become a welcome addition to. There's plenty of evidence to show that the right wing has pushed for a more extremist agenda while the left wing hasn't changed much at all. In other words, Ronald Reagen himself would think people like Dave Mustaine are crazy. And so people SHOULD give Mustaine crap, because he spews crap like "african women should put a plug in it" - ya, I totally misinterpreted that, right? My point being, I love Megadeth, at least the early stuff, but Dave Mustaine has totally lost it, musically and mentally. And defending a crazy person who says crazy things is just pointless.
    It's all a matter of opinion and perspective. Actually, many conservatives are behind Mustaine. He really isn't that crazy, he has just said a few things that were off color. Most conservatives would look at all the "far less delusional" and would call them the extremists. Here on UG, there are much more liberals than conservatives, so he is given even more crap. It's all just a matter of perspective.
    Off to see them June 3rd , gotta love a bit Bill O'Rielly !!!
    "Megadeath is predictably unpredictable".....not so...I predicted that this album would blow like all the rest and I was right...totally predictable!!!
    So Dave Ellefson was dancing in the rain, and thought this album sounded exactly like the first one and he looks down on the cross? What a weird guy.
    my interpretation of the title of this quote...misinterpreting something so pathetically means you suck at misinterpreting things...or rather you are good at interpreting things. Maybe dave is just misinterpreting himself.
    Kronos Agony
    My Last Words
    (seriously, i'd love to see him doing some collabs with guys like keith merrow a la jeff loomis, if you know where i'm going..)
    Would love to see him with Eric Gales or John Pizzarelli. It would be cool to put metal and jazz side by side just for fun.
    "If you are going to make it complicated make it at least musical'' That ladies and gentlemen is coming from the man who released Endgame, were alot of that album was incoherent fret board wanking Still a great album though! On a serious note however, the new record will be interesting, the title track wasn't all that good but Kingmaker sounded abit better... So I'm not writing it off just yet, there's still hope!
    That wasn't said by him. That was said TO him by a friend as a kind advice, wich, obviously, he wasn't able to follow.
    It is NOT good and it is NOT bad. Some people just have a different taste than others. I liked it.
    Heard 2 of their tracks live at a gig a few days ago (one of them was Kingmaker, I forgot the name of the other one) It sounded pretty decent, sure it was no RIP but it didn't feel out of place, if you like Megadeth you'll like those songs!
    Judging by new songs, I feel no interest whatsoever in listening to the new album... :/
    Honestly, i liked the album. It's not metal of course, but it is a decent music! Listen to it as if it's rock album not thrash metal and you wouldn't be dissapointed!
    I love that Dave Mustaine is criticizing the ability of his fans to interpret interviews. I wonder what his excuse is for his constant misinterpretation of reality.
    I think he's just saying all that as an excuse for the weak chops lately..especially 13? I mean, ****in' Chris Broderick man, I'm expecting Tornado of Souls PT. II and I'm getting the damn Black album. WTF.
    I like what I've heard so far, I'll have a full opinion once I hear the entirety of the new record.
    Honestly Im glad that more than half of the "metalheads" that listen to megadeth aren't musicians or just remain in the underground scene, couse the kind of attitude that "This record is nothing compared to the 4 first records" is the kind of thinking that make music of an artist go down along your morning dump. Seriously, I can't believe how people still waiting for a new Rust in Peace or Peace Sells, or Killing is My Business even, come on people don't you get it? Rust in Peace is rust in peace, Peace Sells is peace sells, what the **** would be the point of making 100 records if they are going to be the same stuff over and over again? That's actually what makes records special, if there were stuff like Rust in Peace I, II, and III, it wouldn't be as special as it is, not even slayer does that, despite of the fact that their songs are similar one to the other, seriously open your minds. This new record is a good one, is not better than Endgame but better than Th1rt3en, I really can't think what's on the mind of people comparing this to Risk ...
    My Last Words
    The same argument over and over again.. I'm not expecting a new rust in peace or peace sells, the only thing I'm expecting is a GOOD album.
    I'm sorry but Megadeth is predictable as ****. All the new songs are Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, chorus, Solo ,Chorus, ending.
    I'd like to see you do better after almost 30 years of writing music.
    "Holy Wars" is a great example of what to do. Just Dave prefers doing 13 "Moto-Psycho" songs.
    Stop saying crazy shit. Problem solved, Dave. You're not making any friends by acting whacko, and then getting mad at people for reacting to it. That just tells me you're trying to save face from your dumb ass comments. It isn't our fault that you say outrageous shit. "MY PRESIDENT *gag motion* IS STAGING ALL THESE SHOOTINGS TO PASS A GUN BAN." My bad, I totally took that out of context. I thought you were saying President Obama was staging all these shootings to pass a gun ban.
    The bottom line should be, if you have a problem with Megadeth's new music then you don't have to listen to it. But lots of people, including myself, think that what we've heard is very good and sounds like Megadeth. Don't put down someone else just because you don't like or understand it.
    Good lord, the whole "you don't like it because you don't understand it" defense is getting old. The reason people are getting upset is because the new music is so forced and phoned-in that it's pathetic. Mustaine has written some of the most crushing, powerful, and catchy metal in history, and it's downright insulting to the musicians he's working with to waste their talent on this dreck. I'm all for a band evolving, changing their style, and experimenting, but Super Collider is none of that: it's just Mustaine being lazy.
    Anybody read his book?It's a good read and gettin into his shoes alil was good for me.From personal to political,he's confusing yes.But he offers that awkward point of view that most media misses.Hince the interest in him still.Very intelligent,very zeroed in on the heart of matters.Now if you don't agree,that's America baby..
    Oh supercollider,meah,1995 radio friendly.Kingmaker,name said it all.Killer song.
    just waste up a talent like broderick..he is definitely did nothing on the record...what a shame...mustaine should get another pop rock guitarist for the next album...