Dave Mustaine Sells Ultra-Rare Guitar

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 01/11/2013 category: music news
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Dave Mustaine Sells Ultra-Rare Guitar
Dave Mustaine is selling an ultra-rare Jackson prototype guitar that he designed, on eBay for more than $10,000.

It was presented to him in 1998, and appeared alongside him on many magazine covers in the following years.

"Jackson Y2KV was a guitar designed by Dave Mustaine, in an effort to create a less aggressive and retro-looking flying V guitar, to contrast for his usual King V. It was mainly used for touring of 'Risk' and 'The World Needs A Hero' as Mustaine's own model, with less than a dozen produced, including some prototypes like this guitar up for auction. Eventually, the Y2KV went in mass production and introduced in the Jackson Guitars year 2000 catalog," says the listing.

"This was the first guitar with the final 3+3 Y2KV head, but with dot inlays, rosewood fingerboard, alternate knobs and a blade switch. The body shape was not quite finalized either, but this was the 1st approved prototype, used by Dave Mustaine as reference for the final prototype."

At time of writing, the bidding is at $10,000 after 28 bids. You have 10 days to place your bid, if you're rich and interested.

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