Dave Mustaine Talks New Album Inspiration, Cites Jack Bauer and Health Care Issues

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 07/25/2014 category: music news
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Dave Mustaine Talks New Album Inspiration, Cites Jack Bauer and Health Care Issues
Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine gave specific details regarding the band's new album for the very first time, discussing a new track titled "Why We Lie to You" and the inspiration behind it.

Chatting with Hangar 19, Dave kicked off by discussing Megadeth's fast work pace and creating metal music in general. "Believe it or not, I've been up since 6:45 editing drum tracks [on a demo version of a new Megadeth song] in my studio...

"Sometimes bands wait a long time in between [releasing albums]. We've never really had that problem, because there's so many people that, when they make a record, they kind of rest on their laurels. And I think that's really great if you make a great record, but if you're a musician and you've got it inside of you, share it, man - share it with the world," the frontman continued (via Blabbermouth).

"In heavy metal, it's not like we're writing songs like U2 where they're all something that's gonna be evaluated by the entire world and you live and die by your songs. Heavy metal's more fun, I think, where you can have your friends listening to music and jam and solo and stuff like that. It's just, for me, I enjoy [composing original heavy metal music] more than when I was playing cover songs when I was a kid doing rock songs. It's a totally different mentality."

Switching to specific album details, Mustaine brought up "24" lead character Jack Bauer and the recent issues he had while appointing a CT scan, saying that even as an "international rock star" and a "freakin' millionaire" he had to wait for an approval.

"The track I'm working on right now is called 'Why We Lie to You', and it's another friendly little political song about the stuff that they keep from you - kind of like if Jack Bauer was in a band, what he would sing about," he said.

"Anybody that watches the news nowadays ... I watch the news, I read voraciously, I am a New York Times best-selling author, so obviously I know a little bit about writing and reading, and when you think about what's going on in our world as we know it, especially our nation here, it has totally changed, and it's not the same country that it used to be. It's really a drag, and the gutless people in Congress won't do anything about it. You see what's going on with our borders.

"I live in San Diego, and I can get along peacefully with any nationality and anything like that, because I'm an international rock star, but when it comes down to destroying a country for pandering to lobbyists and stuff like that?! Hum-um. The Supreme Court rules 9-0 against the President overusing his powers? Hello?! In 2008, I said that [President Obama] was gonna be the most divisive president ever, and I was right. He's got the lowest approval ratings in the history of America," Dave continued.

"That's one of the things that's a bummer, because people said that I was a Republican. I'm not a Republican. Go back and look at the history when I covered the Democratic National Convention and helped get Bill Clinton into office. I met him at the White House. We went up there to do the 'Rock the Vote' thing. I mean, I didn't get stoned on the roof like Willie Nelson or anything, but ... [chuckles] I was very active in what I thought was a promising new America and we had a great economy at the time, but God, I mean, look at the way things are right now.

"I had the surgery on my neck and I was going to get a doctor's appointment yesterday to get a CT scan, 'cause I've got a pinched nerve, and they said, 'Well, we've gotta apply to see if you can get approval for a CT scan.' And I said, 'You know what?! I'm a freakin' millionaire, and for me to have to go in there and ask somebody to get an X-ray? Shame on you, guys. 'Cause if you're doing this to me, what are you doing to the middle-class, what are you doing to the lower-class people?' I was a poor kid, but that stuff p-sses me off. And that's gonna come out in the [next Megadeth] record, trust me!"
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