Dave Mustaine: ''Super Collider' Is a Biopic of Our Career'

Megadeth mainman talks ‘biopic’ record in new interview.

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Dave Mustaine has been talking with the Morning Call about Megadeth's latest album "Super Collider." While the record has divided opinion among Megadeth fans, Mustaine sees it as a distillation of the band’s career: "I think 'Super Collider' is kind of like a really broad [distillation] of what our whole catalog represents. There's aggressive stuff, there's thrashy stuff, there's kind of more of the heavy metal stuff. There are some of the more introspective lyrics. There are some simple lyrics and soon and so forth. I think that's what really makes the record refreshing is that it shows everything that we've done. It's almost like a biopic of our career. It's a pretty good slice of everything I've learned over the years." Recently speaking to Lehigh Valley Live, Mustaine also noted that his approach towards doing things isn't always crystal clear: "I still don't what I'm doing but I know how I'm doing it. I always come back to the same stuff. I like playing the heavier stuff the most. Granted, I write songs on every record that have some radio appeal."

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    He should get over it, no one is above making a crap record. The success of a record is all about fan feedback, and that one wasn't successful, take a hint already.
    Everyone knows success is about aggressive marketing far more than it is about the quality of the product.
    But still, when you have as much of a platform for marketing as Megadeth does you have to take at least partial responsibility if the record does not meet projections or targets. This is not to say that sales = success, but if Megadeth's established fan base cannot even unify behind the record then who are we supposed to blame?
    So not true, your success is dictated only by yourself, not anyone else. If you live for other people, you will never live your own life.
    I bet a lot of bands say that AFTER they have a lot of fans. Having that attitude will get you no where in the underground scene. Sounds pretty selfish really.
    I don't see it as being selfish. I rather hear a genuine album than something they modified and such to try and satisfy fans. What if people like Mozart didn't try to play out of boundaries of what his fans wanted? Music is about self expression and without groups being "selfish" there isn't as much progress in music.
    Apparently I'm the only one who really likes the album...
    no your not, people that do like it wont admit it in crowds because it didnt turn out like we megadeth fans hoped, im aware some abit of fans dont like it but ive heard people say they like it that wont admit it in front of others
    I'm with you I like it too, it's just a little more commercial than the others, but I liked Cryptic Writings, and this album is closer to that
    I like Super Collider, much more than I did Endgame or Th1rt3en. I think it's cool to hear bands try different things. Remember the backlash from Load, Re-Load, and St. Anger. I think the bottom line is, today's mass media creates way too much anticipation, and nothing ever can live up to it. Prior to the album, everyone is excited to hear it. After the release, there is nothing left to be excited about. You listen to it, and like it or not, you're already anticipating the next album.
    Just for fun, what was the last album the was actually liked? IMHO, you have to go all the way back to Countdown To Extinction. I think it's just the sign of the times, nothing lives up to the hype created by the internet.
    Dave puts out an album and thinks that it is the coolest shit ever. Then the album gets a lot of hate and he starts talking about it for months. Hmm, I've seen that before, guess we're back to 2004.
    The System Has Failed was a great album, at least compared to Super Collider. Hell, I would probably even place it above all of the other post-Youthanasia albums.
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    Yabba Who
    C'mon, Dave, your career isn't that bad...
    It really isn't, but I guess it's hard to feel good about a record when you have people who claim to be hardcore Megadeth fans talk about how much the record sucks.
    To me the album was bad because it didn't have the signature Megadeth feel to it. More specifically the riffs just weren't there. Also, although Chris Broderick is a very skilled guitarist, I am not seeing much in the way of originality coming from him. I could be wrong, but that is just the impression I formed watching him play and hearing the record.
    Supercollider was a biopsy of Megadeth's career, and the prognosis is cancer. Time to step back and get some treatment Dave.
    Am I the only one sick of hearing Dave talk about Super Collider?
    no offense, but you cant blame dave....its UG's fault dave goes around the world for tours and people ask about his new album, the san diego symphony, and other parts of his life, UG just finds something new or "new" to post from everyone of his interviews...frankly i listen to these interviews and there's way more important stuff in them than what UG posts
    Definitely not. Just like I'm sure I'm not the only one sick of seeing UG post all these articles about Dave.
    Just like I'm probably not the only one sick of seeing people whine about Dave in the comments.
    I love megadeth... but Super Collider BLOWS. How he considers anything about it as positive; I don't know. It's a far cry from the good ole albums.
    "I still don't what I'm doing"You still don't [i]what what you're doing, Dave?(This typo is present on the original Leigh Valley article before everyone starts blaming UG xD) But I'm guessing it's "know".
    I think he should have said those things about Endgame. That album is kickass.
    I think people just feel empowered by complaining about something. That includes me complaining about the other complaining people. I won't complain about Super Collider, because I think it's a good album. But, I judge music without predetermined opinions based on what the band did before. Every album has good songs and not so good songs, but I enjoy every album in the Megadeth discography.
    In the past few days i've gotten back into Megadeth again, listening to Peace Sells, Rust in Peace, Countdown and Youthanasia. Now lets take say, Ashes in Your Mouth from Countdown and Addicted to Chaos from Youthanasia. 2 songs showing Deth's ability to play the heavier metal stuff and slower more rock styled stuff. Now if I put those 2 songs next to any on Super Collider, they still come out leagues above. There's just a certain spark missing from the current stuff, and even though I don't hate Super Collider it just lacks in most areas that they used to excel in.
    in all honest downvote if you please i agree with this post, I found parts that could represent TWNAH, parts that could represent early megadeth like the ending to dance in the rain, cryptic writings and risk stuff with songs like the blackest crow and forget to remember, and i got a feel of SFSGSW off of songs like off the edge.
    You can't blame him for trying to boost sales every time he talks to the media. Don't be fooled though, it's a bad record. In related news... "Rust In Peace" is still amazing.
    There's a difference between YOU not liking the record, and it being a "bad" record
    You're absolutely right. I'm referring to it as a "bad record" based on my own feelings plus the general consensus among Megadeth fans, metal fans, music fans and people with ears. I actually like a couple of songs on "Supercollider" but I'm old enough to remember Megadeth in their prime... and there's just no comparison.
    Super Collider a biopic of your career? Your early work deserves better than that.
    there isnt any radio rock on KIMB or PSBWB and there isnt anything heavy or aggressive or thrash on the new record anytime mu$taine opens his face-*******, I just think ov a spaniel playing in a yard. a faceless corporate suit whistles, and you see mu$taines head on the dogs body, smiling as it runs to its master, like the bitch hes always been
    I like the album. I'm not like most teens who just want "hard, heavy, fast", and I'm not some nostalgic older "metal" fan.
    clearly youre on your own pedestal when it comes to music, you cant be crowded in with us commoners..
    Why do people have to hate on the album, it's a great f***ing album, period. Everything Megadeth has done, is amazing.
    Why do people think adding "period" to their opinions lends it any more credibility or makes it any truer?
    it makes them think that by adding a "verbal period" into their opinion it gives their argument superiority
    Endgame is hell of an album! That's the last thing I've heard of megadeth XP haha! I think this guys (Metallica and megadeth) are loosing the hate on their tracks! Hope next albums came as aggressive as the rust or the ride the lighting!
    It wasn't even like it was a "bad" album. It was just so incredibly underwhelming, which only made it all the more disappointing.