Dave Mustaine Set to Perform With the San Diego Symphony Orchestra

Megadeth frontman announced as a feature soloist with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra during the next year.

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Megadeth frontman and one of the most iconic axemen in metal, Dave Mustaine, will appear as a special guest soloist with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra during April 2014. The "Symphony Of Destruction" singer will demonstrate his guitar shredding skills in several classical compositions including Wagner's "Ride Of The Valkyries," Vivaldi's "Winter" from "The Four Seasons" and Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 (the "New World" symphony).

"Dave Mustaine will be a featured soloist with the San Diego Symphony in April, 2014, in a program that will include Wagner's 'Ride Of The Valkyries' from 'Die Walkre', Vivaldi's 'Winter' from 'The Four Seasons' and Dvorak's Symphony No. 9 (the 'New World' Symphony). Executive director Edward 'Ward' Gill said it's all about reaching new audiences, while music director Jahja Ling said he had a good meeting with Mustaine, and he may conduct the concert himself (no conductor is listed at this point, and Mustaine's exact involvement is still being worked out)," the band stated in an announcement via official website.

It seems that almost 15 years after Metallica's "S&M" stint, Mustaine will also get involved in the world of classical music, but with actual classical compositions rather that adaptations of the group's songs. How he'll cope with the works of true musical greats yet remains to be seen.

As far as his work with Megadeth goes, the band has recently announced the end of the recording process for the new album "Super Collider." Scheduled for a June release via Mustaine's new Universal-powered label Tradecraft, the album was recorded in Vic's Garage studio in California with Johnny K (Disturbed, Sevendust, Machine Head, Staind) in charge of the production duties. The frontman has recently praised the producer in a Twitter post by saying "Man, Johnny K. is mixing gooooood!"

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    Would be pretty interesting if Megadeth did an "S&M" stint too. I imagine the strings would be insane on Hangar 18, but still Yngwie Mustaine? Sounds good to me.
    i'd be really up for hearing tornado of souls and holy wars with some epic strings and horns playing that into riff to holy wars
    That wouldn't be a Mus-take at all. It'd be nice to see Megadeth doing an S&M-style record.
    lol Personally i'll just settle for something even half the quality of anything they did in the 90s. They just never do anything good these days.
    megadeth has done a ton of respectable crap in this decade, no its not rust in peace r countdown, but what 30 year ol band can say theyre making music as good as in their golden years, megadeths far better off musically wise then metallica anthrax or slayer or alot of other bands from the 80s, instrumentally wise anyways
    Hate Countdown. Love Endgame. Second favorite record by Megadeth is Endgame, actually :/
    I think Mary Jane and in my darkest hour would be awesome with an orchestra backing
    Worship Music was just as good as anything Megadeth did in the last decade
    Megadeath blows. they have never done anything respectable....
    I actually posted about this in the forums once, i think it would be awesome but it got a lot of negative thoughts
    good mourning/black friday would sound sick, oh wait dave won't play it.
    One of my faves. Shame he won't play some songs now that he's a born again Christian, missing out on Bad Omen, The Conjuring or anything from Killing is my Business...
    I hate to say that Dave probably isn't cut out to work with this type of outfit. His live performances at times have reeked of sloppy playing. It works in the context of thrash, but in classical compositions, where the skill and precision of the performers is key, he may not be able to pull it off squarely. That said, I hope he proves me wrong. I would love to see him give his all on some slower, more thoughtful pieces. He does, after all, have a good ear for music, even if is hands can't keep perfect pace.
    Well, he's gotten a long way since the surgery on his hand. If he can pull this off, I will gain more respect for him, and that is because I already respect him as a creative innovator of Thrash in the terms of musicallity in metal
    Coincidentally(?), Marty Friedman's done something similar with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.
    "How he'll cope with the work of true musical greats yet remains to be seen". Sounds like the author is already doubting the performance.
    Badass UltraMan
    I love Megadeth but I can see why people have their doubts. I believe Dave is a killer rhythm guitarist but I find his lead playing absolutely horrible. I never did understand why he got so much credit as a lead guitarist, maybe people mis-crediting him for co-guitarist solos? Anyway, if he pulls this off then more power to him but I will have to hear it to be convinced
    My Last Words
    I have to admit that Dave is kinda sloppy here and there (He even said it himself in an interview a few years ago), but that's what makes his solo's unique.
    Damaged Roses
    He's awesome, but the's technique isn't as polished as other lead guitarists Megadeth has had, like the guitar beast Broderick, so sometimes his solos get a bit repetitive and the notes aren't that clear most of the times. I love the guy anyway lol
    Badass UltraMan
    So can you guys who down voted me genuinely listen to the intro of Sudden Death and not think "How the **** did this make it on to a studio album?"
    He has some good solos...but only sometimes...the best example I could think that would work with a symphony...would be the "Reckoning Day" Solo.
    holy wars, lucretia, wake up dead, the guys not broderick or friedman but look at his work as lead guitarist of metallica,hes obviously a better rhythm guitar player but he can shred
    I love Mustaine, but classical stuff? I'm not sure he's got the chops to pull it off. Maybe he's planning on having Broderick tutor him.
    Do you forget Mechanix? Dave played that intro to Last Rights on his guitar live all the time instead of the piano you hear on the album. Although it was a long time ago, I'd like to think hes only got a lot better and can still adapt just fine. Any good musician can play a lot more types of music than just what they specialize in.
    I'm sure I remember Dave saying how stupid an idea it was when Metallica collaborated with San Francisco Symphony. I think he even said "It's like wanking off to yourself". Though it may have been someone else who said that.
    Should be interesting, him playing leads over orchestra rhythms (instead of the orchestra playing megadeth riffs, imo personally sounds strange to me.)
    Maybe this could give him and Broderick more ideas in upcoming albums in terms of taking a classical approach on guitar, such as Hexen does on some songs
    Great Idea! Its so essential for classical music to reach new audience and some metal fans Im sure would like a lot of what classical music has to offer if they would only give it a chance!
    doubt it, orchestra players put at least 10+ years of 3-4hr a day practice into their craft. Drug free too. Mustaine, as good as he is at metal, doesnt stack up against players who can sight read anything you put in front of them Therefore I doubt hes going to impress any classical music listeners, they already have a very high standard
    I thought Mustaine was taught music properly as he learned? Unlike Hetfield who just picked up a guitar and was pretty much self taught. I think there may be more to Mustaine's musical brain than thrashy Megadeth riffs. He probably can read music. and as for Broderick, well he's on a different level. He is either a musical genius or has severe autism. Either way this will shit on S&M.
    No, he was self taught as well. And there's no reason for anyone to be unimpressed of Dave's performance, he's been in the music business for decades and I doubt he'll come unprepared for this one. And you can't compare this to S&M, S&M was an adaptation of Metallica's songs for an orchestra, this is just Dave playing classical music.
    Cool idea, but Dave's lead playing in live shows has gotten kind of sloppy nowadays. I'd rather prefer a guitarist like Paul Gilbert or Michael Romeo to do this kind of performance.
    yeah but mustaine isn't the best soloist in metal scene, he make great riffs but broderick or anyone else would be better
    I'm hoping this might get put on YouTube or something so I can check it out. It'd be interesting to hear, that's for sure. Dave isn't the best, but he's damn good, and I think this sounds like a pretty good idea.
    i think dave will do fine the guys not really a lead player anymore he hasnt been one since he was kicked out of metallica or maybe since the end of the peace sells era, but hes still a sick guitar player that could pull it off with some practicing but i guess will see, on another note is there any word on who the guest vocalist is on super collider???
    It's like having sex with a donkey. Anyways I think that Chris Broderick would be a better match.
    When I first saw the heading I thought, oh no, not a Megadeth S&M attempt, but seeing that he is just a guest for the orchestra puts a whole new spin on things. The classical music audience might actually appreciate the skills a metal musician has.
    I'm not sure how well Mustaine can do it He's a great guitarist, but he's always been a bit of a sloppy player And precision is everything when you're putting an electric guitar into classical pieces, especially with pieces like Vivaldi's Winter
    I would be more excited if Metallica had not have already done this. (Which was amazing, by the way, if any of you haven't seen it)
    This is different though its just Mustaine peforming Classical compositions, not Megadeth songs and no singing.
    Municipal Waste
    I wonder if it will be along the lines of what Yngwie did with the Japanese orchestra for the concerto suite in Eb minor album. A full year before S&M too.
    exactly mustaine might do some megadeth stuff for this but it isnt even the same as s&m
    So I guess no one should ever do this because its been done before? That's just silly.
    I guess I should have worded that a bit better. I, PERSONALLY, in my own OPINION, am not very excited for this, because I've already seen something like this. Then again, opinions aren't allowed on UG, are they?
    Opinions are allowed, thats why I gave my opinion on your opinion by saying your opinion is silly, and yes a different wording would have been better
    Second Rate
    Listen up, Shametome. I know you Metallica sycophants like to act like Metallica is the most innovative and creative band in history (some of you even go so far as to say they "created" thrash metal, which is of course ridiculous), but Metallica were not the first heavy metal band to play with an orchestra. That would be Deep Purple. I think the name of the record was "Concerto for Group and Orchestra," but i'm not certain. I'm sure someone can correct me on that.
    Though Purple had a great part into metal creation, not as much as Sabbath, I don't consider them to be metal, more like hard rock. Under that opinion the first metal band to ever do something with an orchestra were the germans of Rage, in 1996 with the Lingua Mortis Orchestra
    it really wasnt that good. like some of the arrangements are well done, but they themselves didnt execute well at all a lot on that
    Very little of the symphony on S&M complimented any of the songs. I expected it to make their songs sound grander, I was very disappointed.
    It was an experiment. I think it worked well for a number of tracks but sounded odd on others. Strangely the ones I thought it sounded good on were the ones from their 90s albums which I hadn't paid much attention to. Fuel, The Memory Remains, Hero of the Day and Until it Sleeps sounded fantastic, along with new song No Leaf Clover, The Thing That Should Not Be and Call of Cthulu. The rest sounded kinda weird, not all of the orchestral arrmgements really suited the songs. Still an interesting experiment though and one of the only things Metallica did since the first 5 albums which got me listening again and again.
    It works fantasticly . Heor of the Day for example. Granted Master of puppets heavy section, not so fitting but No Leaf Clover man.... NO LEAF CLOVER!
    link no1
    Oh, No Leaf Clover worked well? You mean one of the songs written specifically to include an orchestra? Well, I should hope it did.
    You gotta admit that the opening to Battery done by the orchestra was amazing
    But Metallica didn't do this. They played their own music. Mustaine is playing classical music to the core, something a lot more technical then Thrash because it takes in consideration the different natures of various instruments and sounds as well as necessary rests for effect and playing at different dynamics such as piano, fortisimo, alegro, moderato, and accents. Most people that play metal have no idea about any of these things, so your arguement is invalid
    All music contains the elements you mentioned but classical symphony's definitely uses many of these elements on a much higher level than most metal songs (remember I said most, so if you can come up with a metal band that plays with that degree of melodic and dynamic mastery as well as having some serious composition chops then I'd love to hear about them)
    Pfffft, this is a job for Paul Gilbert, now that I would pay to see. Yngwie Malmsteen would be acceptable as well.
    this should be pretty friggin cool, those are some good classical excerpts!
    Obviously, since Dave is doing it, he thought of it before Metallica! You know, just like he wrote Four Horsemen, Master of Puppets, Call of Ctulu, etc.
    I love mustaine to death but his playing still is going to fail on it. unless he figures away to get the best of both worlds then it would be FUCKING INSANE!
    Damaged Roses
    I think Broderick would fit better in here, but I find it very interesting to see Dave play something classical. Really looking forward to this.
    Looking forward to this greatly. However, I'm a little nervous as to how Dave's aggressive playing style treats this style of music. Oh well, it'll be great anyway. And imagine how good it would be if Broderick joined in.
    Am I on the right sight? I tried to get to ultimate guitar but I'm not finding it.....it's been two months atleast with no political stuff on Dave mustaine wow!!!!!
    It'll be cool as personally I think Megadeth riffs have more sophistication to them than Metallica's do, BUT, he's just gonna get hammered by pro-tallica/ anti-Megadeth fans informing him constantly that Metallica have already done it. Hangar 18 with strings = awesome, surely. of Wolf and man with strings... (let's chuck an album track in).