Dave Mustaine Tells Fans To Revolt Against Obama

Dave Mustaine said that Obama added more to national debt than previous 43 presidents combined.

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These days, there isn't a week that goes by where Dave Mustaine doesn't make a controversial political statement. On December 1st at a gig in Salt Lake City, the Megadeth front man repeated the (proven inaccurate) statistic that Obama has incurred more debt during his time as president than all of the previous US presidents combined. What's more, Mustaine then told fans: "It's time for our f--king revolution."

Mustaine's speech was as follows:

"Anybody that knows me knows that I have a way of getting myself in trouble in that the First Amendment doesn't apply to Dave Mustaine. Seems like the f--kers in the world can say whatever they want, but I say something, I get in trouble. See, if I say something like, the president right now, who I won't mention by name because I promised myself I would never say his name again, but that this guy has borrowed more money than since George Washington to George W."

"What, are we stupid? Now, based on the thickness of a hundred-dollar bill, if you stacked one of those on top of another one, it would be 11,077 miles in the f--king atmosphere, the debt that this f--king country has right now because of this government. 11,077 miles' worth of hundred-dollar bills up into the sky. And guess who has to pay that: you and me. It's time for our f--king revolution."

Concerned, annoyed or amused by MegaDave's latest outburst? Let us know in the comments.

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    UG seems to thrive on Dave Mustaine articles. Especially after he criticizes the president.
    i think he thrives on the controversy. if this is his stage routine now, i dont plan on seeing them live in the near future.
    Agreed. I wouldn't even care if he were in support of the president. I don't come to the show to hear you spout off your opinion, just play the music. Metallica have a number of songs influenced by politics but they never go on a rant like this.
    i saw em on Gigantour 2012 back in january, and with the big four in september 2011. not one political comment was made at these shows and that may be because its not a straight up megadeth show, hes sharing the spotlight (even if gigantour is his thing) so if you really wanna see them without the commentary, i suggest its at a big event like that or at mayhem fest.
    Saw them last night in Tempe and he gave another "state of the union". He asked if we've noticed the drones flying over Phoenix and also said there needs to be a revolution hahaha. Great show though
    he is in himself an argument against freedom of speech
    No he is an argument for freedom of speech. If someone says something that offends you or makes you uneasy, that is not an argument against freedom of speech, it simply reminds us that freedom of speech means everyone has that freedom, and no matter what kind of crazy things a person is saying, you have the right to speak out against them.
    Maybe that was a huge factor as to why they kicked him out; he would rather use the stage to speak his opinions rather than just play the music that the fans want to hear.
    I don't think so, I don't recall ever hearing about that as a problem between them. IIRC Dave hardly said anything when he was in Metallica, he was just an awesome guitarist.
    I saw Megadeth at Mayhem fest two years ago. He talked but not anything politically. I think it really boils down to how he's feeling that day.
    I saw Megadeth in concert last February. Great show, loved it. Never mentioned politics until the end by mentioning the coming election, and even then he kept his opinions at bay and just asked the crowd if they knew who they were gonna vote for. Then went straight into Holy Wars! That stage is not a pulpit for Dave Mustaine to spew his ideology on though. I don't care what he personally says in private or to the press. It doesn't affect me as a fan. If that overflows into his show, then I have a problem. I don't want to hear him complain, I want music. He shouldn't rail against a fanbase of his who has varying opinions on all issues. He can say what he wants to the press, but you're damn right I have problem with him attempting to push his views on me as a concert-goer.
    As the guy on stage he can do whatever he wants man. If he wants to talk he can talk he has his 1st amendment guaranteed and you can't blame him for using his fame to promote his views. Personally I have more respect for someone who is not afraid to speak their opinion instead of being scared someone will disagree and not buy their music.
    On the succession of people that deserve respect, people who speak their mind aren't very high on the list. People who are logical, level-headed, and understanding of the consequences of their actions in doing so are much, MUCH higher.
    we get it Mustaine, you made decent money and dont want to pay taxes on it. funny how Mustaine was a rebel when he was young and almost broke, then now that he's old and rich he's just another selfish conservative d*ck... when he's poor he's like " we must help each other **** the system" and now that he's rich " that's my money I wont share it with filthy jobless rats"
    You know I wish they would get off his d*ck I saw Megadeth last night... not a single political comment that wasn't part of his song.
    UG doesn't care for giving us the news, they care for user participation to create site traffic and ad-revenue. That's all. We trolls just get bored and play into their little game here, despite hating it. It's like reading a tabloid magazine. You know you're an idiot for even glancing at the purposely misleading headlines at the grocery store check-out line, yet you can't help but run a cynical commentary in your head about the headline
    Mustaine says something, it drives UG traffic to Mustaine either looking to berate or enshrine him. He says something, gets noticed, people have a reaction, he makes money. It's the Trump model at its finest.
    Fuck all else to do, that's why we all come on this website to see an article about something someone said ages ago with a misleading title and believing every word or thinking we're better in every way, *sigh* when I used to come here for tabs....
    I am a fan of his music and me being young I never knew much other than his music but i see these articles a lot, i used to picture a completely different guy, so for the sake of being curious. Was he always like this?
    He seemed to always have a strong political opinion. Back in the day, he appeared to be very level headed even though he was still opinionated. Honestly, ever since he started following Christianity, Dave has progressively said more and more crazy things. Go figure.
    I dont know to me its just i listen to his music, and i love the solos, but reading all these, his stuff turned hipocritical to me, and i wanted to see him live (I never have) but i dont think id go to listen to a political rant, so that idea just about went out the window
    Yep. Fairly homophobic too, even before he found god. Which is funny, because around the time of Endgame, he seemed to be highly critical of the bush administration, so it baffles me how right-wing he became when the republican party hasn't changed a single bit since then
    You need to look elsewhere if you want a complete picture of him. Don't use websites like this if you are looking for something truthful. Websites like this only post things that are controversial and incomplete. They've taken trolling to a whole new level.
    Nugent/Mustaine 2016: Bullshit we can believe in?
    I'd vote for them right now. No joke. Couldn't do any worse than the last few idiots.
    I think I've figured it out... samhell is Dave Mustaine. That explains the conservative, "speak my mind even when everything I say is wrong and stupid" attitude.
    "What, are we stupid?" No Dave, just you.
    So, successful musicians are stupid now huh? Where's your millions? How many copies did your last album sell?
    Not quite sure what that has to do with intelligence... One could always bring up the infamous Justin Beiber or Paris Hilton's of the world as a basic way of contradicting that statement.
    Mr Winters
    Of course, because people buy albums based on the artist's intelligence, not music.
    samhell, I'm pretty sure you just called yourself by an idiot. AKA WHERE'S YOUR MILLIONS?!?
    Since when is success mesured by money? too many people on here that should not have access.
    Half the problem in this country is people who use political denominations as derogatory terms. Liberals this, conservatives that..all bullshit. How about our problems are American problems that affect everybody. If you go into a debate with a negative attitude, how much are you going to be willing to compromise? "Well he's just a liberal douche" blah blah blah. Enough.