Dave Mustaine Talks 'Super Collider:' 'I'm Not the Kind of Musician That Won't Allow Myself to Grow'

"So many people think a band should always sound the same but I don't want to do that," the frontman says.

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Megadeth mastermind Dave Mustaine recently discussed the band's latest effort "Super Collider," pointing out the importance of keeping the sound of metal four-piece constantly fresh and evolving.

"I didn't want to make the same record over and over," Mustaine told Knac.com. "I like to explore and take chances and push the limits to try something different. So many people think a band should always sound the same but I don't want to do that. It can be a challenge to work out something new and I think we have done that."

The singer/guitarist continued, "I'm not the kind of musician that won't allow myself to grow. If I hadn't taken some risks there would be no Megadeth. Some fans want you to make the same song and sound the same all the time but that is just not me."

Mustaine also talked about Megadeth's longevity, expressing gratitude over the fact that the band's audience now spans across several generations.

"It is really flattering for us to look out and see parents bringing their kids to experience music together and I have looked back over my life and I think of how grateful I am to still be here and that I want to be able provide a positive experience to show kids that you can have a great future in music," the frontman concluded.

"Super Collider" saw its release on June 4 via Universal-powered label Tradecraft as the fourteenth record in the band's opus. With 29,000 units shipped in the US during the first week, it peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    I see where he's going on wanting to explore and stay fresh but imo Megadeth will return to its best when they put out another Peace Sells or Rust in Peace. And especially with someone's abilities like Chris Broderick i feel that we're yet to see the best of him in Megadeth
    Sudden Death was such a teaser and then there was no follow up to it's awesomeness, now a whole album with songs like that, that would be cool.
    Honestly those two albums are once in a lifetime things. The time was just right for all the classic Megadeth albums and if you compare there new stuff to that its not every worth listening. Granted, Super Collider was bad, but anything new should be listened to without being compared to something cant live up to.
    And the more people want them to put out stuff like Peace Sells and Rust in Peace is what's going to drive them to make more Countdown's, more Youthanasia's, more Cryptic Writings, and more Risk's. They gave the fans what they wanted in terms of technicalities with The System Has Failed, United Abominations, and Endgame. Naturally based off the record history, Th1rt3en was the Countdown, Youthanasia record (Hell, some of the songs on there were demoed/recorded in that era), and Super Collider is a Cryptic Writings 2. They may not make an entire album like Risk, but listen to the actual song Super Collider, which is one of the more tell-all Risk sounding songs, and The Blackest Crow has a major Wanderlust vibe, mixed with Time: The End. I'd say expect another The World Needs A Hero type album next, but I could always be wrong
    "I like to explore and take chances and push the limits to try something different." Super Collider sure was...different. I admire what he's saying but I wish they would start making good music again.
    Enough with the Super collider hate bandwagon man. You've probably never even listened to it. Considering that the band who released it has put out Peace Sells and Rust in Peace, then of course the album is sub par to those. But compare it to other releases nowadays and you'll find it's quite enjoyable. It's by no means a "horrible" album.
    To be bruatlly honest, it's not good at all if you compare to other releases nowadays. Really. It's a sub-par album by Megadeth in their standard, as well as in the standards of metal releases today. It's fine to try out new and different stuff when you write music, but it still gotta be decent. Super Collider is not decent at all. It's boring at it's best.
    In Megadeth's standards, Super Collider is boring and bland. In the standards of metal as a whole, it may be better than the screamo hardcore crap that's out there but there's still a lot of phenomenal metal being made that will easily surpass something like Super Collider. You just gotta get out there and look.
    "I didn't want to make the same record over and over,"...then why do you continue to pump out the same crap every record?????
    Endgame was awesome. Thirteen and SC...not so much.
    Compared to recent albums 13 and SC are mainly weaker for lyrical content. I think System, UA and Endgame had alot in common with releases like Peace Sells or Rust. Mainly thanks to faster and complicated riffs compared to 13 and SC. Also, lyrical themes were better. I have no problem with 13 or SC, though lyrics could've been better.
    Endgame was a masterpiece.. 13 was rushed, but still.. I can still manage to listen to it all the way through.. It is a solid album.. Super Collider.. not so much.. I can maybe listen to 3 songs, til I turn it off.
    It's just that Super Collider wasn't that different or risky... it was mostly average, interchangeable hard rock songs. Not a horrible album to listen to on a long drive, but nothing memorable, in my opinion.
    I though this when I first listened to it, but I started liking it more after a few more listens. Not the greatest Megadeth album, but it doesn't deserve all the online hate either
    I really find it amazing that people talk so much crap about this album and just music in general. Just because you don't like something dosnt mean it's horrible. One persons trash is another persons treasure. Some people really need to learn to respect the the idea of music and expression a little more and stop with all the unwarrneted hate, an hey if you think its so bad then why don't you go out there and make something better?
    i dont mind them trying something different. I would just like them to make an album with a bit more replayability for their already established fanbase. these last 2 albums were just 1 time listens for me. I bought both and I havent heard the songs on them for more than a week. take system has failed, United Abominations, and endgame. 3 very different albums that had great riffs, great songs, and great lyrics. different is great, but the recent different is meh. i just hope the 2014 album is as good as UA was(doubt it though).
    As I were listening Super Collider I thought with every song that they start promising but that hook is missing there. Thirteen had good hooks on songs that stayed on your mind right from first listening but on Super Collider they were missing. I don't say album was bad it was just bit boring and you were just waiting something to happen but nothing. I hope that for the next album Megadeth get something more that stays on your mind to their songs.
    sorry.. still don't like super collider.. it's like Megadeth put out really amazing records.. then after that.. they want to do something completely different.. which is ok.. but.. no.. super collider was bad.. they have way too much talent to throw it all away on an album like that.. I wouldn't mind another Youthanasia, but this doesn't even compare to their 90's shit.. I still have faith they will redeem themselves with the next album.
    Im probably one of the few that loved most Megadeth albums Risk, World Needs a Hero and Cryptic Writings included. I didnt like Super Collider (Found it to be a bit bland, the songs never really grew on me and the good moments seemed to be spread a little thin this time around), but hey you cant win every time, i appreciate bands that dares to change and experiment, even if it alienates a couple of fans along the way. Thats what makes buying new records interesting . Luckily Megadeth is fairly reliable so there will probably be a new album before 2015 and it will probably be different than Super Collider.
    Super Collider is an amazing album and keeps metal alive these days. Why are there so many people wanting the old albums, when you could just listen to them and appreciate this album for what it is.
    Hey makes a lot of sense when he's not taken out of context :p Listened to Endgame for the first time last week, enjoyed it a lot.
    Hmm funny how bad albums always have the same excuses "I wanted to try something different, I want to explore" etc.
    Hmm funny how albums in a different style to a bands older work are always met with the same criticism "It's bad because it doesn't sound like their older material"
    And if they make the same material all the time, they get criticized for re-hashing the same material. Bands just can't win with these kind of people.
    No it's bad because it's bad. I don't care about style change that much, I like albums for example St. Anger a lot. My point was that even if the style change causes a bad album, the artist and fanboys still always use the excuse "oh people just hate it cause it's different". I thought it was a weak album regardless of the style change, stop trying to say that's the only reason I hate it.
    I wouldn't call it an "excuse". Their attempts at doing something that is not the same old same old that they've been doing for 30 years might sound great or not to our ears, but that doesn't mean that they're not trying something new. Remember, music is an intensely subjective thing. What sounds old to our ears may sound absolutely fresh to the people who are writing it. Even if it's a hard rock album, they have tried something different, something that does not envolves writing straight up thrash metal like they have done for their entire career. With that said, Supercollider just went in and out of my ears, but maybe I'll give it another choice soon...
    Can I just say that FFS stop living in the past????!!!! I know right this moment when I post this there are only some such comments, but by the end of the day there will be tons of people complaining how SC etc sucks etc. Grow up. Whether you like it or not, Mustaine does what he wants. Just accept it. And if you can't live with that fact, stay away from Mustaine/Megadeth articles and stop spilling the hate. It's getting really annoying. You whining and complaining about past albums is not going to change Mustaine's decisions. If he feels like doing something in the line of Peace/Rust/Endgame, he will do it. If not, he won't. You whining and criticizing won't change it.
    Well, you complaining about what others have to say about SC isn't going to change the fact that a majority of people don't like it. Everything they did up until thirteen was good! SC, not so much. Learn to handle an opinion dude!
    Learn to be a smartass then dude. I can handle an opinion dude. But let me tell you something about those opinions. Most of them(not only in this article) are just "it sucks" or "it sucks, I want RIP". That's just being pathetic and stuck in the past. Now if you would say something constructive about why it sucks then it would be whole another story. Dude.
    You want constructive? Ok. How about listening to the title song: it's just overly simplistic, no real effort was put into that song, lyrics were bland: for an album featuring Chris Broderick and David Ellefson, this shit is weak. Yes, bands change over time, but this is even pushing the weak boundaries. If you look at Endgame, which wasn't too long ago, even that was some good shit, even thirteen was good, they released a shit album, get over it. I never said that they couldn't bounce back.
    And again. The only song that people mostly talk about is title track. 1000 bpm doesn't mean it's shit, even despite Broderick's abilities. Get over it.
    Have listened to whole album and can't say I like it that much. Quite weak in composition. But yeah, don't also understand why people who bash mainly pick on title track. For me Off the edge was the worst... Title track was weak, but bashing only that one gives hint that many of you haven't given the album fair chance as the first revealed song(title track) wasn't promising.
    Title track is the weakest on this album. Thanks for mentioning that Captain Obvious. Not that it has been said by hundreds of people million times.
    No dude, it's just a bad album. I don't care if Dave writes a polka album if the songs are good. SC is bland from start to finish. There isn't anything that stands out as exceptional. The only way I might be living in the past is that I have come to expect quality music from these guys based on prior albums - so when they put out boring crap with no interesting ideas I have a right to be let down.
    Bring Marty back and quit screwing around, Dave.
    Ever thought that maybe Marty doesn't want to come back? They completely disagree musically these days. That's the reason why Marty left after all. It's pretty much the same that bring Menza back and get rid of that robot called Drover. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Mustaine even tried to bring Menza back, but they couldn't work it out.
    Yeah, Drover is honestly a turd. As much as I want to like him, he really has nothing to offer. Pretty much all the drummers up to that point have been pretty much stellar--Samuelson, Menza, DeGrasso were all great. Behler wasn't anything special but he did well on SFSGSW and didn't last in the band too long. Drover has had the longest tenure as a drummer for Megadeth, which is a shame. I honestly believe he's overstayed his welcome. I think he was integral in the resurgence of the band, but his drumming on the albums have really been generic, double-bass fests. And live, he just sounds terrible. He has no energy, and he really taps the drums, which really shows on RiP tracks (just listen to them play Polaris live on the RiP Anniversary Tour. Pathetic.) Now Menza and DeGrasso... those goes absolutely smashed their drums. Drover just looks bored.
    There's a video on Youtube of Menza Menza playing Black Friday and he is beating the living shit out of the drums. It's awesome. Huge cymbal sways!
    Chris Poland is more likely to come back, plus I'd rather there was someone in the band who can replicate all the stuff live and not rape it to death like Glenn Drover or Al Pitrelli, now that slayer should be no more he should get Kerry King back (that was a joke, they'd never be able to play anything from any album pre-RIP), Menza should come back though or Dave could get a much better drummer, Lombardo?
    There's this video on youtube where Menza plays Holy wars again... Promoting Soultone Cymbals I guess... He might seem a bit off at times, but man he plays it way more energetic than Drover....
    How about some Drop C tuning, that'll be different Dave.
    But what about the fact that this album is the best album he ever made and even though internet piracy is down 82% since last year, he blames the poor album sales originally on pirates. Now he seems to be saying it because people don't like the album because he tried something different. I do agree you have to take a chance and he did, but I dont' have to like it and I don't have to buy it. So stop blaming others for the fact that your album sales aren't doing so well when you tried something different. Hey if you albums sales aren't doing too well, call the Doctor... Dr. Dre now that would be something different.
    Making the same record over and over or not, Megadeth's longevity and relevance is more than a little bit in question with their most recent efforts.
    This has been another Mustaine opinion brought to you by; no one gives a **** what he has to say.