Dave Mustaine Talks New Guitars

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 01/31/2013 category: music news
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Dave Mustaine Talks New Guitars
Several videos of Dave Mustaine talking through his Dean signature guitars have been posted online. In the vids, MegaDave had the following to say about his new axes:

"When I went to Dean, I found out that the guitars were very responsive," Mustaine commented. "And one of the most important things was the attention to detail. Also the relationship with me as an artist. Because the previous companies I was with, the guitars were good, but the relationship was sour. And I found that being with Dean was really good for me, because they took care of me as an artist, they took care of the guitars, they also knew what the public liked."

"Those of you that are distributors, you know that the younger generation, they want guitars that look cool and play great, that are affordable and that icons use," he adds.

"For me, I'm flattered to be considered an icon, but I'm just a guitar player. And to have this kind of backing and support from a company that is as reputable as Dean is really flattering."

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