Dave Mustaine Tells Fans To Revolt Against Obama

Dave Mustaine said that Obama added more to national debt than previous 43 presidents combined.

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These days, there isn't a week that goes by where Dave Mustaine doesn't make a controversial political statement. On December 1st at a gig in Salt Lake City, the Megadeth front man repeated the (proven inaccurate) statistic that Obama has incurred more debt during his time as president than all of the previous US presidents combined. What's more, Mustaine then told fans: "It's time for our f--king revolution."

Mustaine's speech was as follows:

"Anybody that knows me knows that I have a way of getting myself in trouble in that the First Amendment doesn't apply to Dave Mustaine. Seems like the f--kers in the world can say whatever they want, but I say something, I get in trouble. See, if I say something like, the president right now, who I won't mention by name because I promised myself I would never say his name again, but that this guy has borrowed more money than since George Washington to George W."

"What, are we stupid? Now, based on the thickness of a hundred-dollar bill, if you stacked one of those on top of another one, it would be 11,077 miles in the f--king atmosphere, the debt that this f--king country has right now because of this government. 11,077 miles' worth of hundred-dollar bills up into the sky. And guess who has to pay that: you and me. It's time for our f--king revolution."

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Concerned, annoyed or amused by MegaDave's latest outburst? Let us know in the comments.

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    UG seems to thrive on Dave Mustaine articles. Especially after he criticizes the president.
    i think he thrives on the controversy. if this is his stage routine now, i dont plan on seeing them live in the near future.
    Agreed. I wouldn't even care if he were in support of the president. I don't come to the show to hear you spout off your opinion, just play the music. Metallica have a number of songs influenced by politics but they never go on a rant like this.
    he is in himself an argument against freedom of speech
    No he is an argument for freedom of speech. If someone says something that offends you or makes you uneasy, that is not an argument against freedom of speech, it simply reminds us that freedom of speech means everyone has that freedom, and no matter what kind of crazy things a person is saying, you have the right to speak out against them.
    Maybe that was a huge factor as to why they kicked him out; he would rather use the stage to speak his opinions rather than just play the music that the fans want to hear.
    I don't think so, I don't recall ever hearing about that as a problem between them. IIRC Dave hardly said anything when he was in Metallica, he was just an awesome guitarist.
    i saw em on Gigantour 2012 back in january, and with the big four in september 2011. not one political comment was made at these shows and that may be because its not a straight up megadeth show, hes sharing the spotlight (even if gigantour is his thing) so if you really wanna see them without the commentary, i suggest its at a big event like that or at mayhem fest.
    Saw them last night in Tempe and he gave another "state of the union". He asked if we've noticed the drones flying over Phoenix and also said there needs to be a revolution hahaha. Great show though
    I saw Megadeth at Mayhem fest two years ago. He talked but not anything politically. I think it really boils down to how he's feeling that day.
    I saw Megadeth in concert last February. Great show, loved it. Never mentioned politics until the end by mentioning the coming election, and even then he kept his opinions at bay and just asked the crowd if they knew who they were gonna vote for. Then went straight into Holy Wars! That stage is not a pulpit for Dave Mustaine to spew his ideology on though. I don't care what he personally says in private or to the press. It doesn't affect me as a fan. If that overflows into his show, then I have a problem. I don't want to hear him complain, I want music. He shouldn't rail against a fanbase of his who has varying opinions on all issues. He can say what he wants to the press, but you're damn right I have problem with him attempting to push his views on me as a concert-goer.
    As the guy on stage he can do whatever he wants man. If he wants to talk he can talk he has his 1st amendment guaranteed and you can't blame him for using his fame to promote his views. Personally I have more respect for someone who is not afraid to speak their opinion instead of being scared someone will disagree and not buy their music.
    On the succession of people that deserve respect, people who speak their mind aren't very high on the list. People who are logical, level-headed, and understanding of the consequences of their actions in doing so are much, MUCH higher.
    UG doesn't care for giving us the news, they care for user participation to create site traffic and ad-revenue. That's all. We trolls just get bored and play into their little game here, despite hating it. It's like reading a tabloid magazine. You know you're an idiot for even glancing at the purposely misleading headlines at the grocery store check-out line, yet you can't help but run a cynical commentary in your head about the headline
    You know I wish they would get off his d*ck I saw Megadeth last night... not a single political comment that wasn't part of his song.
    we get it Mustaine, you made decent money and dont want to pay taxes on it. funny how Mustaine was a rebel when he was young and almost broke, then now that he's old and rich he's just another selfish conservative d*ck... when he's poor he's like " we must help each other **** the system" and now that he's rich " that's my money I wont share it with filthy jobless rats"
    Mustaine says something, it drives UG traffic to Mustaine either looking to berate or enshrine him. He says something, gets noticed, people have a reaction, he makes money. It's the Trump model at its finest.
    Fuck all else to do, that's why we all come on this website to see an article about something someone said ages ago with a misleading title and believing every word or thinking we're better in every way, *sigh* when I used to come here for tabs....
    I am a fan of his music and me being young I never knew much other than his music but i see these articles a lot, i used to picture a completely different guy, so for the sake of being curious. Was he always like this?
    He seemed to always have a strong political opinion. Back in the day, he appeared to be very level headed even though he was still opinionated. Honestly, ever since he started following Christianity, Dave has progressively said more and more crazy things. Go figure.
    I dont know to me its just i listen to his music, and i love the solos, but reading all these, his stuff turned hipocritical to me, and i wanted to see him live (I never have) but i dont think id go to listen to a political rant, so that idea just about went out the window
    Yep. Fairly homophobic too, even before he found god. Which is funny, because around the time of Endgame, he seemed to be highly critical of the bush administration, so it baffles me how right-wing he became when the republican party hasn't changed a single bit since then
    You need to look elsewhere if you want a complete picture of him. Don't use websites like this if you are looking for something truthful. Websites like this only post things that are controversial and incomplete. They've taken trolling to a whole new level.
    Nugent/Mustaine 2016: Bullshit we can believe in?
    I'd vote for them right now. No joke. Couldn't do any worse than the last few idiots.
    I think I've figured it out... samhell is Dave Mustaine. That explains the conservative, "speak my mind even when everything I say is wrong and stupid" attitude.
    "What, are we stupid?" No Dave, just you.
    So, successful musicians are stupid now huh? Where's your millions? How many copies did your last album sell?
    Not quite sure what that has to do with intelligence... One could always bring up the infamous Justin Beiber or Paris Hilton's of the world as a basic way of contradicting that statement.
    Mr Winters
    Of course, because people buy albums based on the artist's intelligence, not music.
    Since when is success mesured by money? too many people on here that should not have access.
    samhell, I'm pretty sure you just called yourself by an idiot. AKA WHERE'S YOUR MILLIONS?!?
    Half the problem in this country is people who use political denominations as derogatory terms. Liberals this, conservatives that..all bullshit. How about our problems are American problems that affect everybody. If you go into a debate with a negative attitude, how much are you going to be willing to compromise? "Well he's just a liberal douche" blah blah blah. Enough.
    I find it hilarious people are getting mad at this. He made a cover of "Anarchy in the U.K." and applied the lyrics to the US, and that was fine. But now that hes aging and not the drug using badass and tries to be, it's suddenly a huge deal when he speaks against the government. The guys been doing this shit for 30 years for **** sake
    So because people utilise their freedom of speech to tell him they think he's an idiot when he says stupid things, this somehow means his own First Amendment privileges have been revoked?
    I don't even know why they continue to say this when Dave consistently keeps opening his mouth about these issues. He's clearly not being forced to stop, but even he believes that nonsense. Yes Dave, if you say something political odds are it will be controversial to a number of people.
    You have the right to say anything you want. And I have the right to say it's ****ing stupid To paraphrase George Carlin: You have the right to an opinion, just like I have the right to an opinion. And my opinion is that you have no right to your stupid opinion.
    What does UG remind me too? Oh yeah, MTV, first start with music news, then just look for artists spicy comments in oder to twist them and put a shocking title in order to get the atention of the public..... oh and guest what, you will get only thumbs down. You see, its funny how people from the US of A claim to live in the one and only, land of REAL freedom, yet they forget something very very very little, but at the same time veeeery very very important.... FREEDOM OF FUCKING SPEECH He has the right to give his opinion, ASSHOLES, and when I say "*****s" I mean mainly ug, not the random ignorants who put a comment below the article just for the thumbs up. Who the hell is in charge of this, a 14 year old wannabe troll? If we follow this logic of flaming someone when they speak their mind out loud, then this page would be loooong gone with the shitload of crappy news given in the past, mainly because people would have dropped the shit out of this site or magazine.
    Nobody is forcing Dave to keep his mouth shut. He has a right to say whatever he wants and we have a right to discuss what he says. UG only does it for the hits anyway, it's not like they really care what Dave has to say. People will forever click on these articles.
    With freedom comes responsibility. He absolutely has the right to say whatever the hell he wants and he does! He hasnt been arrested or silenced. He has a platform that most people will never have and he has stood on that platform and spouted all kinds of incoherent, paranoid nonsense and everyone else in the world has the right to either agree or disagree with him.
    UG seems to go through its phases, first it was courtney love, then muse and now mustaine
    Correction: there isn't a week that goes by where UG doesn't report something Dave says. Also, I could be wrong, but I believe that President Obama has added more debt to the nation than the other presidents combined... that article is a little old.
    God forbid anyone give their opinions anymore. Shit, guys.
    Give? Dave doesn't give, he forces.
    I can see it now. As soon as I switched on my laptop a dozen ropes jumped out of its screen and tied me up. I was then FORCED to read this article and listen to everything Mustaine has ever said regarding politics.
    Seriously, people need to shut the fu ck up and move on with their lives. Dave Mustaine clearly doesn't understand that the world does not revolve around him, and he's not going to get his own way this time. Let's get over it and move on. Checked.
    Dave is like a sponge, he hears things so he absorbs it, and in concert and while writing lyrics, it's like you squeeze a sponge, he vomits all he heard. It didn't pose any problem when the main alternative debates where about nuclear weapons, guns killing children, hunting... Now that there are lame debates such as how black president Obama is, it has become a problem.
    flaphead325, your comment is Exhibit A to my previous comments in this thread.
    Well, to me, what even he says, Dave can't be credible. His opinion is not honest since he just capture the main ideas at a moment and shout it out. You blame me for saying that his left wing views weren't a problem, compared to the right wing view he now supports, to me the first were more legitimate than the other. Peace and ecology are nave, but it's harmless. While supporting an idea that everything was fine before Obama got elected, that he killed the country, that the US should cut all expenses to the poor, and help the people by taxing less companies (basicly what Mitt Romney said), and I pass on the others... What Dave says now is absolutely unethical and at the complete opposite of altruism. That's why I critisize him, and why he recieves a so big backslash. By the way, where I'm from the skin color is not an objective way to judge people, it's illegal. I don't recall George W. Bush or Nixon being accused of being from another country, although they did horrible things as presidents. Exhibit denied, overruled.
    My previous point was that among the music community it is okay to make points that are straight up false or inflammatory as long as it slants to the left and it is not tolerated if it slants 180 degrees the other way. Your rebuttal only further enhances my argument. The fact that you deem this situation to be alright because you find Mustain's viewpoints to be "absolutely unethical" shows that you have little understanding into the highly subjective nature of ethics - which is the basic posit to why democratic political systems were ever invented and have thrived. In addition, your simplification of the issues shows little willingness to understand or empathize with views you don't agree with. Close-mindedness works both ways.
    And you're right, I agree that left view can be a problem. Some theories deserve to be understood, and thought about, readed about. And then I can say I don't agree with. Conspiracy theories are just dumb. What do you want me to analyse. I only see he's wrong both morally and technicly. It's idle talk, or a "caf du commerce" discussion in french.
    Indeed it seems that close-mindedness works both ways. You take me as an example to illustrate your despite as you see the comments in this article. But why do you focus on the purpose of my comment (to make Mustaine the town's lunatic), instead of proving I'm wrong. That still doesn't make you right, nor does it add enhancement to your argument, you're just repeating yourself, as I just did in the comment before. About the highly subjective nature of ethics, I must have made myself unclear, I didn't mean ethic as a common conception of right or wrong. I meant ethic as "a set of concepts and principles that guide us in determining what behavior helps or harms sentient creatures" (according to Richard Paul and Linda Elder, perdon me, I don't have time for that I just took it from Wikipedia). I did mention altruism, which would have guided you to this definition of ethic. I do simplify stuff, but it doesn't mean it's false... What do you want, an essay?
    And something else, peace and ecology are easy subjects, while talking about economy is more complex and people that know better than him see that he doesn't know what he's talking about. That's another reason why he critized. I mean if he tried to make a point, I would think about it. What he says is just plain stupid.
    I love Megadeth and Mustaine, but when they come to Canada, will he tell us to revolt against Harper?
    I wonder what kind of revolution Dave wants to have. Do you think Dave is suggesting violence of some sort? Or is he preaching a pacifist revolution, you know, the kind his god Jesus would have. Maybe Dave should STFU and pray for divine guidance, 'cause its obvious he doesn't know WTF he's talking about. I bet Dave owns a lot of guns, and I can't wait for him to use them.
    He absolutely has the right to say whatever he wants, but when someone says something in public, to a large crowd of people, that is completely false (spent more than all other presidents combined) you have to expect people are going to have a problem with it. And in turn, others will take advantage of their right to free speech, and use it to call him a moron.
    Do Ultimate Guitar intently watch every Megadeth concert or what?
    I agree. What's wrong with him voicing his opinion? Just because it's probably not the most popular does that mean it shouldn't be voiced. @hak_hap : Megadeth DO write political music : Peace Sells, Holy Wars, Rust In Peace, Foreclosure Of a Dream and there are more.
    I like Dave. He is the epitome of rock and roll: Speak your mind and not give crap about who disagrees. BTW, I thought his speech was cool.
    Uh..UG, where did he say to revolt against Obama?
    His entire rant was directed toward Obama and he finishes by saying "It's time for our f--king revolution."
    Didn't sound like a rant really. Also I think the part about the revolution was just the generic rock and roll revolution stuff. Musicians have always hated the status quo and a big part of that status quo is our government-not just the president or his party.
    I'd say it's very likely that nothing will come of this, but I disagree that it wasn't a rant. What he did is basically the definition of 'rant'.
    I suppose you could call it a rant but a to me a rant is an outta control, emotional, spitting, and angry discourse. He might be genuinely angry but he's not in a rage or anything.
    So what? So did Suicidal Tendencies... though I believe they were referring to Reagan at the time...
    I was just telling him, yes it was directed at Obama. I don't care which musicians would rant about republican presidents. I know that has happened before. But I guess we always have to turn it into a left vs right issue. These comments from Dave are just as stupid as, let's say, Kanye saying Bush hates black people. Utterly laughable and ridiculous.
    He said revolution, never said anything about a revolt. He's all talk anyway. Well done UG. Twist words
    I contemplated long and well whether this comment was stupid enough to reply to and compliment your astounding vocabulary comprehension. Turns out it was.
    Dave, baby, i love ya, but... the mass spread of FACEPALM you are causing is brutal
    Gotta love how if Dave Mustaine says something over-the-top conservative, everyone tells him to shut up or how stupid he is. Yet for decades people have been up on stage talking about how much they hate the police, President Bush, this that, every other thing. But if a conservative, god forbid, says something HE believes... Oh boy, everybody watch out! Here comes Dave again, with an opinion about something! If you don't like what he has to say, get the hell over it you whiny little brats! If he was to say "Bush can go to hell!" Everybody on here would be all "right on!" But nope, not to the UG community. And UG, way to go with posting something about Dave Mustaine every ****ing day. It never gets old. Theres gotta be more musicians out there somewhere who have something to spew out of their mouths for you to rag on. Oh gee, how about Ted ****ing Nugent! He's a conservative who isn't afraid to say what he thinks!
    If he is spewing forth blatant stupidity every day you can't blame people for getting sick of it. I think it's funny personally.
    speak your mind and **** everyone else, i agree with Dave he has alot of good points about our pathetic excuse for a president (some are kinda crazy)
    "Seems like the f--kers in the world can say whatever they want, but I say something, I get in trouble" Dave, you are one of the f--kers of the world...
    You have a hammer and sickle as your icon - many would call you a "****er of the world" for this - You can have your opinion and he can say his.
    I have seen Mustaine with a Hammer and Sickle that was crossed out...making it a "No Communism" statement. Are your facts wrong?
    Yeah sure it's all Obama's fault, just like he and all the other dumbasses of the electorate will somehow blame the democrats in the House for taking a vacation in the middle of solving this 'fiscal cliff' even though republican speaker John Boehner is House leader. Under him Congress only works 3 days a week. Under Pelosi they work through weekends to get shit done. So tired of the ignorance in this country.
    I think the i heard itput today was "George W. Bush ****ed up the economy, now we're just blaming the black guy." ... yup my friend sent me a pic of a fat guy holding a sign that said that
    Congress needs to take most of the blame. They block any investment in job creation and so far every budget that is proposed by the GOP ends up screwing over the middle class and bending over backwards for the rich. Every economic expert agrees the budgets they propose are downright preposterous and harmful to the prosperity of the nation.
    I'm nottaking sides, i wouldrather people stop pointing fingers and what not and just solve the economy before we lose our selves even deeper in the shitter we fell in.
    Many would agree, the people just want this problem solved while the politicians continue to play their games. It just sickens me at this point.
    fingers need to be pointed because otherwise the people screwing things up will go unpunished. Sure, you could ignore the douche on your team and keep working anyways, but when he's destroying what your working for shouldn't you call him out on it?
    I think people have a problem with it because normally the only thing they do is point fingers. Politicians especially play the blame game while offering no other solution themselves. Take all the commercials you see during a campaign season, it's all just accusation after accusation and if you're lucky you'll hear one or two good things about the candidate that endorses the commercial.
    So when you say "every economic expert agrees" we know your full of shit. Not really possible. There should be an * by your comment and underneath it should clarify *every expert that agrees with my point of view* typical political BS used by both parties and regurgitated by the public. I'm tired of people with their one sided black & white political views (including Mustaine). Both sides aren't compromising. Both parties are a joke, including yours.
    I guess I should say the majority of economic experts agree, just like with Mitt during the debates. When asked what sources agreed that his tax plan would benefit the country he never went into detail about it. He just said "6 sources" agree with him. Well guess what, those sources were blog posts, and people from within his campaign, completely biased while every other respectable economist was telling the truth. I'm not a democrat, I have no stake in this but from what I can see the republicans are acting like spoiled little brats and they always cater to the rich.
    bending over backwards for the rich... jeepers frickin crimeny. It's funny how apathetic society has gotten that everybody bites on the Haves and Have-Nots dialectics. It's an easy smokescreen to throw out because it has the emotional impact that an intelligent, reasoned rebuttal has no home of overcoming. It's funny how backwards one has to frame things.
    I strongly disagree. I think a better way of putting it would be to say George grabbed a shovel and dug a big hole. 8 years later, President Obama said "George, that's a mighty fine hole you've got there, but it's not deep enough. Give me that thing."
    This is what I mean when Congress deserves more blame. It seems like most people really have NO CLUE what they are doing most of the time. Obama can't just spend money at his own free will, it's the Congress that decides how much we spend on the military, social services, science/education, what to tax etc.
    A president can't fix or f'k up this country all by himself. It's a team effort between President/Senate/Congress/Supreme Court.
    Yeah, I knew a user with the name "Megadeth2011" would be unbiased on this matter.
    Divide and conquer. There is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. Its a flippin dog and pony show put on for our benefit. All the while they are the ones taking wheel barrels full of money (and presumably laughing maniacally) to the bank... that was stolen from us. I guess it doesn't surprise me that people think its real... they believe pop stars actually sing in concert and buy into TV wrestling as well. Most days I'm just ashamed to be a human.
    There's a difference when it comes to social issues and taxes, but not when it comes to corruption, war, earmarks sex scandals and what not. I've seen the things they bring up and vote on in Congress, there most certainly is a difference. Granted, I would like the difference to much greater, or even better I'd like more than a choice of 2 parties.
    Its easy to say Obama created "more debt" than any other president when he inherited most of the mess from the Republicans in 2008. I'm not even an American and I know this. Dave Mustaine Ted Nuggent Donald Trump THE THREE STOOGES.
    Obama inheriting a mess is a political talking point that has almost nothing to do with what actually happened before and after his inaguration.
    I used to love this site, but since it has become a liberal cesspool, I can't even stomach to read half of the articles. Seriously, between Huffington Post and half the articles UG puts on here, it's worse than TMZ. Dave is right, anyone can say anything and get away with it, but whenever he has an opinion, "OH MAI GAWD, STAWP IT, YOU'RE STOOPID." This shit needs to stop.
    He exercises his first amendment right to say whatever he wants. Others exercise their right by calling him stupid when he says some of these crazy things. Thats how it works, thats how its always worked. That is the way it is for everybody, you can say all the crazy things you want, but there can and will be a public backlash if your statements go to far.
    It's funny how when people complain about a liberal bias, they're really complaining about facts. Everyone wants to have a strong opinion, but no one wants to deal with the repercussions. Dave can have all the opinions in the world, but when they're based on inaccuracies, or things we flat out know to be false, you and him lose all credibility when you whine about a bias. It's amazing how people rationalize backlash against them by calling everyone biased, instead of taking a look at their own views. Dave's just another person who thinks the right to free speech and the right to an opinion means having strong views, regardless of how uninformed you are, and bitching when you get called out on it. How much backlash do you REALLY think there would be if Mustaine made a well spoken, reasonable argument about Obama? Because the day that happens, then you can complain about a bias. Until then, Dave's against gay marriage "because he's not a cat person", so **** him, and anyone else who wants to comment strongly on something they know nothing about.
    I find your post amusing. When a liberal presents what they perceive to be facts, the neocons rip them up for reposting nonsense from Huffington Post. When a neocon presents what they believe to be fact, the liberals rip them apart for reposting nonsense from Fox News. Its ****ing childish on both sides. Both sides have been taken advantage of and robbed and they will fight each other and blame the other side, neither of them ever knowing anything real or factual.... all the while those presenting nonsense as fact will be rolling in the money they've duped from the ignorant little mocking birds on either end of the political spectrum.
    I don't speak for anyone other than myself, and anyone who uses the word "fact" to refer to anything that's not objective is an idiot. There's no 'perception' of facts. Facts are facts. I know people think that because their opinion is strongly worded, it's just as important and vital as everyone else's, but if you ever find yourself talking about "perception" of facts, you're not dealing with them. Case in point, Mustaine can have the "opinion" that Obama wasn't born in America, but it's an objective 'fact' that he's wrong. Mustaine can have the "opinion" that Obama orchestrated the Aurora theater shootings to usher in gun control, but Obama's actual policies and actions completely contradict the idea that he's trying to make any changes in America's gun policy. The idea that both sides are just as bad is false, but I don't speak for liberals, nor do I think being a liberal and being full of shit are mutually exclusive.
    Someone needs to explain the first amendment to this idiot. It is to protect your right to speech from the government. That all the bill of right is...a limiting of government power. And, as far as I know, the government has never encroached upon this stupid old man's speech. The 1st has nothing to do with an individual's protection from ridicule from peers and the general audience when they make stupid, baseless or erroneous statements.
    Dave, shut up already. A lot of people are hating you as a person. You are a kick-ass musician. Worry about that. You want people to positively (or negatively) debate about what you say for a REASON? Become a senator or representative or some shit.
    No, no, no, Dave, you've got it all wrong. It's not that you're being punished for exercising your first amendment rights, it's that you're being ostracized for abusing your first amendment rights by saying things that are inflammatory, misinformed, untrue, and downright stupid.
    I find it very likely that those of you that are criticizing Mustaine now were among those supporting artists making equally "inflammatory, misinformed, untrue and downright stupid" comments about the Bush Administration, which was the norm in the music community from the years 2000 - 2008. While I too am a critic of both the Bush and Obama administrations (and I don't fully agree with Mr. Mustaine's statements as of late either), there is a visible and downright scary lack of consistency in principles playing out here. Whether you are a leftist or a right winger, you are equally susceptible to the allure of hypocrisy and at least in the music community, you have to at the very least see that a more tolerant view is taken of "inflammatory, misinformed, untrue, and downright stupid" views if they support a particular political ideology.
    There's no hypocrisy in criticizing one person for making decisions you see to be wrong, and then not criticizing another person for making decisions you see to be right. However, I don't care for Obama or Bush. If you agree with one side, you are not a hypocrite for bashing the other side. Your comment implies that they are the exact same thing and criticizing one but not the other is hypocrisy. As for your last sentence - tolerance should never be based on what team you're on. Tolerance should be based on how well intended, well said, and logical someone's views are. Conservatism is not an inherently illogical ideology, but Mustaine is inherently illogical, malicious, and poorly worded in his modern political ramblings. The reason I don't align with Conservatism is because I believe it to be wrong, but the reason why I would be embarrassed to call myself a conservative even if I DID agree with it is because of the endless supply of paranoid, ignorant, bigoted, and factually inaccurate people that come with it.
    When will this dumb ass learn to shut his ****ing mouth and keep this shit to himself? Hes making it really hard to have even one iota of respect for him when he says this stuff.
    This guy's victim complex is hilarious. He's up on stage all the time spouting this shit, whilst claiming he doesn't have freedom of speech, yet when people respond with counter arguments he whines about "getting into trouble". He doesn't care about freedom of speech, he just wants everyone to agree with him.
    I've been ignoring dave's personality since I loved his music so much, but I don't think I can do that anymore. Quit being metal's biggest douchebag Dave.