Dave Mustaine Talks Signature Guitar: 'This Thing Will Stop Ted Nugent's Guitar!'

artist: Dave Mustaine date: 01/29/2014 category: general music news

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Dave Mustaine Talks Signature Guitar: 'This Thing Will Stop Ted Nugent's Guitar!'
Presenting his signature Dean guitar at this year's NAMM convention, Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine discussed the specs of the Zero model, as well as some of the personal preferences when it comes to guitars.

Describing his "Gibson Explorer on steroids," Dave explained: "To me, this guitar - it's a weapon, it's not something you make pretty music with. Of course, you can, but when I'm standing on stage I want something that I know if I get it in trouble - like Ted Nugent used to say - I can stop a charging rhino at a hundred yards."

"And this thing, this thing will stop Ted Nugent's guitar!" Mustaine jokingly added.

Further getting into the details, Dave noted he prefers using a wider neck and jumbo frets on the guitar, since the nerve damage he sustained in 2002 is still taking its toll. "I like jumbo frets because it's a lot easier when you're playing," he told Metal Sanaz. "If sometimes you miss-fret, the [jumbo] frets will save you.

"For me, because I had all the nerve damage in my hand, this [left hand's little] finger's still half-numb, this [left hand's ring] finger's still about a quarter-numb, so sometimes when I'm going to fret this [little] finger won't exactly go where I want it to."

During the rest of the chat, Dave touched on the matter of relationship between guitarists and their equipment in general, noting that "guitarists know their guitars better than their own family."

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