Dave Mustaine: 'The Cowardice on the Internet P-sses Me Off So Bad'

Megadeth mainman also talks lyric inspiration for "Super Collider."

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Dave Mustaine has been talking with Juice TV about his frustration with cowardice and anonymity on the internet.

As the Megadeth frontman notes, "there's a lot of cowardice and anonymity on the Internet."

"The stuff that people say about you, they would never say to your face ... You can't be a living, breathing human being without having a Facebook page or Twitter account where someone is saying "you suck." Someone needs to invent a send button with an exploding email, where you send the e-mail and it blows a pile of turds up in your face."

Mustaine also discussed the band's latest album, "Super Collider," noting that many of the album's darker lyrics were inspired by his mother-in-law suffering from Alzheimer's:

"It's influenced by what goes on in my personal life. If my mother-in-law wasn't dying from Alzheimer's then I imagine it probably wouldn't be as sad as it is. 'The Blackest Crow' and 'Forget to Remember' are about her. My mom died like that. She was here and then she was gone. My mother-in-law has been like my surrogate 'role-mother' for the last 23 years, and to watch her die from Alzheimer's ... I don't know if you know anybody that has Alzheimer's, but it's a terrible, painful thing to watch. Easiest way to say this is it's like watching an ice sculpture melt in front of your eyes.

"I find it really disingenuous when artists act like they suffer for their art. "I'm so confused" ... no, you're such a poser! Be real, tell people who you really are, and then they know what they're getting ... I like to be genuine, I like to tell the truth."

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    My advice to Dave is: don't spend so much time reading through people talking badly about you and your music. I won't say "get off the internet" but don't spend so much time on websites and pages where people are bound to talk a lot of crap. You shouldn't let it bother you since most of these people are probably teenagers who are incapable of accepting anything other than a "Rust in Peace" type album. You've achieved much more than they probably will. Just keep making music that's true to you and it'll find its right audience somewhere. (Although, personally I'd probably stop listening to Megadeth if you changed direction too radically e.g. teen pop or dubstep)
    Bang on. If I ever end up in a popular band, I'm staying the hell away from review/news sites like this, I doubt my ego could take it
    A great point, though I genuinely dislike super collider. I know another Rust In Peace likely won't happen, but even an album as heavy as Endgame or Thirteen would be awesome.
    You're right, Danny! There are many Bellends out there that doesn't deserve to be taken seriously at all.
    My only advice to Dave: Turn off the computer and pick up your guitar because at the end of the day they're just nothing but empty words.
    Is Dave trying to get us to stop saying Super Collider is a bad record because of the lyrical content?
    No, he was just discussing the lyrical content. He said literally nothing about the quality of the album (or the lyrics for that matter). I'm taking your post too seriously, aren't I?
    say that to my face Mustaine, not online and see what happens
    Jacques Nel
    I've actually done it with a South African band when we met them backstage before, so I would actually tell Dave to his face.
    Jacques Nel
    No but really, maybe we would say it to his face if he does not hide behind security and body guards.
    Lets just all be happy theyre taking a different direction than super collider on their next record
    Yo Davie: heard of trolls? Your reactions are exactly what we, er I mean they, want. Best that you just stay away if you can't handle how we play. We's just phucking with you anyway, mans! You know we loves ya, you legend you. Mwah! \m/
    I would have no problem telling him that Super Collider is just not as good as many of the other recent records they released, but at least they're actively putting forth an effort to release music for their fans... (Yes, I'm pointing at you, Metallica!).
    I actually agreed with him on that last part. Huh. Whenever he stops talking politics and religion, he actually spits out some quality stuff here and there.