Dave Mustaine: 'Thanks to Shock and Outrage, Many Great Musicians Will Never See the Light of Day'

"We're living in a period of the have and have-nots - it's about how connected you are," says Megadeth frontman.

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine was always known as not being afraid to delve into unconventional topics and express his honest opinion about any given matter.

The singer/guitarist recently discussed the importance of staying true to yourself and not succumbing to cheap tricks by letting "music become about the guy with three tits or whatever."

"If you're just playing up the outrage for the sake of outrage, then you're being predictably unpredictable - which is not unpredictable at all," Mustaine told Loudwire. "You see people sometimes where their whole shtick is about outrage and having to cut themselves and do whatever they can to appear as shocking as possible.

"It's a shame that sometimes music becomes about the guy with three tits or whatever. Thanks to the shock and outrage, there are many great musicians that will never see the light of day. We are living in a period of the have and have-nots. It's about how connected you are - not how good you are."

When asked about the current Mideast situation, the frontman got slightly off course and discussed both the metal community and society in general, sharing several deep thoughts. "If you treat people the way you want to be treated, I think things will sort themselves out," he kicked off. "It all goes back to how communities get along. Within our community, the metal community, it's a good situation. It's admirable. We, for the most part, get along."

Mustaine continued, "But when somebody shoots their mouth off, present company included, you don't see hatred. People tend to forgive pretty quickly. Metal is just like a soundtrack to an ideology. All music is like that. And I think metal sets some pretty good examples. When it comes to things going on in the world, I also sit back as a 52-year-old man and just think, 'What's next?'

"I read something a little while ago that said pretty soon we're going to find out that all the people we think are really bad are really good and all the people we think are really good are really bad. This idea that nothing is as it appears to be," Dave concluded.

Megadeth released their latest effort "Super Collider" on June 4 through Tradecraft.

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    "Metal is just like a soundtrack to an ideology" Fuck me Mustaine, that may just be the most intelligent thing you've ever said.
    That's pretty much the same thing I thought about Miley Cyrus' dreadful VMA performance. True, controversy and the music industry have been companions for a long time, but it's really shameful that talent, dedication and creativity are being shunned in favour of wacky antics and name dropping.
    I agree, there are a ton of great musicians that you will never hear of. It's sad that you have to dress up like "Ghost", or put on a mask to get noticed these days in metal.
    I wonder if he's heard of iggy pop. Is it just me or has shock rock been dead for a while.
    "The people who are good are really making you think they're bad so you think bad people is bad while being good though it's actually the good people who want bad people to think you are good is because the bad people are actually the bad people who make you look good through the things good people do to make you look bad." Dave concluded.
    My Last Words
    "I read something a little while ago that said pretty soon we're going to find out that all the people we think are really bad are really good and all the people we think are really good are really bad." hmkey.
    Dave didnt really say anything stupid here, but UG is just being fed by the ngative contreversy that out of the 15 minute interview they took this piece from, they took the unimportant 3 minutes instead of the 12 minutes about music, like am i on cnn or ultimate guitar
    Hmm, I think there's always going to be musicians that never get their just fame, but I'd say it's probably easier to get some attention these days than before relying on solely a large label. And well, appearance has always been a big part since visual media became common.
    Three tits? What? I'm so confused. Is this like an error on UG's part, or is it the most ignorant thing I've ever heard Dave Mustaine say?
    I think he was trying to reference those old sideshow circus theaters that feature weird stuff like "The Bearded Lady", etc. Although it's very possible that I'm wrong and Dave Mustaine said some random shit.