Dave Mustaine Sells Ultra-Rare Guitar

Mustaine designed the guitar which appeared next to him on many magazine covers in the late 90s, but the bidding is already over $10,000.

Ultimate Guitar

Dave Mustaine is selling an ultra-rare Jackson prototype guitar that he designed, on eBay for more than $10,000.

It was presented to him in 1998, and appeared alongside him on many magazine covers in the following years.

"Jackson Y2KV was a guitar designed by Dave Mustaine, in an effort to create a less aggressive and retro-looking flying V guitar, to contrast for his usual King V. It was mainly used for touring of 'Risk' and 'The World Needs A Hero' as Mustaine's own model, with less than a dozen produced, including some prototypes like this guitar up for auction. Eventually, the Y2KV went in mass production and introduced in the Jackson Guitars year 2000 catalog," says the listing.

"This was the first guitar with the final 3+3 Y2KV head, but with dot inlays, rosewood fingerboard, alternate knobs and a blade switch. The body shape was not quite finalized either, but this was the 1st approved prototype, used by Dave Mustaine as reference for the final prototype."

At time of writing, the bidding is at $10,000 after 28 bids. You have 10 days to place your bid, if you're rich and interested.


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    I wouldn't mind buying that American flag guitar.
    'Muricaaa! Freedom!
    Amerricaa! FUCK YEAH! Coming to save the mother****ing day, YEAH!
    That's the one I thought it was when I clicked on it. I'd pay $10,000 for that beaut!
    Holy ****, I bet you're both republicans. 'Murica and dem darn mex-ee-cans are takin ur jerbs eh?
    You do realize that you don't have to belong to one party or another to be patriotic? Or to just appreciate a great looking guitar.
    I agree with you on the first part. . . but the guitar in the picture is kind of tacky.
    Libertarian, but what does it matter? Yes, America, and illegal immigrants. Do you need help pronouncing any other words?
    The name ballbag has really stuck hasn't it timlarkin. Ha ha that's cool. You make the comments great to see people's reactions.
    if you think its an insult to tell someone they appreciate their country and love their flag, then no one cares what you think.
    Successful troll, still ballbag
    Well it sure is awfully redneck in here.
    Troll or not, I can't see how in the world simply being patriotic and supporting the flag makes you a redneck
    you're an idiot, everyone called you out on it. just give up until you have something meaningful to contribute
    I would get this if I had the money. Say what you will about Mustaine (I personally quite disagree with a lot of what he's said lately), the man doesn't put his name on crappy guitars
    Ummm.....I love Dave and all, but he's put his name on several crappy guitars. I mean he's with Dean for crying out loud.
    Does Dave Mustaine run UG? I feel like I see his name way too often. Also, hideous guitar.
    I'm libertarian. What does it matter? That guitar looks and sounds awesome. And, living just south of Chicago, there actually is a huge problem with members of various Mexican drug cartels coming here and causing violence. Not necessarily taking all the jobs (although I'm sure some are employed), but they've caused our violent crime rate and gun murder rate to skyrocket.
    I'd love to buy this just to see if it would provoke a reaction that his guitar now belonged to an atheist homosexual in britain. That's probably a bad reason to spend that amount of money...
    That guitar looks like Shit
    it does look kind of goofy. it isnt the first one that comes to mind when you listen to megadeths music. i always picture something sharp
    Oh, but Jimmy, that guitar was designed by DAVE MUSTAINE! There's no way he would produce a very cheap quality signature series of guitars effectively widening the demographic for his product and profiting in much greater amounts! That's just bonkers.
    Gee Halen
    A piece of Dave Mustaine news where he isn't saying something stupid? THAT is the news.
    I don't care who played a guitar, it is never worth $10k or even the ridiculously high prices other guitars go for. More money than sense, these bidders.
    I really wish this site would stop posting articles about this jackass. He can rock, no one can take that away from him. But what an ass
    You are obviously a liberal watchdog. The reason we have to hear about what Dave says everyday is because people like you eat that sh*t up.
    Obviously Mustaine is so poor and he really needs the money, so go ahead guys and go buy his guitar for thousands. He needs the money.
    I hope you realize that a) he is very well off from numerous platinum records and b) keep Megadeths ticket prices much lower than most big name bands (cough $100+ metalli-ripoff tickets) on purpose because he knows who his audience is and would rather sacrifice his own money so the fans wouldn't have to.
    It's weird. Everyone is talking crap about how this guitar looks horrible and isn't worth the money, but it's considered beautiful and amazing on other sites. And that it's worth every penny. hmmm...
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    Do Re Mi
    Why is he selling it?
    link is in first sentence of article...
    Do Re Mi
    I just meant, they make it sound like him getting it was such a big deal (presented to him, designed by him) and here he is hocking it for a bunch of money, claiming it's ULTRA RARE. Of course it is, they made it specifically for YOU. I mean, it seems somewhat tacky to sell something someone made just for you.