Dave Mustaine Talks New Guitars

Videos of new Dean signature models posted online.

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Several videos of Dave Mustaine talking through his Dean signature guitars have been posted online. In the vids, MegaDave had the following to say about his new axes:

"When I went to Dean, I found out that the guitars were very responsive," Mustaine commented. "And one of the most important things was the attention to detail. Also the relationship with me as an artist. Because the previous companies I was with, the guitars were good, but the relationship was sour. And I found that being with Dean was really good for me, because they took care of me as an artist, they took care of the guitars, they also knew what the public liked."

"Those of you that are distributors, you know that the younger generation, they want guitars that look cool and play great, that are affordable and that icons use," he adds.

"For me, I'm flattered to be considered an icon, but I'm just a guitar player. And to have this kind of backing and support from a company that is as reputable as Dean is really flattering."

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    Prefer his comments on guitars than his ones on politics
    He's an all around great guy. He just has weird political opinions that are better kept to himself.
    yay another comment about how his comments about everything else then politics is good. so original
    Diony x
    Too detailed artwork for a guitar, but nice shapes!
    I've never been thrilled with over the top, detailed artwork on guitars either. I mean as artwork it's cool, but on a guitar it just seems a bit....gratuitous.
    I don't like graphic finishes on guitars. To me a Mustaine guitar is a black or silver Jackson King V. The Jackson Mustaine V (black with gold hardware) was the first guitar I played on at a Guitar Center when I was 13 years old back in the late 90's - back when I thought Guitar Center was heaven.
    I got the United Abominations signature about a year ago, I love the way it plays and sounds. But the finish is too distracting, and people are always wanting to touch it.
    I agree with some previous comments about the graphics. I mean don't get me wrong, I think the guitar looks cool and all but I like guitars that are much more solid looking, basically one, maybe two colors.
    Art on guitars is a great variation from the usual solid colours, or white and colour combo. Awesome way to make a piece of art even more "artsy".
    I actually dig the vic guitar. looks really good. plain guitars are cool, but it doesnt hurt to have a guitar with crazy artwork to stare at.
    We should all be glad that Dave is still pi**ed off at the world. If he weren't we would have another Metallica. Lazy and boring..
    "Also the relationship with me as an artist. Because the previous companies I was with, the guitars were good, but the relationship was sour." Actually Dave, it's just that Dean hasn't gotten tired of putting up with your shit yet. It will happen.
    That is cool he likes the company for how they treat him, I am not big on Dean guitars but that is pretty neat haha.
    Am I the only one who prefers his sig' models when he was with ESP?
    eh who cares what guitar he has its HIS choice. personally one guitar just doesn't cut it because not everyone sounds the exact same if it did there wouldn't be so many body shapes, styles, wood types, pickup arangements, etc. i have a BC Rich warlock ( would love to catch dave at a meet and greet and have him sign it) and an Ibanez sr400QM bass ( would love to catch dave ellefson at a guitar center and have him sign it), but really want a Gibson les paul but cost prohibits due to it having GIBSON on it, which i can get the epiphone less paul for less money and have a near identical sound with maybe changing pickups on it. basically it is daves choice for dean no one says anyone has to buy a dean if they don't want one but if you want one of his Jackson signitures youll have to get it used nowadays.
    "When I went to Dean, I found out that the guitars were very responsive" Note, it isn't, "I went to Dean because their guitars were responsive." $$$$$
    Dave's Deans suck. His Jacksons were way better, even his ESP were better. I would rather see Metallica's esps than these junk DEans
    Why thumbs me down? Dean are the lowest of the low in the guitar world. $1000 for a chinese made guitar is an absolute joke, sorry
    chinese can build good stuff too. no idea about dean guitars but i had some good craftsmanship chinese guitars, just crappy materials. but i assume signature instruments use materials specified by the artist.
    I'm sorry Dave, but any guitar player with real substance doesn't want a flashy dean with a skull on it, or maybe one of the models you endorse with a face covered in bees (? yeah, i know, wtf?) Dean guitars are just for kids who will drop the novelty once they get bored with it, and models looking for something relevant to hold in a photoshoot. Gimme a Gibson anyday.
    Deans are garbage IMO. If Dave is so worried about people having affordable guitars AND quality, why is he with Dean? Other brands are far better in the same price ranges. I Wish he would return to JAckson. King V owns Deans
    i love King V's, i like Jacksons, but like he said, not always the best relationship. have you seen Jackson's web page compared to Dean's? plus Dean makes amazing guitars.
    Try picking up a dean that costs more than $200 and it's a different story. Even their midrange guitars ($400-$800) are VERY good. Find a better Explorer shaped guitar than the Dean Zero AOD II for $500.
    Have you ever played a high end Dean befor? I'm guessing not. they are just as good as any other brand out there. You may not like them but there not garbage. I don't really care for a fender but its not because there garbage. I just haven't found one that I like to play but i know there good guitars.
    I don't where you live but Deans are dirt cheap here in Britain and they sound amazing.
    Dean is a low end company. Daves ESP's are better. Even $1000 Deans are Chinese made, that is unacceptable.
    umm just about everything ( if not everything) is made in china now adays and has been ever since the Clinton administration signed NAFTA ( that's North AMerican Free Trade Agreement for those that are to young and/or don't have a clue as to what nafta stands for)
    People kinda need to relax hes a really cool dude and a great musician with some political rants that alot of people think are bullshit stupid are just insane thoughts, hes een good the past 2 weeks and when he does make another political rant freak it may not be until the lurics for the new album that some people freak about but we shouldnt turn on him and come back when he starts thinkig a little smarter just love the music and his musicians talent megadave!! Rock on
    Dear UG, why does every single news page every day need to have an article on either Dave Mustaine/Megadeth or Metallica. We know UG wants web hits but geez
    some day all of the articles will be about dave mustaine the New world order
    I see many "Explorer" type guitars but not the "Flying V" which is the Dave favorite one
    Nice guitars. Unfortunately even his crazy-ass political views are touching closer to reality than anything coming out of the TV's in the USA.
    I hate guitars used for metal, theyre usually ugly. Those are some badass lookin guitars though.
    dude i have yet to see a guitar used in metal that's ugly unless you count the fender strats/copies/variants, or something that reminds you of a tele.
    Cheeseburgers sell....and Dave's buyin. Seriously he looks like a lard ass now. He should hit Hetfield up on weight loss tips
    Don't like the finishes on them... prefer a more simple, classic approach. But to each his own.
    Everyone talks shit about Dave's politics but man up and admit it, Republicans=Democrats. Read some Jesse Ventura or Dr. Rox Freeman if you don't believe me. And in regards to that Vic Rattlehead dollar guitar...NICE!
    The only drawback I have with those flashy artistic finishes is that you have to put an extra care for it, not that I don't care about my guitar but still is like an extra worry